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5 Gram Shrooms in lemon

50 minute trip?

This was only my second time tripping on shrooms ever. The first time i took around 2 grams in some tea and it was a very pleasant trip lasting for about 6 hours. This time i had soaked about 5 grams of some potent mushrooms (Don't know the name) in lemon and my trip only lasted about 50 minutes.
It was around 2:00pm in the summer and me and my friend decided we were going to have some shrooms in the woods behind my house. He had about 2.5 grams in lemon and downed it pretty quick. But this stuff to me tasted like shit. It took me about 10 minutes to drink the whole thing, and i also smoked a few bowls of some sativa as I was drinking it. I checked the time after finishing the alien potion and it was 2:15. I started to feel effects around 2:20-2:25. 
The moss on the logs began to take life. The trees around me were moving and growing faces on them. The leaves on these trees turned into peacock feathers. The coolest thing I can remember was looking under a log and seeing ant sized people swinging pickaxes at the wood. and it only kept getting stronger and stronger. My friend said he didn't feel anything yet and wanted to walk around, so we began walking on a trail back to my house. For some reason I really wanted to go home and just lay down in my bed and enjoy it. My friend said it was cool if i left and he was gonna meet his friends at the park on the trail. So struggling to walk through plants and then climbing a fence to get to my back yard, I made my way up to my room and layed down.
This is when it started to get really intense. I had a loud noise in the back of my head and it kept getting louder, sounding almost like a gong, and then I began to feel like I was going somewhere... like I was leaving my body, but i wanted to hold on to it. My room began to get smaller and smaller like I was falling through my bed. I didn't want to go though, I kept saying to myself. Then I had dark thoughts started going through my head about this trip turning bad, then I knew I needed to do something before this trip took a bad turn. 
It all happened so quick, I told myself I wanted the trip to stop.... and then like a flick of a switch, it was over. I stood up looked around me room, no visuals, no gong sound. I felt perfectly normal, just a little bit stoned. I checked the time and it was only 3:10!! The first thing I thought was "Wow, I'm hungry." 
I hit up another one of my friends and he took me to get some food, I was super giggly while we were together. I couldn't keep a straight face at times and we both couldn't stop laughing, this feeling of being spaced out and giggly lasted the rest of the day. But the trip.. Why was I able to shut off the trip like that? I wanted it to stop and I was able to turn it off... like a switch. My friend I was with earlier said the shrooms kicked in shortly after we split up and they lasted for him about 6 hours. 

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