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2.6g cubies - Life is peaceful guys

A wonderful experience

My first trip was very difficult: https://www.shroomery.org/forums/showflat.php/Number/24378455
but even after such an "bad"/difficult experience, i wanted to learn more about the drug itself and its effects.

I read and studied a ton inbetween, until i felt ready for it.
Last monday, a friend of mine and i decided to go camping at a really cozy/natural and cliche like place. We set up our camp in front of a very slow moving and chilly river. 

We grinded our cubies and mixed them in 0.33L orange juice with juicy bites. Holy shit that was tasty! After the first time with 2g, i decided to step the game up with 2.6g. my friend took my recommended 2g dose. - Time: 4pm (Weather: 36° Celcius)

We listened to some music, walked through the river and talked a lot about rick&morty and its fascinating reference to reality, plastic and the monetary system. - Time: 4:20pm

We agreed that something was different in our minds, but nothing too noticable. Next we decided to roll a cigarette, but as soon as we got up, it all began to make sense.

The Trip itself:
I felt really really strange at the beginning, because i knew this type of feeling from the first time. For a moment i had a little flashback and felt like a robot in this world, with no feelings at all. 
But as soon as i talked to my friend, all those negative perspectives were gone. I felt this inner connection with nature, people who walked by, my friend and the whole universe. It all made sense and it was so peaceful. We both tried to explain and describe the moment, and even though we couldnt with words, we knew exactly what the other meant. 
It was beyond language, language was just a happy distraction. As if we could communicate through nature and our minds. 
The most interesting part was how little reference i had to my "normal" life, my ego. 

the best explanation we came up was that we all lived in our "bubble" a lifetime. In our bubble we were affected from all the bullshit around us. (Social media, Plastic, Money, Parents etc)
But with shrooms (which didnt feel like a drug, more like eating earth and therefore eating yourself - because everything was one) we stepped out of that bubble, and lived life at its ground roots. 
We felt like the first men, who had nothing but peace in mind. 
I never ever experienced life like this. As it should be, raw and without bullshit 

Even the people we talked to, were connected in some form. as if i knew them a  very long time. One woman with her dog came by and wished us a good evening and smiled at us.
it was the best smile i every witnessed. I knew this was no fake smile, it was the realest and honest smile in my life. I really had a good time realizing that people are good in their cores. even if some kind of fassade is between it.

We wandered 4hours til sunset in circles through the river, which played a huge part in my trip. No matter what we did or what happened, the river was always flowing downstream with this extremly chill tempo. it was very relaxing. 

At sunset we noticed that the peak was over, and we began to fade into our own bubble more and more. 
We had a little lounge like chill area with blankets, cushions etc where we sat down. 
Then we talked for about 1 - 1.5 hours how good this time-out from everyday bullshit was, and that this experience will affect our lifes forever. -Time: 9pm

We smoked some bud and watched yellow submarine. The movie was so fucking good i couldnt believe it. I even had some kind of connection to the characters. and it felt like the whole movie was about me and my axious feelings from the first time shrooms ( blue meanies) and the peace/love which won at the end of the day.

loved every second of this trip and i finally understand why people doing it.
Even though i had far less visuals than the first time (weed at peak), i had some mild distortions. the feeling itself was faar more beautiful this time.

Kinda long post, but i love to share/write down my experiences.

stay peaceful :smile:


we are everything and nothing

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