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Lsd + Shrooms + Parkour

Before I start this story I'd like to give some exposition
I began tripping on LSD my Senior year after extensive research into these mind altering substances. I kept it to myself for the most part since a majority of my peers frowned upon this class of drugs. I was already seen as somewhat of an abnormal because of my hyperactivity and constant training in Parkour. However, I did speak about the science and ineffable experiences that one may undergo to people I felt were open to new perspectives. Inadvertently, I ended up sparking a lot of curiosity and people started asking me for acid tabs. I didn't want to be known as a drug dealer so I lagged on most of them. However, I would pick up some extra tabs on occasion if I knew someone had been seeking it out for awhile but had no reliable source. One of my more "intelligent" group of friends asked me throughout the year to get us tabs so we can trip together. Unfortunately, I was off doing my own exploration for the most part and didn't think it was worth my time(After a handful of trips with first timers, began to get little anxious about having to hold someone's hand). Once school was almost over, I had gotten close to these group of friends and realized they were a lot more stable and informed then I had given them credit for. I told them we should trip a week after getting out of school(2 days before graduation) and without hesitation they all agreed.

A week later, my friend swooped us up and I proceeded to hit up my connect. He lagged for about an hour but eventually came through with our 5 tabs. We were all pretty excited and dropped on our way to the park. I took 2 and my 3 friends each took one. We got to the park and just vibed in my friend's car with some music awaiting the come up. Once we were all feeling the first effects, I got out my wax pen and explained how thc ups the anty on a trip. I reassured them we would be just fine taking some dabs and then the trip really started kicking in. We started bumping some Flatbush and pink floyd and I  saw the smudges on his navigation screen forming intricate shapes/colors and vibrating with the bass. As dumb as it sounds, this trip was just a week after one of my most terrifying trips which involved vomiting, friend getting arrested, and another having a psychotic episode. As a result I was reexperiencing some of the emotions I felt that night. However, Looking to my side and behind me to my fellow trippers, I saw the huge grins on their faces and their carefree laughter and knew we were gonna be in for a great time. We went outside and walked a little awkwardly at first as we began to readjust to moving. Around. Was seeing beautiful colors and vivid faces popping up everywhere as we made our way uphill. We were walking to the edge of the highest point in the park, where you could see the whole city scape when started feeling the urge to flip. Before I reached the edge I did a sideflip and felt like I was in the air forever. I turned to my friends and they just started laughing saying that was the cleanest sideflip I've ever done. My confidence began building and I was doing back flips and 360 handstands in no time. My friends even tried some stuff with me but sat watching for the most part. I didn't mind though, was happy to entertain some tripping homies. The experience was so bizarre, but felt natural as well. I would see tracers and patterns form from my fast moving limbs and environment. It felt as if my body was doing these movements while my mind was just sitting back to watch it all happen. My fears were gone and I felt extremely confident in my abilities. I realized that I was previously limiting myself by putting too many doubts in my head such as, "that gap looks to far" "I could get eat shit bad if I fuck up". All that unnecessary baggage was just lifted off my mind.This is not to say I was reckless but just knew precisely what my body was capable of so I stayed within my physical limits. Another good thing about us doing parkour that day is that it made us look more inconspicuous. We just looked like some people trying to get some exercise. At the most we just looked stoned cx After the training we took a good jog around the park and sat at a bench. We began conversing about the state of the world and how the negative myths surrounding psychedelics have survived for so long. We are all into psyche and science so we started talking about atoms and the nature of the ego, and you know our visualisation was on point haha. At some point I brought up shrooms and how I've been wanting to try them for awhile. One my friends, N then told me he'd be down to give me shrooms. I was definitely tooken off when he went to his car and had some shroom caps in his container. His girlfriend had gotten him some before and he said he wanted me to have the last two grams since I "gave him this experience" I told him that we all fabricated this experience and I was just a small part of it but I thanked him all the same. I then proceeded to munch the 2 grams of dried shrooms down. They tasted like ass especially since I was tripping but I got through by thinking about it in a spiritual, shamanic manner. I was already 3 hours into the trip, but for some reason, literally a minute after ingesting the shrooms I felt my trip taking on a more earthy tone. My ego began to dissolve and I felt this deep inner peace as the cid and shrooms synergized and left me feeling balanced and extremely appreciative of this altered state human beings can undergo. About 6 hours in we drove back since the park was being closed. We just had good calm vibes going to facilitate the least stressful atmosphere  for the driver. We got back and I realized I wasn't gonna be hanging out with these guys as much anymore. Two of them were moving and the other was gonna busy for a good part of his post school year. It's funny but me and one of those friends, M actually had a mutual dislike for each other a year previously. We brought this up and talked about how glad we were we were able to grow past all the bullshit and mature. We were both genuine dudes now and we acknowledged that about each other. They had to go home so we said out goodbyes and I went to go smoke two joints and some bong tokes with my other homies. Had some visuals return when we smoked and my friends were just laughing because I looked more sober then I usually do, whatever that means xD Very fun come down, even had a friendly conversation with a school custodian. My stoner friends dropped me off and I meditated on the profoundness of that day. I awoke the next day with my aura shining, a newfound confidence, and an even greater appreciation for the real ones and my close friends. Just realized how long I dragged this on haha, thank you for those who managed to get through it :)

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