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65mg 4-AcO-DMT

Not for beginners

Hello Shroomery!

I did a 65mg dose of 4-AcO-DMT a while ago...I did it alone in a dark room, and listened to The Dark Side of The Moon (which i hadn't listened to for at least 8 years) to help me get past the 2 hour come-up, which has always been difficult for me. Listening to beautiful music, the visuals started to manifest. At first i saw blobs of colour, but in the course of about 15 minutes the visuals were 3d (or trisuals as i like to call them) and multicolored, with complex shifting and "breathing" geometric constructions that i kept zooming in to only to discover that the initial geometric construction was made out of infinite more geometric constructions, exactly like a Mandelbrot set zoom in. All these beautiful colorful geometric trisuals and i couldn't enjoy them because of a sense of impending doom. After the album had ended, things got really weird...i had started to forget why living is good. I couldn't remember what reality was like and for some reason that thought tormented me for about an hour. I guess i still have a problem letting go, or is it natural for the first two hours to be difficult on high doses? If the answer is letting go, i have to work on it... Around 1:30 hours into the trip, i decide to turn on the lights and go drink water. I saw my cat on the floor looking at me and although he was standing quite still, he had tracer visuals all around him and his black streaks were slithering on his body. I lie down again and turn off the lights. It is now unbearable. I feel like dying and even contemplate suicide (although i believe i'd never do it). I finally decide to call my friend to come help me out and prevent me from doing anything stupid and it feels like ages had passed before he arrived. Once he came i asked him if living is good, some nonsense about distorted realities and if i'll be normal again. He started speaking reason into my thick skull and it all became clear. I was is absolutely no danger whatsoever and i already knew that, but i obviously also needed to hear it from someone sober. I have known this dude for about 5 years now, and he is my best friend...strange thing is, from the minute that he walked into my home till the come-down, he wasn't exactly my friend, he was a personification of my left brain hemisphere. I felt like i was seeing a person who was actually the left part of my brain (because the left part is responsible for logic, order, facts. schedule etc.) and i thought to myself: Is this what mentally ill people experience when they see imaginary peeps or hear voices (given the fact that they are in good terms with their voices/imaginary people)? Because if this is what being crazy is like, it ain't so bad! At some point, after a few joints, i suddenly realized that everything is a joke. That nothing i do matters and we're all just a small fart in the cosmic scale. Maybe i should lay off the Rick&Morty for a while... Anyways, after that realization i calmed down, enjoyed the remaining trip, listened to some nice music and had some nice beers and joints outside in my garden. Overall a really good trip, even with all the grimey 2:30 hours in the beginning, because how can you experience and appreciate the good without experiencing the bad?.  I let out a lot of built-up steam during the trip, gained a +10 confidence boost and a +2 knowledge cloak and 250xp. Not bad. 10/10 will certainly visit this dungeon again when the time is right.

Thank you for your time and may good vibes come your way!

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