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The Little Pink Man/Willing Away Negative Thoughts

3.5g unknown strain at a music festival

About 2.5 years ago, I was at a music festival. An acquaintance sold me 7g of dried mushrooms, unknown strain. They were identifiable as P.c, and did not appear to be Penis Envy based on the stems' size. I decided to split them evenly between two nights. I don't remember what happened the second night (probably not much due to the tolerance factor), but the first night, I had some interesting experiences.

I ate the eighth dry (which I usually do) and smoked a couple of bowls with my friends during the come-up. After my trip began, I hung out with my friends around the campfire and had a giddy time. Eventually, they all went to bed. I went into my tent and lay on the cot in the dark. I stared up at the fabric and listened to the wind, the droning and thumping of music in the distance, and the murmur of people talking at campsites all around. I began to have closed eye visuals. There was a little pink, 3D cartoonish being who had a sharp triangular head and jagged features. He had black eyes and a mischievous aura. I sensed that he was my "trip leader." He didn't talk, but I think he communicated with me telepathically without language. I don't remember much of what happened with him. Suddenly, huge briars were ominously lowering from the sky into my surroundings. It was as if I realized I was having a nightmare, and I willed myself out of it. The briars raised up and out of sight, and I was in a good mental state again. I continued to lie on the cot deep in thought, and found myself reliving a long-suppressed memory from high school (almost 15 years had passed). I used to call this girl I had a long-term crush on - she only liked me as a friend, but I would tell her I loved her at the end of each call, pressuring her to awkwardly say it back (how embarrassing).

I came off the peak of my trip and ventured out of my tent and tried to make some friends. One campsite nearby had a bunch of people who seemed cool, but they were kind of a closed group and I didn't have the where-with-all to impose myself on them. They soon went to bed and I kept walking. I met this dude who seemed kind of weird (and that's saying something, because this festival was full of weirdos) who had a crop of hot peppers on a table. We hung out for a while, and eventually the sun peeked over the horizon. I wasn't tripping any more at this point, but I was still feeling the serene and benevolent after-effects. He offered me a pepper as he placed a sliver of ghost pepper into his mouth, saying he was going to "ride the wave." I pulled the stem off a habanero, chomped it up, and swallowed it. I got hiccups, drooled and spat for about 15 minutes and finally went to bed.

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