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A incredible disabled quest

my most incredible trip story under shrooms

A incredible disabled quest through the awesome dark wonderland!
actually my most incredible trip story under shrooms!
Thats how i became a shroomery membre!
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i writed in english but i'm not very good in this language, if someone can read me and tell me my errors i'l thank him for me and everyone is gonna read
Hi i m oliver, and today I am surprised to see how an experiment has changed my life!
And i will explain you how i became a shroomery member!
For make the story agreeable to read for all
i make an index... why?
Because some people don't like read a full story just to find where are the bests moments (i am this kind of person)
and i don't wont write a story that annoy this kind of people.
(long introduction)       
1) introducing of me , she, it... she, it...
a) searching help!
b) first quest.
(short introduction)
2) dark return to reality.
a) tragic story.
b) the return of hope !
c) he will guide you.
(the dark wonderland!)
3) the trip !
a) the elephant will show you the way - the disabled quest !
b) grey return to reality.
c) the light before to go.
(how i meet your mother)
4) bright comedy.
a) monster.
b) finding help of god "batu".

1) introducing of me , she, it... she, it...
hello i m oliver, i spend 1 year with a girl addicted to drugs, she was my girlfriend
but today she s my ex girlfriend because the fact is that i consumed too much drug with she...
every day smoking sticks, twice a week taking coke or mdma or meth, and 3 time to hospital near O.D.
i was an addict but all these are chemicals we don't really know how they make it and what they put on..
i decided to stop but without help it was impossible

a dealer friend (on end of career) talk me about mushrooms, he sold me 2grams and say
"try, its all natural, if you like i continuing my dealer career during 3 monts and after i returning to Italy, goodbye for life men!"

first time i tested 1gram i was flipping (don't know why.. i thinking it was some Chinese mushrooms with chemicals on it)
i took my phone and call him, he reassure me and say its a bad trip man, all natural, relax and let it be beneficial
after i was slowly drive myself in cool state, the walls are breathing and color changing, some supplementary corners appearing in a square room.. and the paintings on wall appeared on 3d

5 days after i took the second gram but... no effect
i talk a little with him and he say
-look theses are psylocibes cubensis, if you want to trip with little doses you must take once or twice a month, not much
if you wanna stop chemicals you can take 3 grams per month and that's all
and yes i stopped chemicals and forced me to take only 2 trips a month just to relax
the third month he gave me 6 grams and say goodbye to me ='(
after that i stopped shrooms (goodbye my friend) and keep some good feelings to remind in life

replaced on the right track i found a new girl friend, i promise her we are going to begin a new life, make projects,
take holidays and more and more...

after six month it was here!!! the problem! she wanna holidays, me too but sadly we don't have to much money to put in holidays..
but a promise is a promise... i gonna soluce the problem!
a) searching help!
we really need holidays... i decided to talk to all my coworkers and friend to find good deals for holiday
and a friend ask me if i wanna go to Amsterdam a week for 85bucks?
-85 !!?? yeah sure! are you kidding?! are you kidding! you aaaare !!! yes yes you aaaaare!!!!
-no (smile) i travel some times with an holiday association... de de deee do do dooo... da da da daaaa... (he s talking, my mind is in another place)
-ho yeah... hum yeah yeah... good.. hum good.. (I'm saying yes waiting the inscription sheets)
-here the inscription, respond and go over there to introduce yourself to the team
-yeah!!!! OK men! here we go Amsterdam!

i introduce myself to a staff they asking me a lot of questions (driving? drinking? play wit kids? talking to others?...)
they accept our inscriptions and give us a date to organize the travel with the team

2 week later i see the others members, we talk to each others and make groups to organize our self
(I'm in the drug anonymous group xD)
we find trains bus maps for drivers, hotels and youth hostels or place to sleep, places to visit, found educative games and more and more...

