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Weird freak out 3.8 grams of penis envy


For some odd reason in a trip I had with my friend I was all good then apparently I just started saying I'm trapped in the everything and poured water onto my self and was saying we must die which then I started to spit on the floor and my friend thought I died then I got up and was talking to my friend where I thought he was a hive mind and got sucked into a hive mind of people and all in all one I started to come down I felt better than before I  tthink that the trip was just my self telling me to take a break cause this week I've tripped every other day on either shrooms or Lucy or both and every ttime there was moment where I'd be on the verge of a breakdown. It was scary but at the same time very comforting. On a side note the question mark is awesome!

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