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I left this reality.. The fairies took me there.

10g total. 6g tea / 4g dry powdered

This trip was life changing. I know this is long but I am different. I will be forever after this. 

11:00 PM
Noe gets home from work and I have the 12g tea mixture that we were gonna split ready to pour. It is a 6g mango green tea w/ lemon. In our glasses, I put 1 green tea bag, 2 tsp of sugar, and 1 whole 100mg CBD honey stick. 

11:10 PM
I go make a pot of hot water and pour it in the glasses to steep the tea bag. After the bag was in for about 3 minutes we took the bags out, added a lemon wedge and poured in the mixture. 

We drank the tea, delicious, we were both worried about the taste but it ended up being much better than expected. 

Turned on our favorite internet show and laid in bed expecting the effects to come any minute. From everything we had heard, I expected this to hit like a truck.


By this time we are not in a very good mood, the vibe is down and was starting to wonder if I had destroyed the actives in the shrooms during the boil. I went from 6 1/2 cups of water down to 1 cup. I wanted it as concentrated as possible. 

Noe was sad. It was already a long day at work for him and he was looking forward to some introspection and meditation to level himself out. I wasn't feeling too great myself but I kept my spirits as up as I could. I was contemplating eating 4g of powdered shrooms.

Noe and I start feeling the effects but only ever so slightly. My vision was brighter and my hue lights were glowing. It felt like a 1g dry trip. Noe laid down and started to meditate while it kicked in for him. 

Welp, I decided to eat 4 more grams. I knew that doing this was a bit dangerous because honestly I didn't feel mentally ready to take more than 6g last night but I'm glad I did. Last night turned into the greatest trip of my life. 

01:00 AM 
Noe had a bad night last night, from the start since his vibe was jacked. I won't talk about her anymore because at this time everything changed. I was staring at the carpet, we just got a new rug and it started forming very intense geometric patterns and I told Noe that it was kicking in for me but it did NOT feel like any trip I had before. Noe started to paint and I was sitting next to him, after about 15 minutes of sitting on the floor I start feeling very dizzy and I have to lay down.

I remember the time because I had to turn off all sound in our room and I looked at the clock as I turned off our PC. I jumped back into bed and buried my head into a pillow. My mind was racing so fast and intensely. My breathing started to get fast and heavy, extremely uncontrollable. Noe jumped into bed with me and I crawled into his lap. He was still having a horrible trip but he knew I needed him so we just gripped each other. I ended up choking Noe on accident and he was to messed up to tell me so I adjusted myself and he shot up, extremely angry. Noe is the most gentle-hearted person I know and for him to jump up and snap at me for choking him. He apologized to me but something happened to my trip at that point.

I started to just get angry, I do not remember what I was so angry about but I remember just cussing and screaming in my head about whatever it was. While I was freaking out I looked over at Noe who was sitting in the corner with our dog Melly. I had tears in my eyes and when Noe saw me he just told me that he loved me. BAM! That fixed it. All of my anger seemed to drain away. I was way to messed up to talk but I kinda mumble slurred "I love you too" and then just slumped back into a huge pile of pillows. While I was laying our room started to fade away and as I stared at my ceiling it all started to change. The ceiling turned a light shade of green, I have purple hue lights and a string of Christmas lights up so this was obviously not right. I put my hands in front of my face but I just could not see them. They were gone so I truly felt like nothing.

My perception of time and reality are gone. I cannot really comprehend what I'm seeing any longer.

I have no fear, no anxiety, no worry... everything just felt at peace. I could not feel any part of my body, I was floating. I tried rubbing my face and couldn't feel it. I laid back and thought of my family, friends, and all of the people that don't know that I trip regularly and if they did find out how they would think of me. Well, I just didn't care. I came to a realization that no matter how much I try to describe the greatness of the magic mushroom they just won't understand. 

My room started to change again. I am still staring at the ceiling but instead of green the ceiling now looks like a flowing river. I start hearing laughter in my head but I knew that it wasn't Noe, he had gotten back into bed at this point. 

Next thing I know.. I see 3 or 4 sparkles go across the vision. Its quick but I definitely see it. They go by a few more times and they change on the last pass. 2 disappear and I felt their presence leave. The other 2 start to change into what I can only describe as fairies. They had wings and were so small but they flew close to me. I feel them get near my face and this rush of happiness and love come over me. I keep hearing the words "Let go". I said OK and as my voice trailed off in my head I heard them singing "Goodbye" extremely softly. 

I'm back. My room is back to normal and Noe is staring at me. I just start crying but it is tears of pure happiness. What I saw was the most changing thing I have experienced because I took them telling me to let go as I need to let go of what people think of me and I need to just focus on myself and Noe. Our marriage because so much more to me in those hours. I feel truly different. 

03:45 AM
We sat on the floor and I described what had happened. We had been out of dab for about 3 days and I just got this pull. Literally, it felt like a physical pull. I went to my closet and opened up my travel bag. In there was 1g of unopened shatter. I have literally never thought of looking in that bag. We went to Colorado months ago. 

When I found it Noe freaked out. His trip was tapering off but mine was still going so strong. Visuals were out of control. Noe's trip was bad all night so he scooped up a huge glob and took it to the head. There we go. Noe was better. Well after about 3 more dabs with a nectar collector. I took 2 dabs and then we just laid down in bed with our dog and relaxed. Noe has to work at 1 PM on Saturday (Today). We gotta get him to bed. 

05:00 AM
My visuals have gone down. Its time for bed. I am relaxing and Noe is asleep. I feel different but better. Normally after a trip I crave the next one soon after its over.. right now I don't have any desire.. I am drained and a bit weak but I will be better after I meditate over this experience. 

05:30 AM

I'm just a lonely teapot who loves to look at pictures of mushies and every once in a while I will post a picture off of google that is not mine because I am a teapot.

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