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Micro-dosing for 1 year

0.20g every day makes life better

Well the last post was in 2016 under the micro-dosing tab so thought I might add a little excerpt from my experience microdosing so far.  My experience does not necessarily fit the microdossing label but I think it should.  Specifically, I have been taking 0.20g every weekday for about a year and then will take 1g on a Saturday or Sunday.  Yes, lesson one is you have to learn how to grow, I like monotubs and in 3 months I can have enough to last me a year, plenty of sites on YouTube to help you.

I have also hit my ceiling with dosage up to 12 dried grams were my self identity completely dissolved and reached the non-duality state of experiencing the "I" that we all are and everything is.  So, I no longer have the neurotic "search" for the answers I have had for 30 years and now know what my answer is after this experience.  However, I was faced with a new question on what to do once you have the answer to your existence (hint enjoy your game reality it is about experiences).  As I continued experimenting in dosages over the last year this is what I have concluded: 

  • 0.10g: After a year I cannot feel this and really missed the whole point
  • 0.20g: A very nice dose that opens me up to talk freely and creatively with other people.  There is a clarity of mind and confidence in what you say.
  • 0.30g: A heavier dose I will use if I work from home, idea generation mainly, talking with other business professionals I can be a little "over the top."
  • 0.40g: More of 0.30g exuberance
  • 0.50g: NOT a good dose, I get this mind reverberation of me arguing with myself, I stay away from this dose.
  • 0.60g-1g: Good for weekend outings mostly in nature.  Concerts can be a bit annoying, large groups are fine and comfortable as long as you don't have to talk much.
  • 1g: Weekend dose.  I usually pick Saturday or Sunday depending on what is planned that day.  I try not to drive until the 3 hour mark.  Heavy insights, outside is best.
After a year I have noticed it takes a lot less from when I started tripping (5 dried grams) to reach the same head space of open clarity and creative thought at the 1g level.  In other words, 1 gram almost floors me with watering eyes, moments where I could leave my body, and idea connections.  This sounds scary but you have a safety net with your metabolism so I always use a timer on my phone as soon as I ingest the mushrooms (or pieces of mushrooms).  Always time where you want to begin your trip and where you want to end: 
  • 45 Minutes: Plan on being where you want to make your "phase transition"
  • 3 Hours: You are coming down but still may have some pupils dialated
  • 4 Hours: Back to baseline

I can take 0.20g a day and have consistent results not building up immunity or compound loading of psilocybin.  Great dose for starting and ending your day if you want to dose in the morning and before you get home from work.  You do feel more tired around your sleep time so can get even better sleep with 100mg of Magnesium and 1-2mg of Melatonin.  Dreams can increase as I think your visual cortex becomes more active when you are asleep but I always get a good sleep and is not disturbing.  I keep a journal to record sleep experiences which I can generally use as lessons if you do not take the experience as literal but rather figurative or metaphorical.



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