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So what do you think about when you Microdose?


I have not yet come across conversations on exactly what your mind is doing when you meditate and microdose, in other words, what are you thinking about?  My only objective in sharing this, is to try and paint with words where my mind has gone on mushrooms over the last 1.5yrs while microdosing.  I don't necessarily believe everything I will write but simply what I experienced to be "True" in the moment.

  • Your cerebral spinal fluid ("CSF") holds your consciousness.  Thus, your spine is a part of your brain, it is one unit that operates your sensory vehicle.  Fixing mental disorders should include a focus on spine and CSF.
  • Everything is made of vibration.  Speed of vibration determines object: slow = solid state, fast = waves.  There are infinite amount of unique frequencies which our body is tuned too and thus creates our reality of sight, sound, touch, taste, and smell.  
  • There are lessons in loops, loops are fractal, you have to learn the lesson before you can move out of your loop (break habit).
  • You need symbiosis to evolve. LSD is to technophilia as Mushrooms are to biophilia. 
  • "Both AND" vs. "Yes or No" - Horizontal and Vertical are linear comparisons that need opposites to exist, sphere has no opposite - it only reflects its surroundings: we are all spheres.
  • Natures code is fibonnaci sequences in mandel brot fractals ad infinitum.  Mandelbrot has a circle that moves in the shape of the cardiod ("heart") symbol.
  • The Trinity are 3 objects:
    • Intellectual - mind, male, yang, light, sun
    • Emotional - heart, yin, mother, dark, moon
    • Physical - body, son/daughter, circle, holds both light and dark (earth)
  • Habit can be autonomous - a loop that is self-sustaining, no longer optional, the most energy efficient modality. You can have an autonomous response from others polarization, goal is to recognize the autonomous code and interrupt.
  • True meaning is only in the reflection.
  • The only way you can travel through time is going faster than the speed of light, the mind is a quantum computer so it is the only hardware we have to travel through time.  We are in repeating patterns of fractal loops enjoying the experience, you is only a part of You which we all are and everything is.
  • 6 represents the carbon item and all things physical. 7 represents gas/cloud/ or indeterminate positions and thus all things not physical.
  • The mushroom is represented as a "power up" for a reason in nintendo super mario bros.
  • Throughout history we have used metaphors to remember but the ego translates only the literal and thus we are living in two worlds in plain site, one of logic and one of imagination.
  • The culture of ego is mechanistic, robotic, logical - The culture of imagination is its opposite.
  • Time is orientation for reality sharing.
  • Mundane routines are hilarious.
  • Grounding principles are important to keep your identity: sugar, shower, family, direction setting, going the bathroom, writing, time keeping, etc.
  • You are coded to forget you are much more than you think you are.
  • Binary 0 and 1 is at the base of analog, digital, and chemical.  0 and 1 complexity = collective movement
  • There are two forces - Reason (technology/machine) that feeds on the consciousness and Nature (imagination) that provides oxygen to grow your consciousness -  they are opposites.
  • Addiction is an expression of emptiness
  • Your metabolism is your safety net don't screw it up.
  • You are NOT in control, impermeance is what you said You wanted so why are you allowing it to control your emotions?
  • Loving yourself and finding the good in everything and others is your true nature.
  • "Apocalypse" means "to uncover" in Greek.  Also, "Sin" means "to miss the mark."
  • We have contraries to progress our knowledge, without contraries (opposites) there is no progression, there just Is.
  • You are a condensed black hole with only remnants shown in your pupils.
  • Psilocybin has a built-in coach = ego-reflection
  • Dr. Jekyll (Science) and Mr. Hyde (Imagination) - this is duality.
  • Academia less psychedelics is a closed circuit with circular errors.
  • To be intellectual you must have freedom from manual labor.
  • Time provides synchronicity in increments, synchronicity is the muse of imagination.
  • How many conscious decisions are you actually making? - is going to the bathroom and automated response?  Driving to work?  Getting morning coffee?
  • The household used to be private, there is an erosion of privacy, the psyche is the last private place..how long will it last?
  • Things in common ground us, things/experiences uncommon free us.
  • Temporality is fundamental to being.  The world is constructed of individual things with boundaries - You are not the world.
  • Parents teach their children identity.
  • Through the eyes of another is how you find yourself.
  • Purpose of ego is to mask itself from consciousness, of its true spontaneity.
  • Being meaningful to another gives life meaning.
  • The code in DNA gives it the unique vibrational frequency for consciousness identity.  DNA is the landing pad for actualization.
  • Tryptamine's are the wormhole to travel through time and space.
  • "Persona" = sounding through a theatrical mask
  • Pain is an illusion until you break something.
  • Writing seems like the only way to pass on information through time in the game.
  • Spirit is the unconditioned potentiality (quantum cloud)
  • Lean in to the phase shift - clarity is on the other side.
  • "You give up knowing you know to be at all" - Ram Dass
  • "Life is a joke..enjoy it!" - My 12g dried trip


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