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Amanita muscaria alaska


Okay, I wanted to give my firsthand experience with amanita muscaria...they will not scare you like some ppl say, for me, they have been the most gentle and comforting medicine ive ever tried. Five grams is all it takes, and half of that will get your toes wet...I eat a medium sized cap every morning to fight opiate withdrawls..they loosen my muscles up and calm my racing mind.there is no paranoia, unless its self induced.  Ive read reports of nighmare trips..if you take half an oz at once, well my friend, you brought that upon yourself.  I dont care what substance it is, that large a dose is just too hard on the body, mind, and its wreckless..if you treat these with respect, and take baby steps they are truly a blessing..I battled opiates for ten years before I found these, ive had much, much worse panic attacks on weed than I can ever imagine on these, I have never ever felt paranoid on muscaria..only before I tried them becousse of reports I read which messed withmy expectations...theyre like fresh love, a warm hug, they make me easier to be around..I dont look at ppl with suspicion when im on muscaria, they bring out the best, friendliest side of me..much like molly in that regard. I would imagine a strong dose is very comparable...there is a potential with a. Muscaria to fix a broken life, mend a broken heart, and calm a restless mind..just dont be stupid and eat  so much , srart out small and get a feel first, they love you man..my opinion is theyre not only symbiotic with trees, but with the one who ingests them as well...happy trails man.

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