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first day of spring 5.6gs Cubensis

great positive experience

Hello ya'll,

I took 3.5g(eighth)amazonian cubensis on an empty stomach and I do not take meds. It took me to a level one dose where I giggled a little outside & went inside watched a movie w/a friend & great time.

Its been several months & I now got 5.6gs to take. ive been told that im an "outlier" based on tolerance by someone who has a sample pool of 100 ppl that took eighths & got really stoned which makes me soo happy bc I have to eat alot more.

after reading the forums about 5g cubensis experiences i was hesitant but complelled by the grower w/the sample pool & ate all of it on easter around

12pm on a fasted stomach & no bud. i was aiming for a level 3 dose where i can be outside experiencing the beauty of spring & not tripout & see jesus.

 withing 45 minutes i felt the effects & could not stop smiling. after an hour i went inside & noticed my yosemite map seemed there were ants walking on the perimeters of tioga pass & my big white wall was morphing. after observing the background screen of my laptop morphing like a coloydoscope i went back outside to carry some stuff inside & felt so at peace. i kept going inside/outside w/a huge smile & saying WOO.

 2 1/2hr i decided to clean stuff & post it on offerup fsr then climbed up my hill sat on a stump grabbed some guavas off a tree & basked in the view of tall pine trees overlloking huge mountains where i sat for an hour w/stillness to attract the humming birds & fence lizard in full swing.

 3 1/2 hrs in i decided to smoke a joint. went back inside where there was sad music coming from the tv. i suddently noticed im hungry & thirsty & i started to go snow blind with the idea of death in my mind but luckily did not panic & gently rested my back on the cold stone floor till my body regained its vision. i ran upstairs where the effects began to subside.

445pm i had my first meal & felt normal.

it felt like the first day of spring. My bee hive is almost ready to harvest for the season. The alligator lizards were having at the bees & my 21yr old tortoise named Henry was straight chillin.5.6gs was perfect.

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