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Complete change of the world.

3.0g of what the hell just happened!?!/

So at first the night started off great, my marijuana dealer at the time hit me up and said his friend finally had some cubes. I was looking for them since the first time i tripped. (this would be my second trip)

Well after he called me i told him to come pick me up (was only about 15) so i can come buy some. i gave him like $90 for 7.5 grams (this was a long time ago, and don't quite remember the cost, but it was in fact a quarter oz) When he got back to the car and handed me the mushrooms i really wondered if they where actually "shrooms" because they looked nothing like when my cousin had them on my first trip experience, these where small tiny mushrooms that where hard and there was a bunch of this grayish powder at the bottom of the bag.

When i got to my cousins house we went up to his room (his room is the whole upper level) and immediatly dumped a huge bag of schwagg on the table and started to break it down and smoke a bowl (this was absolute shit weed, specifically bought to smoke while tripping, because my first trip we smoked like almost a quarter of chronic) and after we got a little stoned we broke out the mushrooms. i used the lid to the scale to hold them with all the powder and we evenly split them.

I started to feel extremely hungry, i didn't eat anything all that day, and his family was the type of family that they don't have snacks or easy meals and you eat at meal time, well i didn't make it time for the meal. so he made me a cheese sandwich and a glass of milk, literally cheese, bread and milk.

I was worried that the dust was something else so i told him "i'm not going to eat the powder" and finished my cheese sandwich with my milk and started to get the shrooms down... they tasted so bad i had to just pop the little shrooms in and swallow them whole.

My cousin was the one that ate all the dust, meaning he ate about 3.5g of mushies and a gram of the dust.

About a half hour later i started to feel super giggly and the swirling pattern on his wall started to swirl hard as fuck. i turned to him and said "im feeling it" and laughed a bunch. all the while he is just staring at me and wondering how i'm feeling it so fast (iv'e always been like this, with any drugs, im always the first to feel them) 

Well, this is when the trip got pretty out of hand (keep in mind it has only been about 45min since eating them.

my cousin starts to feel them too at this point and we are laughing having a good time when i looked under his bed (i don't know why i was doing this) but i was looking into complete darkness and for some reason i blurted out "dead bodies" randomly. and that's when everything went black....

When i remember waking up i was in the opposite corner of the room laying on my stomach with my head in the corner of the room. and i am steady thinking 'what did i take' 'what did i take' and for some reason it was like a switch flipped in my head and i knew "we took mushrooms" and i was SO fucking excited! it was like i won a million dollars, i was so excited i found out what i took.

well when i got up off the ground it was like i was in a different place everything was changed, EVERYTHING including my cousin. i looked over at his bed and the look on his face i will never forget, it was the most frightened i had seen anyone in my entire life. i sat on his bed and told him "dude your ok we ate mushrooms" and it was like i was speaking french to him, he was completely lost. And im just studying the room, and the fan is literally twisting down toward the floor in a very evil way, the shadow from the light looked like satan and the TV was straight static (it was on cartoons before we started tripping) and i am getting "the waaams" bad at this point like all i can hear is waam waam waam waam waam and then all the sudden im hearing the voice of Tech N9ne saying 'Hotta Hotta Hotta' like he does in one of his songs.

Well i just desired to lay there, because i was forsure fucked up for life, i did it this time, going to be in the loony bin forever after this. And for some reason i was completely content with going to the funny farm. During this little self contemplation my cousin shouts 'trashcan' and i say "are you going to throw up" and i hear him mumble something when i grab the trash can and with lightning speed have it right next to his bed, he is throwing up on his blanket and totlly missing the trash can.

after he throws up he starts getting a little more coherent but he is still super lost, he was pacing back and forth in the room and kept saying "OK mushrooms haha it was mushrooms" almost like a question over and over and over.

At this point i believe i am coming down because i'm falling asleep and waking up to him ranting and pacing. BUT i'm not sure if this is me passing out over and over again or if i was actually falling asleep.

Last thing i remember from the trip was talking to my cousin about how we just went to hell LITERALLY. after the trip my cousin thought we where drugged, thought that someone put pcp dust in with the shrooms.

What i don't understand is why i tripped so hard, ive never had a trip where everything changed the way it did (to this day ive done cubes 2 and lsd 5+ times) and if things get weird when i trip nowadays i get super anxious, but during this trip i was calmer then i ever was my entire life, almost like being on a benzo. 

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