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Tea with a quarter of Psilocybe cubensis, drank 1 and 1/2 cups

2nd trip. Why is it always so painful?! Yet...healing?


Got a quarter of Psilocybe cubensis from a friend who I tripped with before. I tripped with him on shrooms a few weeks before, so what he gave me this time around was a different batch and mentioned they might be a bit stronger. This time I was going to make it into tea to avoid the extreme nausea I felt from my first trip. I also suffer from stomach problems so have Zofran on hand in case my stomach decided to be a jerk, but definitely a last resort.

I manage to make the tea perfectly following some wonderful recipes on here (thank you) and am pretty proud of myself for accomplishing it right. I mixed it with decaffeinated earl gray, and since I had a quarter (ideally for 2 people), I made double the recipe, 4 cups. I then froze the reaming tea for my SO to have later (he will be tripping for the first time ever soon, but I digress, hehe.) I began to drink my tea at about 5pm.


5:00pm - Make sure I am in comfy clothes and everything is clean. Hubby is asleep so I can be alone like I like when I do shrooms but still have someone around. I start to sip the tea and it is really good. Mushroom taste almost zero.

5:25 - Finished my first cup, started the second and put the reaming amount away. I start to feel a little "loose" around the edges which is funny cause I was worried the tea might now work. I was wrong. It worked JUST fine. I only finished half of my second cup before I put it down, knowing full well I drank more than enough. 

6:00 - Feeling that full body high/laziness/weakness. Try to draw with some markers, literally can't do anything but a scribble before dropping the pen. Try to smoke some weed, but can only take one hit before I am "over it." Decide to lay down.

6:25 - On the floor covered in a blanket, the entire room is different shades of indigo and I can hear the sea even though I live nowhere near water or the beach. I feel pretty Euphoric and am smiling with my eyes closed. Then the jittery feeling starts to grow and I no longer feel euphoric. I instead start to go back and forth to the bathroom trying to do something to busy myself since I didn't have to use the bathroom per-se.

6:45 - Full blown effects setting in. I am on the bathroom floor in a ball wishing I could just feel normal again. Decide I should try to throw up then tell myself to stop being stupid. Fight with the idea for a while and decide against it cause hey, I drank it. lol. I am content to stay on the floor of my dark bathroom falling through oblivion. Full body Melting starts to take effect as if the shrooms are literally holding me to the floor.

7:25 - I can't believe how slow time is moving but congratulate myself on maybe being almost done with the "peak." Feeling super nauseated and scared so I look on Shroomery and Reddit to make sure for the millionth time that zofran is a-ok. I take it and my nausea almost completely vanished. No odd side effects. This calmed me a bit but I was still freaking out. It took me WAY too long to pour a glass of water since I could not stop pacing or focus. I remember thinking it should not take that long to get water in a cup and I ended up drinking it out of my hand. haha.

7:45 - Still wishing I could just feel normal again. Asking myself all sorts of questions but not able to focus on anything but, what I feel, is a metaphorical death that feels wayyyyy too real. My body was contorting and I was just trying to disapear withing myself. I figure I am freaking out which is only making it worse. I try to calm down by watching something or reading or looking at my phone but the lights are way to bright and make me dizzy and nauseous. I resort to crawling back into the fetal position under my blanket. Body temp fluctuation from super hot to super cold. Can't stop chewing my thumb nail or clicking on my teeth. 

8:00 - I tell myself it will be chiller soon and start to talk to an inter-dimensional being with black skin that shimmered like glitter. They told me to calm down and I found myself talking back to the "being." Had a moment of eternity and pretty much melted into the bathroom floor for the 10th time that night. The being was very calming and very beautiful and picked me up under my armpits and took me flying through the universe. Eventually I came to and was back on the floor. My bathroom seemed so massive in the dark. The darkness of the room felt claustrophobic and even felt as though it pressed down on me. Hell, it felt like the shrooms were pressing me down going, "YOU ASKED FOR THIS, GIRL!" and me super eager to feel "well" and "normal" again as I melted into the floor yet again.
Cue about an hour plus of me on the floor in my bathroom, body contorting, sweating from hot to cold, tucked as far in the corner as I could go with the lights off, chewing my thumb nail manically, feeling so much body pain I felt as though I was dyeing. But since I knew it was all a part of the trip, I coped okay. haha.

9:45 - Finally don't fell THAT close to death or oblivion or the 5th dimension anymore. Can actually stand, so I crawl out of the bathroom and into my bed which I oddly find to be way to soft. My cat decided to comfort me as my husband asks questions. I find I like to be left alone when I am in such a state, so only talk to him in the brief periods I don't feel like mushroom mt is crashing around me.

10:00 - Turn off all the lights because they bother me when on shrooms. Lay in the hallway randomly for a while talking to the hubby. Eventually feel a "wave" of shroomery so I go back into my bed to melt. Pretty pleasant melt this time.

10:45 - Still laying in bed, feeling fine. I can feel the trip as if its a serpent tracing my whole back as a distinctly female force. I think how I will never fuck with such a large dose again and how I probably wasn't in the right frame of mind for a trip.

11:45 - 1:45 am - Dizzy but feeling much more relaxed and euphoric. I watched some videos and passed out for a good nights rest.

ANYWAYS. It...wasn't pleasant. haha. But I really like shrooms even though the nearly obliterated me...again. 

Any advice on different spices to try that may vibe with me better or dosage suggestions are much appreciated for I am still but a noob. Edits for bits of my trip coming back to me. Damn trip memory loss.


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