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Insane First Trip was Totally Unexpected

Should Half a Bag of Atlantis Truffles Do This?


I was wondering if someone there had a bit of insight for me. I took a little over half a bag of Atlantis. From the descriptions, it looks like it's only a little over half the strength of the Alien (which is roughly equivalent in potency to normal psilocybin mushrooms). It also says it's for the slightly more experienced user.  Now I'll be honest and say I've never had mushrooms before, but I thought I was somewhat experienced due to taking a host of other items in the past. Perhaps that is part of the explanation (my inexperience).

Anyway, I assumed about half a bag would be relatively safe... It blew my mind! It was wild! I was on the edge of oblivion! The visuals were insane, My marble-esque floor turned into an ultra 4K 3D Fractal show. Words on my smartphone were moving and dancing around the screen and every colour on it was the most intense I have ever seen. I looked out my window and the whole world was heaving and waving and breathing up and down and in and out. I put my earphones on and had the most irresistible urge to dance, the music was carrying me away and when I closed my eyes, the light show the music created was intense. These are all the highlights of the trip. But I found it very confusing and was trying very hard to remain in control. I did not expect to get that high. I was warned about "loops", so I was trying very hard not to let that happen. I wouldn't let the cool things loop in case they turned negative on me. I was afraid of letting go in case my mind went to a dark place. Some issues I'm having would creep in and start to loop. I'd go down rabbit holes of possible outcomes. So I was trying very hard not get stuck on a thought or on a visual in case it turned negative. But I think I was worrying too much about that instead of just letting the good things flow.

Anyway, I put a lot of it down to first time lack of experience. But I was not expecting such intensity. Not on half a bag of a medium strength truffles. Is this normal? It was so heavy that I have became afraid of even trying the Aliens which I have also bought. So I tried a small piece of the Atlantis in some tea. Perhaps it was 1-2 grams. Not sure as I have no way of measuring right now (I have a small scale coming in the post). I grated it and made a tea. Nothing happened! So today I ate the last two lumps. I'm guessing it must have been at least 4-6 grams. I got a great little high. Barely any visuals, but a happy little buzz (after the initial agitation on the coming up period that I hear is normal). And to be honest I am still buzzing hours later. Just have this happy little buzz inside me 9 hours later that I can't really explain. But no intense overwhelming visuals. Both times I had eaten breakfast, but the first time I had waited 6 hours before taking and today I waited 4 hours. I'm also realising that 2 grams can make all the difference with psilocybin, as we're are dealing with small amounts in general here. 

So I'm confused. Could it be that some of those first truffles I ate were just unusually high in psilocybin? I know it is a natural product so some inconsistency should be expected. Is it simply because I had 8 grams? I cannot even imagine what 15 grams of that stuff would have done to me.

What I have also noticed each time is how sleepy they make me. The first time I started yawning and I just had to sleep even though I was off my nut. When I made the tea I felt hardly anything, but I started to yawn. Today I ate two nuggets the normal way. Did a bit of work on my laptop as normal. Started yawning, but felt agitated, so I went for a walk. It was nice, but nothing unusual happened. Came back still yawning and feeling agitated, so I put my meditation app on and it was wonderful. The truffles really helped me meditate. And then I slept for half an hour. Woke up feeling wonderful and have been feeling wonderful ever since.

Hard to make sense of it all. I know a lot of it will come down to my personal experience and biochemistry, but any insight or advice would be very welcome.

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