1 month later 6am we took the car to Amsterdam
excited in the travel we talk of all we are going to do and reading the guidelines of the associations
in resume.. they say
-team is free the first day
-date here every other day at 10am
-play with people through the town
-stop playing at 5pm, team is free to visit all you want waiting tomorrow

we park the car in a private cheap parking
and go see the other members in the place they chose to sleep
once in the youth hostel we took information near the bar men about the laws, where find "specials shops or sellers" (drug anonymous group yeah... the others are playing to cards...)

he took an plan and pointing some places and say "drugs are illegals" ... no more..
b) first quest
We visited the entire city quickly, found all the "special shops", and at nightfall we searched all that was on our "personal list"
we found speed coke extasy salvia khat kratom....
yeah but herbal speed herbal coke... herbal extasy.. all shit -_-'
with a little bit of search i found only methylone in a chop (i searched meth coke mdma and cactii for mescaline)
with deception in my mind i buy... nothing (the only interesting cactii was sold out)
2) dark return to reality
a) tragic story
we buy some pot.. roll some sticks and take the way to youth hostel.
The group returns, goes up to sleep. My girlfriend too. I'm staying with a girl from the team to smoke a last stick before she goes to sleep too.
b) the return of hope
Saddened by this little fruitful research I took an interest in the path of this barman.
He was a Hindu, he left his country to arrive here with the dream of a better life.
He worked hard for a long time, and one day he was able to buy his own hotel in which he was a bartender.
I asked him how he did it;
He replied "every day and every night I prayed for God to lead me on the right path"
With shining eyes I admired his path and explained to him a little my life, my dreams, what I love .. and the disappointing history of tonight. And told him that I did not believe in god, or just a little.
c) he will guide you
Before closing, he told me to come, I followed him to the other side of the bar and arrived in a corridor with a staircase going down.
"Come down."
I lowered down hesitantly and turning to the right I entered a dark cellar with candles, smoke, colored fabrics of warm tones on the walls with some golden patterns, a rectangular pillar in the middle of The room (probably an old fireplace), and on the other side an elephant on a hostel surrounded by candles and incense ..
Incredible fucking!
I admired open-mouthed without understanding where I was.
Behind me in the dark he said to me "this is my place for pray. it is here that god guides me".
Behind him in the shade, there are shelves, with plastic boxes, with mushrooms!
He asked me if I had tested the truffles.
no why? There are?
I have here, take and go to sleep I have to close.
It will open your mind. (Am I still in the real world?).
I thank him and go back to bed .. very disturbed and very happy at the same time .. maybe he thinks he's guiding me to god, personally after seeing all this I do not know what to think
3) the trip !
a) the elephant will show you the way - the disabled quest !
The next morning, I get up, dress and then take the rock in hand.
Today I have to go with a group of animators to make educational games in the city ... can I resist the envy?
And then I put it in the mouth I chew I chew and I chew again and again and then I relax in the common room ... others take their breakfast, so I have time to test the effects and decide If I am able to run.
level 1
It is there, I smile stupidly, colors appear softly ..
By precautions I remain in my bed, in silence, on the lookout for rising effects.
level 2
The walls breathe, bend, the depths vary, everything moves with parallax effects

Level 3.
I know there is nobody around me, but I hear chains trail on the ground ... grrrrr ..... grrrrr ... grrrrrrrrrr .... a little girl who whispers, she makes dark Laughing.. at that moment I tell myself that anyone else should find this atmosphere dark and frightening, but I smile because I know I enter the other dimension .. xD
The others come to fetch me, with great difficulties I look normal or may be a little ill.

We arrive on the spot, here are the people we will animate!
-People with disabilities?
-Yes yes people with disabilities! Mentally and physically!
(me remembering what my friend say)
- de de deee do do dooo... da da da daaaa... disability... de de deee do do dooo... da da da daaaa...
( ok... my mind was left when he explain the association to me -_-'  not a problem be cool! )

Fucking shit ... the stones still make me go up ..
People explain how to proceed, I do not understand anything, impossible to remember sentences, planing, names, schedules ...
the only thing i know is that the organization put my girlfriend in another group! shit shit shit!!!!

level 4
son of a bitch!
I go up again ... and it's time to get to know each other.
I make all the efforts of the world to appear normal! The people with disabilities do not seem to see my problem ... by cons I see one who has eyes that move on his face, and another who has the jaw that deforms to look like the shreck pony ... And lots of other weird stuff ..
And suddenly two girls ask me my name ... impossible to know if they are pretty animators or monsters of space!

