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Our Creator and how Little We know

Humility in Awe in the Presense of God

By taking 2 g Psilocybe Cyanescense using the lemon tek, I got a little more than expecting. About 45 mins after ingestion, just about the time visuals started, I put the movie Miss Peregrine Home for Peculiar Children in. My trip seemed to advance with the movie. As the movie climaxed, so did I and when the monsters started coming for the kids I shut it off as soon as possible because it was making my trip so dark and heavy. I thought it would be a happy movie, but Samuel L Jackson straight freaked me out. After the tv was off I was sitting alone in silence with my thoughts. My journey would now begin.

  The mushrooms decided to stop nibbling and went ahead and bit right into my ego and tore it in two. Things seemed to change almost instantly. Ill make this kind of short because I have no choice but to leave most of the details out because they cannot be explained with our current forms of communication. I decided to lay down in the bed. Visions were very vivid, closed and open eye. My body felt like it weighed a ton. I started thinking about God and death and what must be out there. God revealed his power to me that we are helpless little nothings who should be extremely thankful for the gift of life he gave us because he can take it away at any time. Yea we all know any day could be our last, but there is so much more to this universe (life&death) that we can not understand. I have always believed in God but to really realize and get a glimpse of his power in that way was amazing. I got my wife to come and get me and we had further conversations about what I had seen. I wish I could explain more but I must say I respect life alot more now. My respect to the creator.

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