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4g Dried Cubensis

Overwhelming mid-dose experience

Hello all!

The previous weekend I decided to ingest 4 grams of Psilocybe Cubensis on an empty stomach at around 9am on Saturday. This was to be the most I've eaten so far. I've previously had 3 experiences around 2g-2.5g and they where a little underwhelming. A month ago I tried 3.5g and that was a lot more intense. I would like to mention I was alone in my flat when all this happened.

I won't go into the details too much, but it suffices to say the trip was very visually impressive and at the same time quite introspective (It has given me a lot of insight on inner struggles I've been dealing with, how to help my friends with their problems, etc.)
Then around 2.5 hours in, something weird happened. My thoughts started shifting towards the spectrum of feelings a human being can express. Out of this my mind seemed to obsess over the fact that some humans choose to show hate towards other humans. I simply could not comprehend at that time how a being could show hate to another being that has co-evolved in harmony in the same environment. After several minutes of inner conversation I got very emotional and started crying for maybe 5-10 minutes. I pulled myself together and waited. I started questioning what had just happened.
About 3 hours and 20 minutes into my trip, I started feeling very antsy, I was unsure what was going on; I was questioning my sanity (over the previously experienced episode); I wasn't sure who I was; I wasn't sure what was going on; I realised I still had about 3 hours to go and a little panic set in;  I started questioning whether this was a mistake, threw all I knew about LD50s out the window and got very uncomfortable for maybe 5 minutes.
I noticed that my eyelids became very heavy and it was like I was being forced to close my eyes. Out of fear of going unconscious, I tried to stand up and move around a little to wake up. I lost balance and fell onto the floor (I didn't get hurt). I started sweating quite intensely and removed my jumper. I realised I had to get up, and I after a few seconds, I was able to push myself up to the bed and simply collapsed onto the mattress.
Not having my jumper on, and being sweaty, I realised I was getting cold, so I tucked myself under the duvet and tried to relax.

After 10 minutes, I managed to fully relax and accept the warmness of the duvet. I was hit with endless love and plenty of CEV hallucinations (flying through space, a feeling of oneness and harmony, a feeling of balance). I was in this semi-conscious state (I would open my eyes slowly from time to time) in a sea of hallucinations for maybe another 1-2 hours (I didn't perceive this as sleep, it was more of an in-between-state).

Weirdly enough, I woke up at 6:30pm, as if from a regular nap, and carried on with the rest of my evening. I couldn't tell when the trip had ended or whether I simply fell asleep.
The experience was beautifully overwhelming and it has made me appreciate and respect the mushroom more.

HOWEVER, I was wondering if anyone else went through the same sleepiness problem? I know higher doses can make you quite drowsy to the point where trying to move is unwise. For me, however, it was a very distinct feeling of going asleep. Is that something that happens? And if so, should you let it happen? I've heard mushrooms don't exactly like to be told what to do (as they have shown me when I tried to get out of my bed haha). I guess to sum my question up, is it more likely that after eating 3.5g and above, you will get an urge to close your eyes after a while, and the rest of the trip continues with your eyes closed? Or is it just as common to eat 7g of Cubensis and have your eyes opened for 100% of the trip. I would hate to eat 5g of shrooms, trip for 3 hours and then pass out and not remember much hehe.

Many thanks <3 

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