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Did I encounter spirits on my shroom trip

16g fresh hollandia truffle

Hi! Last weekend I ate 16g fresh magical truffles for the first time and I want to share a part of it with you:) 

It was at the absolute peak of my trip and I were sitting like a shroom in the couch and I had some fairly strong OEVs when suddenly the visuals looked like there were something that were trying reach over me, almost like it were trying to give me a hug? 

But there were also a lot of heavy thoughts at this moment so I tried to ignore the visuals and calm the trip down. But then I remembered that I shouldn't fight the trip but just ride along. So I relaxed and let the visuals "hug?" me (there were 2 spirits/beings) and it felt like we were having a conversation that contained lots of love.

And at that same moment I felt a huge wave of mixed feelings, Happiness, sadness, gratefulness, it was all so beautiful that I almost cried because I felt everything that these 2 spirits felt as well.

So what I think happened was that my spirit/soul and these 2 spirits have been extremely close with each other in an earlier life and that they simply wanted to meet with my spirit once more:) what do you think, and have you experienced anything similar?

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