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trip took us by surprise, city at night

1.8g cub ecuador the day after ecstasy

I have to start this trip report by giving you a quick overview of the night before:
Two friends of mine and I had a great time on ecstasy, 170mg 
each and smoked a lot of weed coming down. This was my third time on MDMA
 and i've never experimented with taking shrooms the day after. We decided to do
 so, in order to have a whole weekend of fun and to avoid the unpleasant day 
after 'depression'.

Now a little bit about the shrooms we took, since i still don't quite get what happened:

I grew some psilocybe cubensis ecuador and have had them two times before this trip.
Once about 2g and the second time a little less, both of these doses were harvested 
from my first flush and gave me a lvl 1-2 experience, colors seemed brighter, i felt very 
euphoric and good about myself, reflecting my life and coming to the conclusion that 
many of my everyday 'problems' aren't really a big deal. However this time, my friend F 
and I each had 1.8g harvested from my second flush, with which i waited a bit longer 
until i picked and dried it. Both of us are female and weigh around 50-55kg.

OK so let's start:

F and I live in a city thats quite big and a huge canal is passing right through it which 
has paths on both sides where you can find all kinds of clubs, bars and restaurants. 
Young people tend to go there at night to have a good time. We sat down at the 
edge looking over the water and we each had some wine and smoked some weed 
before deciding to eat the shrooms at around 9pm (1.8g each). At this point i have to mention 
that because of my previous trips on those shrooms we did not really expect them 
to kick in a whole lot, to a point where after about half an hour we had almost 
forgotten that we even ate them. One of the things about this trip was that i completely lost 
all sense of time, so therefor I can't really tell when the effects started to hit us, but 
it must have been about an hour or so after taking them. I remember F going to 
the closest bathroom which is about 2min from where we were sitting, when she 
sent me a picture of her face telling me she looks like a witch. I did not quite get 
what she meant by that, since I only started feeling the effects about 5min later, 
when I too got up to go to the bathroom. As soon as I started walking it felt really 
similar to being on speed, i was motivated and full of energy, also all the colors 
(which there are A LOT of colorful light at the canal) seemed way brighter and more
 vibrant. When I returned from the bathroom F and I looked at each other and came 
to the conclusion that the shrooms must be kicking in, but that it did feel very 
different from the previous times we had those exact ones. 

Since both of us felt the same way, extremely energetic and pumped, we decided to take the next 
underground train to this tiny location where some under the radar techno event was
 supposed take place. On our ride there we still felt the same way as when the 
whole thing started, we got into the location, only to find out that there was almost
 nobody there yet, it must have been around 10:30-11pm at this point but since our 
perception of time was pretty messed up we did not really get why there were only
 5-10 people there. This specific location also has a second tiny floor which is on ground 
level, so we came to the conclusion that that's where all the people must be. But 
since we had only been at the one floor underground the times we went there before our
 trip, we weren't exactly sure how to get there. We started looking for stairs and lost 
all sense of orientation, the dancefloor was decorated with all those crazy green yellow 
and blue ornaments and there was a huge dragon head attached to the wall above 
the stage. I really enjoyed that view and the music that was playing and actually wanted 
to dance although nobody was there yet. But Fs trip started to intensify a bit earlier 
than mine. She wanted to leave and kept telling me that the few people down there 
looked extremely sketchy. So we wen't back upstairs to the entrance only to find out that 
there was a gate and a few steps going up right next to it, we were sure that those 
would lead to the second floor, so i opened the gate and we went up (all of this was 
now open air). There were some benches and tables, but no people, but we did not really care 
since our trip now started getting more intense. We sat down and after a while decided to 
go downstairs again to get some water. When we returned to the benches one of the security 
guards started yelling at us, telling us we weren't allowed to open the gate and asked me
why I think it was locked. I was so confused and also pretty terrified by him popping my 
euphoric bubble and tried to explain to him that the gate wasn't locked and that we were just
 trying to find the other floor. He kept screaming, so we just left the place as fast as we possibly could.

This 'club' is located in one of the sketchiest areas of our city, and it was already pitch black
 outside. we did not really know where to go since we did not expect the trip to get that intense.
Both of us did not feel like dancing in a huge crowd, and decided to take the underground into
the city center, to sit down somewhere at the main street and just enjoy our trip. But first we 
made the decision to pop into the nearest gas station to buy a big bottle of water. When we 
approached the gas station it seemed unrealistically small and cartoony, it's edges where rounded in an
extreme way, it almost looked like a 2.5x5m big red kmix toaster, if not even more rounded. 
We went inside, but both of us got kind of paranoid by the bright light and the people in there
so we decided to leave immediately without getting any water. 

We got to the underground station and by this point both of us started to experience some 
major hot flushes and we looked at each other to find our pupils extremely dilated, Fs face was red 
and mine was as white as chalk. We were sure that every single person around us must be 
aware that we took some kind of drug. From that moment on it felt as if everyone was staring 
at us and since us talking to each other would have made it worse we barely exchanged words.
We got into the underground and at this point the trip started peaking. The train looked
unreal to me, the corners of everything were rounded to an extreme, for example of the chairs and the train 
itself. It also again look about third of the size that it usually is. It kind of seemed as if it was
closing in on us. We both took off our sweaters and in order not to seem to suspicious i took out 
my phone, which also looked way more rounded than usual and almost animated to me. When i opened the
keyboard the letters lifted from the screen and exchanged places, but to my surprise i was still able
to type out words. My phone took my mind of the bright and weirdly small train. Then its form shifted
and it all of the sudden looked broader than tall. But i didn't really care, I kind of enjoyed it.

As soon as we got off the train, we started freezing, so we put on our sweaters again and made our
way up the escalator, the whole time we felt as if everyone was staring at us. When you get out of 
the station at the main square in our city, 4 big streets go from there, one of which is usually the biggest.
And thats the one we initially wanted to find a place to sit down at. But to me this particular street again
seemed to close in on me and it felt like it was only 2m wide. We could not possibly take this street, so
we walked into the opposite direction. Since both of us felt pretty paranoid and did not enjoy the darkness
we then decided to take train to my friends place, which took us a little less than an hour, on our way
there everything  i looked at, such as the mosaic at the train station, warped and shifted intensely, but 
as soon as we arrived at her place we started coming down. We put on Pretty Woman since we did not 
feel like going to sleep. For some reason watching julia roberts made me feel kind of sick, so i decided 
to lay down and try to get some sleep. When we woke up in the morning we felt perfectly fine and couldn't
stop laughing about what had happened to us, when we really did just plan to go out dancing and maybe see 
someintensified colors and not to trip that hard. 

Although we were kind of paranoid and it wasn't the most pleasant trip AND it could have most certainly 
went better than us running around the city at night time, we still enjoyed the visuals.

Maybe one of you could tell me if they had a similar experience when taking shrooms that usually aren't
 as potent the day after ecstasy. I'm not sure if it was the MDMA we took the night before that intensified
our trip or maybe it was the second flush that just turned out to be more potent than the first one?! 

Maybe someone could clear things up for us :) 


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