I answer
- "i m oliver! I am yours but i have a problem, i am under mushrooms!"
They tell me "repeat a bit" no doubt they must have heard my clear and charming voice say
- "em owiver! I m yourf fuk haz blobwem, em unar mufroom!"

then I say slowly "i .... tootk ... magic!..."

And she answers me before i finish
"you like magic?" Cool we have magic games to play today, come with us, you know how to walk? Take my hand ... "

Ok.. ok good idea..today I am in good hands and finally in good holidays with good new friends with disabilities!
From that moment I do not remember very well of everything.
I put myself in the skin of people with disabilities for one day.

so don't worry, be happy ant go for a trip!
I walked on roads that moved with rainbows that were drawn at each of my steps.
I walked through paths where the trees shone, the leaves looked like sunflowers turned to me, smiling as if I were their sun.

At one moment I crossed the frontier of Wonderland, the lane I was crossing began to deepen, the houses twisted, the sky was darkening and filled with shooting stars,
The bricks were detached from the walls and traveled in the air like a horizontal tetris!
I found myself in a scene of Tim Burton ..

I do not know where I am but I see standing lamps with warm light, the luminous intensity of the atmosphere varies (gradient) as if there was a power supply problem, the bright halo on the floor flashing like If there was another problem of false contact (as in horror movies) .. it would seem impossible to me, incredible to have a bright lamp, an ambient light intensity that varies and a halo that flashes at the same time .. here is the border of darkness!

As "Dan Fortesque" visiting the "sleepy village" in the PlayStation game "Medievil" ..
I try to travel this village but impossible!
I feel like advancing like a snail!
Two solutions:

    1-  this village is actually very deep
    2- I walk like a one-legged zombie!

i probably seen a lot of other incredible things. but when i writing now for you, theses are the bests i remember ( i live them on every sentences =D )

The effects began to fade, I managed to cross this damned zone of darkness. ( damned but pretty..special... i don't know ! ).
At this moment a police car crosses the street at full speed, with flashing pink lights!
I felt the need to express myself by shouting.
"Yeahhh, I love the policeman in pink, it's like a prostitute bar on wheels!".
The girls ask me to shut up, look me wrong.. they take us on the last play of the day.
on a square facing a cathedral.
( Personally I do not remember having played the other game today ..)

I begin to understand what I am told and to express correctly.
I even arrive at their normal appearance and explains to them all that has just happened to me!
They laugh a long time and smile at me answering: it is not a problem we are accustomed with disabled people!
b) grey return to reality
I join the earth when a man accosts me, a beer in my hand, and asks me if this is the first time I come to Amsterdam?
- Yes I came to animate a group of people.
- do you like Amsterdam?
- yes, but it s difficult to find my way
- it's because you're taking drugs! Do you take drugs? (He looks at my eyes!)
- (my mind makes me security warning) no lol it s for crazy people! It's just the first day I visit and all the streets seem to me the same.

He explains to me that there is a center and that all the streets of the city were built concentrically around, with from time to time a canal to serve the old shops.
Then he start on
-the drugs are illegal here as everywhere, they are just tolerated under certain conditions because it brings money back to the state.
But being drugged or possessing drugs on the street could put you to jail.

(I think it's a cop ...)

he continue
- Many young people are moving drugs from here to the borders, if we stop them here we confiscate drugs in most cases.
But if they get arrested outside it's worse!
- de de deee do do dooo... da da da daaaa...
(He speaks, I am absent, I think to appear normal)
- ho yeah ... yeah yeah yeah ... good .. hum good .. (saying yes as if I was participating in this conversation)
(he has a headset with microphone and spring wire!)
(Shit he is a policeman dressed in civilian clothes!)

