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3.5 grams of P.Cubensis. Another side of infinite.

breaking through

So this is my story.

I'm experienced in shrooms, around 30 trips, DMT around 10, tried nbome, ayhuasca, 2c, and some more psychedelics.

So here we go

After an almost half year break, me, and my girlfriend, took around 3.5 grams of shrooms each, after fasting a whole day. We just ate a dried shrooms, they were not blended in dust, just shrooms that stored in dry place for a while. Taste was kinda nasty, we drank a juice to mask it. Around 10-15 minutes after taking them, I felt them. It was.feeling like something is wrong. Some nasty feeling in my stomach. I just thought, oh, wow, it's coming on strong. Around 5-10 more minutes, we REALLY felt it. It was really strong and fast come up, like just 20 minutes after taking, I started to see really bright colors,  felt goosebumps, and started to hearing buzzing in my ears. I just thought,wow, its so fast and so intense, i usually took more, a lot more, like 5-8 grams of dried cubensis, but this was like a half year break, after a lot of shit happened in my life, so it was kinda boom!

As this thing started to work, I saw very bright colors, i had blurred mind a bit, and the walls and paintings in my room started to breathe. Suddenly we had a rush of euphoria, very strong mood lift, compared maybe to MDMA or something like that. We were laughing at everything, it was like first time, thought it wasn't. Everything was really funny and cool, like every thing is smiling and laughing with you. I see that my GF pupils started to dilating, and it was only like 30 minutes after take! It was quite strong. We walked around the house, then sat on the chairs, and started to watch PINK FLOYD LIVE AT POMPEI show. I have 5.1 surround audio system, we turned off the light, and sat in full darkness and looked at my notebook. He was changing and moving, but I felt like it was a one whole big thing, like made from clay. Nick mason drumming, Roger Waters bass, Gilmore guitar and vocals with Rick Wright, it was really cool! Its very trippy music, filmed in ancient Pompeii, and this live tape is really must have to see for all the trippers that like 60-70s psychedelic music! I felt like I sat in this pompeii amphitheater, it was purple and dark visions around my notebook, and sound was so perfect, like never has been. It was veeeery astonishing. I just sat silent, like wow, that shit is so trippy.

We listened to like 5 or 6 PF's songs, then I felt like trip was coming really hard. I felt like my iPhone, or my PC, is really messing up my experience. I turned off everything, locked the door and turned lights out. That's when interesting stuff start to happen. I had very strong visual and auditiory hallucinations, like I heard buzzing or roar or silent sounds, that wasn't there really. Visions was made of dark matter, like dark blue or purple mostly. It wasn't really matter if i closed my eyes or kept them open. I couldn't really recognize anything in my room. We started to talk with my GF, she was very excited, like her first time. I just kept silence and only thing i was saying like wow wow...that's great! We were in complete silence and darkness, and I felt like it was full 5 gr trip, not just 3.5. Very strong visions, auditory, thoughts. I recalled almost everyone i knew, the school years, my mom, my friends, everything. I saw entities, but the wasn't like Grey aliens from Hollywood. Something made from light, and just made from wise. I dunno how to explain it. They talked to me not by words, but like using thoughts, or using nonverbal language. I felt like it was DMT trip, something really intense. We were confused. I saw life, death, I saw that life is not ending by the death, that there is full beyond behind it. That everything in this world is nothing really matters, no matter you win or you lose, no matter your life or you die, it was something out of it. My body felt like I was falling, or something like that. We were in space, full of alien sound and alien creatures, talking with us. I didn't felt like it was hallucinations, I felt it like its hyperspace, or another dimension, so they exist and stuff like this is real, not just made in my messed up brain. It was a real breakthrough. I remember, I thought, fuck, when this ends, it's too intense. We were in my bed, moving and moaning like a freaking out. I didn't recognize even my GF, my bed, my room. I thought that I died. I saw the light, and it was so strong and so bright, i couldn't stand it. I thought we only one that life in house, that my mom is dead, my grandfather is dead, and such stuff...but visions and sounds very really beautiful. I could saw my thoughts, my past, my future, everything. Whole trip I felt like someone is watching me. I felt that I'm god, and I saw billions of universes, millions of world. It was so intense and exciting, that i really cried. I had a lot of realisistation about my life, and what my purpose is.

It was maybe like 2-3 hours in. Then I felt REALLY confused. I lost my contact with really. My GF were speaking nonsense and asked to turn on the light. I did, and I saw her pupils, she was like diamond, red shining, blue shining, green! All the colors. It was so bright. She was really confused, couldn't talk anything. She stood up, and then fell back. She thoughts cops will show up, that she is dies, and such. I lost my ego too, i didn't know who I'm, or what should I do. I couldn't stand up, if I did, I fell back. I was universe,I was nothing, I was dark and I was light at the same time. It was so strong and I was drowning in visuals. Auditory hallucinations was like buzzing, crackle, bolt, squeak. Like earthquake, it was really strong and I felt it like it was out of me, not inside. I saw birth, life, death, sansara wheel and I had karmic hallucinations,that is described in Tibetan Book of Dead. It was catharsis, I was purged and confused. Just an hour or two later I began to feel reality back.

It was the strongest trip on 3.5 g, I took like 10, it was fucking insane, but this 3.5 was like 5-6, because of long break and fasting. I recalled Tim Leary, Castaneda, Grof, everyone who had this transcendental feeling. It was terrified sometimes, but very bliss other time. I almost cried, we were hugging with my GF and felt really refreshed. Like 5-6 hours in I felt almost back, just some visual enhancements, something like that. We were silent, could talk of anything. My GF was really confused, she was speaking bullshit and nonsense, but I could control myself. Just lied down...

We went a sleep after 5-6 hours of tripping, I had really nice dreams that night...woke up like a newborn creature !!!)))

It was really strong trip, confusing and blessing in peak, full of laugh in come up, and some deep thoughts in coming back...I had some realisations about drugs, cigs, alcohol, my GF, my MOM and my life in total...i just feel like everything is okay, and my depression i suffered for year is almost gone...

I think everything is going to be okay, as we trip it helps us to go through difficult obstacles in life.

It's not high for me, after shrooms i quit drugs like cannabis and speed, and other ones. Its very best for me, so I think I will be fine, and have a lot more trips onward.

BTW, someone said to me, that your first 10 trips is the best ones. He was fucking right! But that doesn't means that N trip is bad. Just not mind-blowing at first 10-20. I remember my trip, even through eyears have passed by. But it's okay. Thanks for reading!

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