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Loading Latters of Microdose

Lessons to be learned at each dose...

Well I have limited my micro-dosing to primarily days that are more for people interaction at work or enjoying my time at home.  Some days can be very task oriented which I find to be a challenge with micro-dosing as I have to push through the desire for creative thought to just focus on completing the task in a timely manner.  I also stopped the 1g "holiday" on the weekends for the last 30 days and noticed everything continued to improve in my outlook.

With that said, today was a good experiment that I repeated a few times now with consistent results. Remember, I have already taken the 12g dried, now I am trying to see what can be learned as an every day/week/month protocol in an effort to see if you can live a life in symbiosis with this mushroom to enhance meaning in one's life long-term.

I normally take 0.25g with good results but today I was off of work and the timing was perfect with a clear sunny day so I started the "Loading Latter" at 0.40g @ 1hr then 0.60g @ 1 hr then 0.80g @ 1hr.  Here is what I have to share: 

0.40g - Nothing new here, can still (1 year later) feel the phase shift at 45min mark (pee break).  I like this dose for sitting on the floor in front of the sun closing my eyes.  The pareidolia behind your eyelids is enough to keep you entertained.

0.60g - Can feel a heavier load on the body at this point and enjoying music.  The lesson here I find is practicing centering your self on goals/tasks/direction.  When you wander or become indecisive you can get a little "lost" and can repeat things out of habit which should indicate to you that habits without learning can be a lot like being lost in your everyday life.  Also, many things can seem like it is in your way or suddenly there are interruptions, learn here to always put others first and see the "interruptions" or obstacles as the lesson in putting others needs before yourself or removing physical barriers like a clean and organized living space.  If you have children you know what I am talking about..try not to say "no" to their requests of you and see where that takes you..my experience is some pretty amazing moments.

0.80g - This is like a wave at the 45min onset mark which I really prefer now vs. taking a straight 1-7g dose.  Simply, when you latter your dose it gives you the opportunity to get your bearings and pick up some nice useful tips for handling the transition for each 1g dose you take.  You learn things like centering yourself, having water close by, getting into nature or the sun from your window, fleet foxes or shins on your playlist, pencil and paper, timer on your phone, checking your pupils, and then the fluttering of lights behind your eyes.  At this point I really just want to lay back with my eyes closed to watch the show AND/OR go outside in the yard and look closely at all my plants and enjoy the sun.

I ask myself what is all of this for and why do I do this, well the answer is simple, it provides meaning to my life.  I have a wonderful life and the mushrooms so far has enhanced my life through experience.  It is usually after dosing that my curiosity suddenly peaks towards renaissance art (hieronymous bosch!) or poets (william blake) or music.  I will find myself reading  the bhagavad gita then manly p. hall then the emperors new mind.  The curiosity is where all the fun is, the robot life (one of habit) is Jung's loss of soul.

Happy Travels,


p.s. Time does slow down which is another reason I like dosing on my days off, at times it feels like I packed a week of learnings into one afternoon...super fun.

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