He insists on the laws and say goodbye and good journey. And then he touches his earpiece and hurried away elsewhere!

The girls do not come back either!
it is a policeman in civilian clothes!

On this time the others groups arrived on the place, my jealous girlfriend not want talk to me because i took the hand of other girls...
it is the end of the activities, we returned to the hostel.

We drink a glass and go round the bars! I'm hungry! Very hungry I eat like three! ( my girlfriend is in another group far fro me)

And nightfall when everyone goes to sleep I tell the bartender (owner of the hotel) how this experience was amazing! Without recounting all that I have told you.

(Because I think it does not interest him, he just wanted to open my mind) but I explain to him how this changed my perception of the world, the wonderland or the darkness, the way I thought, and Other things he would have liked to hear from my experience

at the end of his opening hour he answer me
"tomorrow at 9 there are new clients, place your luggage downstairs on the cave and go buy a isotherm bottle,
and before to take your luggage to go home you can take ice here to put on it"
c) the light before to go
i sleeped on the ground (girlfriend not want to sleep with me -_-')
The next day, I order my room, go down my luggage and my girlfriend's, the others leave for Rotterdam (yeah a half week to Amsterdam and a half week to Rotterdam).

We took the day to find an isothermal bottle and speak the history to my girlfriend, we took advantage of the city for two then we returned to the hotel!
I pass to the bar, the barman was no longer the -_- '.
A girl replaces him. I told him that the owner told me that I could take ice in my bottles before taking my luggage "downstairs".
She smiles, give me the cubes of ice.
I say to my girlfriend that I go looking for the luggage, I go down, take the luggage.

Arrived at the cellar I see pass Hindu, i give him a thank you and ask him if i can take a picture of the elephant.
he say yes and take place back to me while i take the shoot!

"heres a gift" (a ziplock bag with 5 seeds of peyotes, a little 10 seeds of peruvian torch and a 5ml syringe of pan spores!)
"put it on the ice for the trip"

me - (eyes brigh) thank you but .. how it works? is it easy?

he - not easy but not hard, reed a lot, prepare a lot and try your own experience, its not as hard as you think! but read a lot!
me- ok... thank you very much.. and good bye (difficult to left but my girlfriend is waiting -_-')

I spent the rest of the week to visit the naval museum of Rotterdam with the others, this time in the skin of animator.
And also to find ice to add in my bottle!
4) bright comedy
At the end of the week we went home and I started reading a lot!
I planted my peyotes and my trichos ... the peyotes are dead, my trichos have pushed.

Then I began to read about P. cyanescence.
My first tests failed ... (I confused psylocybe azurescence with panaeolus cyanescens)
And all the info I read was unreliable or outdated.
a) monster!
after i read a lots of topics, i prepared some experiences and i started 3 liquid cultures
then i started 6 pf cakes and 4 grain jars but only one cake gave me 5 grams...
the others get dryed or contaminated with green mold cobweb and wet spot... yes the grain too (wet spot)
i returned to my LC and damn shit! 2 get contaminated too!
i used the third to remake some mycelium on agar but the mycelium of the third looks like dead, he dried on agar and nothing growed
b) finding help of god "Batu"!
six month later i bought a "Batu" replica, some candles and incense.. i cleaned up a tent for pray and luckily i keeped some spores in my syringe!

i inoculate 1cc and during 7days i prayed a lot
1 mont ago i have got some mycelium growing, but before make new errors, "Batu" tell me i need help from gods of shrooms...

I tried for near a year, I had time to discover the problems of liquid culture, grain jars, green mold ... wet spot ... cobweb ...
And also the time to depress seeing my syringe come to an end ... and that's where I turned to you! yes you the shroomery gods!

It took me a year to tell me I needed help! (As my psychiatrist says "recognizing it is the beginning of healing")
And it took me a month to start inoculating beautiful cakes with a nice juice of agar-mycelium! With your help!

This is how I became in love with mushrooms!
(And surgical cleanliness)
(And precision of operation)
(And a procedural way without shortcuts)
(And more .. and more ...)

thank you shroomery gods!

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