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The last trip I might ever have

3.5 grams -telepathy and unusual experience-

Who?: me(male), M (male), B (female)

This is something I hold close to my heart, a moment in my life that is hard to explain but will never go away. Two of my best friends at time time B and M were by my side the entire time. All of us have come to the conclusion afterwards that these events took place not just for me but for all three of us. I'm getting ahead of myself so let me start at the beginning. 

M had just got a great hookup of some large cubensis, around 15 dry grams. We wanted to test their legitimacy and potency before going back to that connection and retrieving more for a large group of our friends. M Invites me and B to try these shrooms with him out and all three of us decide on eating 3.5 grams each. We all arrive at my house and go into my basement and prepare to eat the dry bitter shrooms. We have a cheer and all three chow down at the same time, digusting, grainy but this was not my first redeo, this has been the 8th time eating shrooms in my life so I knew what was coming, or I thought. While we are waiting for the shrooms to kick in we decided to look up a good movie that would be good for tripping balls with, we ended up picking a movie non of us have seen called Fantasia 2000. This Disney movie was a colorful peaceful film, what a great thing to watch while tripping. the movie starts off with a 15 minute intro in which confused the absolute fuck out of us because the shrooms had just started to kick in, as the movie transitions into the Disney film we start tripping sack. Hearing every note, seeing ever color in such spectacular detail. The walls start opening up and we get drawn into this film. With every note of a instrument we feel it all. This feeling of being connected with this film was almost unexplainable but we literally had to take deep breathes to stay okay, multiple times M says " just breathe guys" because we were all feeing that same pushing on our stomaches that made every breathe heavy with the drums and screechy from the instruments. This film was incredible and felt like it has lasted well into 6 hours, this film had actually only been 1 hour of our trip and when the credits rolled, Netflix screen came back up we were literally speechless. We are convinced the movie had just tripped us out and it wasn't these mushrooms, it couldn't of been, we had taken 3-4 grams before and this feeling was something out of this word. It soon became obvious that the colors from the film that was lighting up the whole basement didn't go away, they were sticking around even though the film had ended all of the walls were lighting up like a symphony. Patters geometric shapes and unusual designs were written all over the walls, we realized this was the shrooms and we had found an amazing batch. M was obviously happy and had a huge smile on his face but B she was much more concerned about how she was feeing, she was hot. She left the room and went to lay down on the cold hard unfinished part of my basement. Me and M both stayed on the couch and started to conversate. Before we realized B was in our conversation even though she was all the way on the other side of the room, within minutes the first telepathy starts, I look at M and his mouth is wide open, like if he were to say "ohhhhh" but was frozen. He was looking right at me and before I could say anything to him he spoke to me, Without moving his lips. I was thrown into complete shock and before I could realize I was speaking to him without needing to say a word. It was as easy as thinking of something in your head. We were both literally staring at eachother in total disbelief and kept repeating " no way this is happening" I look to my right and B is just standing there also totally aware of what is going on. All three of us were instantly locked into each other's heads. I could only explain it like they were inside my head, they explained the exact same thing and we were all convinced we were in complete telepathy. In control of what we wanted to say but with no need to actually speak the words. For literally hours we were in this trans and time wouldn't move, didn't exist and everything was said. Every moment every test every regret and happy event I shared with them as they did with me. Putting this into words is almost a disrespect to what had occurred but this has to be something. We were lost in our minds after so long and the most horrible feeling came over all of us, Suicide. And in this moment the first words were said out of a mouth in what seemed like days. It was B and she said " let's take a walk". I knew she knew and M knew we were all thinking about suicide I could only explain to be because of the overwhelming of the situation had put on our brains. We weren't suicidal and none of us have harmed ourselves but that just explosion of raw mental power it took to relay information in this way draining to say the least. We ened up going for a walk as all of our tips were calming down, had to have been around 6-7 am and we just talk and confirmed what we just went through together. We decided to tell none in fear of coming acrossed as three crazy people but we knew that this experience ment something and words were just not going to be able to to this something justice. So we decided to take it as the experience it was and go about our lives. This was the most intense eye opening and scary out of control trip I had ever experienced and I hope if anyone has read this the whole way you take something positive away from this like I have.

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