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~10 gram mushroom trip

Mind opening and humbling experience

To begin this is not my first psychedelic experience, I have done a LSD trip and multiple 3.5gram mushroom trips and have decided it is time for a more intense experience. I decided it would be best to experience this trip with my best friend, and also a friend who has been on this journey of psychedelic discovery with me. I was able to get 6 grams of unknown mushrooms and my friend had 5 grams, my friend consumed some of his mushrooms dry and then we put the rest into the tea. We both were okay with not knowing the exact dosage of mushrooms we are taking because we are comfortable with tripping in itself. 

After the tea was made I consumed about 2 cups and by the time I was finishing up the second cup I was feeling the side effects. This was the most intense shroom come up I have ever felt, I had a large amount of chills and nausea but I knew that they were how my body usually reacts to mushrooms. I began to feel uncomfortable on the couch I was sitting on so I stood up and got water and hoped my friend would be ready to go soon. We had planned to have our sober friend drive us to a nearby mountain peak with amazing views. The drive to the mountain was when I really began to feel all effects from the tea I drank, I was looking out the window observing the trees as we drove by. We planned this heavy dose around the time leaves change for fall because we figured that would only add to the visual effect (and oh boy did it). While we were driving I was looking out the window at the trees, the trees began to move and "dance" with other trees. The color of the leaves would pulse with the beat of the music and the faster we went the more the trees morphed into dancing figures. At this point I knew I was in for a very visual trip I am not very used to experiencing, even though I felt overwhelmed I knew it was all a side effect of a drug I consumed. This mentality helps me remain calm through all of my psychedelic experiences, I believe a good mentality is the way to avoid a bad trip 100% of the time. 

When we arrived at the peak of the mountain I stepped out of the car and the world around me shatters into geometric patterns. The leaves on the trees began to turn into kaleidoscope pattern and they did not stop moving until the trip ended. I personally have read into sacred geometry and Fibonacci's Sequence a lot, and the more I looked around at my surroundings the more I recognized the shapes I was seeing. I would see the flower of life build upon itself in the dense patches of trees and watch Fibonacci's sequence outline itself on objects that followed the pattern. I could not wrap my mind around the beauty of everything I was seeing around me, and could not stop myself from crying. When we reached the most visual peak of the mountain we stopped and I climbed onto patio benches that are up there. On top of these benches you were able to see all the surrounding views, and you had the best of both worlds with nature and trees on one side and the city of Trenton on the other. 

While the sun began to set I was unable to turn away from the fierce orange and yellows that lit up the sky, and in my eyes the colors were not still. Everything continued to "dance" in my vision, as the sun continues to set I look at my best friend who is lying on a table staring at the darkening sky. I take his lead and lie on the table I am standing on, when I do this the dark blue sky shattered like someone hit a mirror with a hammer. As all of the broken pieces move around each other I feel this energy trying to pull my spirit from my body. The best way I can describe this feeling is an arm coming down from the sky and trying to pull my soul out of my nose. For some reason my soul did not want to leave so I was left with this uncomfortable pressure in my face. I do not let this pressure stop me from staring at the sky because I was trying to lift my spirit from my physical form, I was saddened to discover I must have not taken a strong enough dose to "blast off". 

After the experience with the sky energy I stood back up and finished viewing the extravagant sunset that was on display before me, I would watch the light pierce the leaves as they continued their kaleidoscope patterns. As the sun finally set I was able to speak coherently again (Both my friend and I realized a couple trips ago that we are not good at communicating on shrooms so we basically stopped trying), I try and explain what I just experienced onto of this mountain, and all I was able to get out of my mouth was "It is so beautiful up here this is so humbling". Our sober friend who drove us wrote a poem while my friend and I were silently tripping, after he read it I found that it described my time on the mountain so well I cried. We stayed on the top of the mountain until it was dark enough to see the stars, and the more I looked into the dense darkness above me the more stars would appear. It felt like I was launching myself through space as I spun in circles and stared into the sky. 

When it got too cold to bear we left the mountain and as I navigated my way through the darkness I would see purple streaks inside of the darkness. I have seen these purple streaks in other trips at night and was quite happy to see them come around again, they are a beautiful sight to see in complete darkness. We got back to my friends house and listened to the Grateful Dead and Pink Floyd to close out our night and I went to bed thinking about how this was the best trip experience of my life.

Thanks for reading if you made it this far, happy tripping my friends and remember your mentality is everything. 

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