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Weekly Microdoses

Not bad for creativity; implied neuroplasticity

Was never one too familiar with shrooms, have been using psychedelics on and off for periods since November 2017. Have tripped on acid about 30 times, mushrooms twice, as well as probably seven or so rolls total.
Not to ramble, just to give some type of context. Lately I've found myself taking somewhere between the range of .2-.4 gs every other Saturday or so (sometimes weekly; inconsistent). I'd just like to share some of my experiences
with it, in terms of pros and cons. I'll most likely discontinue my microdosing, but I'd say it was an overall success as a catalyst for not only coping with difficult situations, but also motivation and sober grounding. Anything stated is in regard to the microdose itself, any long term effects will be noted as such.

Pros (in short):
-Boost in energy/awareness of the moment
-Self-analysis (even the difficult kind)
-Ability to execute creative endeavors without being inhibited (long term)
-Increase in focus range on tasks that I am able to retain post-dose (long term)
-Decrease in social anxiety (opposite of negative LSD experiences) (long term)
-Decrease in obsession with ongoing stressful/overwhelming situations (long term)
-Rationalization of depression (long term)
-Value of novelty
-Change of perception

Cons (in short):
-Floaty headspace (specifically .4 as opposed to .2)
-Sense of heartbreak and overwhelming worry/confrontation with recent and past deaths, accompanied by occasional contradictory senses of detachment
-Urge to take more mushrooms

Nothing necessarily negative has come out of my experiences here, but I will nip it in the bud now as I have reaped whatever benefits I sought out in the beginning.

When the shrooms call my name again, I will let them take me along their journey.

But for now I appreciate the positive experiences I have had with them in both heavier doses and in more nootropic-esque situations.

I couldn't recommend microdosing to all, as with any psychedelic the results vary greatly between each person. If you are willing to roll the dice and puzzle solve simultaneously as a troubled individual, perhaps shrooms in general
could help you analyze and reach some type of acceptance of closure. Perhaps not, but it's worth a try to see different perspectives for the sake of your own understanding.

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