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Level 3 trip very strange state PLEASE HELP

10 hits of acid and 3.5 grams of phycadellic truffles

I was all ready for a trip i had no work the next day made shure i had snacks and plenty of green rolled up i started by eating 7 hits of lsd now id tripped the night before on 4 hits of acid and 2 grams of mushrooms so i firgured i was going to need alot to get the a state i wanted to stay at. I waited around an hour and then ate 3.5 grams of the truffles, they were still wed and had been harvested about 4 days prior, now i have taken acid and mushrooms many times and never had a strange reaction like this, the come up was really violent the shrooms tore up my stomach i took the other 3 hits of acid after i ate the shrooms to try to make the trip last longer, it took about 3 hours till i really started blasting off i was really off balanced and seeing shapes and colors move all around me the shrooms destroyed my stomach so bad i made my self throw up eventually this was about an hour and a half after eating them all, after getting sick i took a shower and when i got out i kind of just found my self in this odd state of just staring at a fixed position and couldnt look away it felt like i was staring at things for hours i began eating massive amounts of food a whole box of cookies and chips my muscles were very very sore and i almost couldnt move, i was in my bed smoking when all a sudden my entore body felt like it weighd a few more hundred pounds than it did i couldnt keep my head up my eyes kept rolling back in my head and i became extremly tired in almost like a dream like trance i could barley see i got up and instantly fell over i have never been more wobbly in my life i couldnt even stand i had to crawl back to my bed i had no motor control at all i couldnt hold my phone in my hand i kept dropping thins my voice was slurred ao much to where when i talked i couldnt even understand myself, the whole time i was not scarred up until then i was having a great time i still was enjoying the trip a d the feeling of heaviyness i just started worring it wouldnt go away and it would last forever, eventually i just fell asleep keep in mind this is only about 2 or 3 hours after taking 10 hits of acid and all rhe mushrooms, i kept waking up really violently and scared and was sweating then id fall back alseep i did this about 5 times till i remember getting up i looked at my phone it was 6 in the morning i had taken all the drugs the night before between like 9pm and 12pm i still felt heavy i could barley see or speak and i went bavk to bed. Then i finally woke up about 10 hours later in the middle of the day completly tired and confused, i just want to know if anyone has any ideas to what was hapening to my body or why i felt that way, i felt more sedated then i ever had before it felt like i was drugged with xannex or some sort of very strong sedative drug but i didnt take anything but mushrooms and acid and weed ive never fwlt that way in my life was truley an experience.

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