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The Night I solved the mystery of the Universe

7 Gram Psilocybin Dose

Ok so last summer I had the most mind blowing, life changing fantastical magic trip of my life so far. I ground up 7 grams of the best cubes I've ever found. I hadn't planned on having a full on Level 4 trip but after doing mushrooms several items in a short period of time the last of which being 3 days prior I knew that in order to have a decent trip( 3.5gram like trip) I would need to up the dose to fight off the tolerance. I found a tolerance calculator which stated in order to get at 3.5 like trip if I had done them 3 days before I would need to dose 7 grams.....Yeah the thing is it just doesn't work that way as I was soon to find out.


I dosed with a good friend of mine who only dosed 2.5 grams but even his mind was blown.

The trip starts like every trip starts with me I feel the onset butterflies and then I head down to my bedroom where I close my eyes to allow the shrooms to consume me and dissolve/dimish the ego and I breakthrough into that fantastic state.  Now normally when I would close my eyes I would normally see mostly blackness maybe some slight glowing CEV but not this time. This time closing my eyes was like closing my eyes in this dimension only to open my eyes to another dimension where Clowns are showing all kinds of wonderful sacred geometry objects which are expanding and shrinking, I just stay cool and remain indifferent to what I am seeing, it doesn't seem to matter with shrooms I always seem to feel comfortable no matter how intense the visuals and mind effects are.  After about 30 minutes I realize I shouldn't just leave my friend unattended so I head upstairs feeling an extreme body stoning effect and knowing that I'm about to have one of the most mindblowing trips of my life. I look at my friend and his spikey hair is turning into long vines which are growing and reaching up for the ceiling. I try to go onto my laptop and pick a song but the screen just keeps getting brighter and brighter to the point that I can't make out any details at all.  The green paint from the walls in the living room now appears to have been stripped off and is floating through the air, all the pictures having become fully animated and appear to look like videos.


I eventually do figure out how to get some tunes going, I head downstairs to where I have a black and white checkered floor, It is now becoming fully elevated in sections and appears to have LED lighting around each tile which are sliding over each other, was very much like the Billy Jean music video. I go to the bathroom and the bubbles in the toilet appear to have faces in them which are trying to communicate. I then head back upstairs and throw on Eric Clapton's From The Cradle Album, the album sounded so different and amazing and made me laugh for some reason the sheer euphoria I was feeling was unlike anything else I have experience in life I was so fucking happy I just kept dancing around my living room admiring the musical genius that is Eric Clapton. My friend however is not doing so good says he was freaking out and wanted to try and sleep it off. While he tried to sleep( Yeah good luck) I called my sister to tell her how much I love her and how I don't tell her that nearly enough( Another reason I love Shrooms as they always want to emphasise to love your family and friends and not be afraid to tell them this) . At some point I start feeling like I am hearing my friends thought's some of which were odd and weird and perhaps were just my imagination but didn't feel like it literally felt like I was hearing him speak even though he clearly wasn't. At some point I start feeling some huge life altering event is going to occur and somehow it's related to Eric Claptons From The Cradle album and I was hearing a calling to head down to the beach which is at the end of my road( Live in Victoria, BC) I say to my friend " Mike we need to go down to the beach and see the Moon and the Stars!!"  His response " Kenny I don't think I can do this right now"

I'm like " Nonsense man, you just need to not fight it and except the changes, Life is amazing!!" eventually he agree's, I take my phone with me and continue to play the From the Cradle album on our way down to the beach, dancing all the way down the street. At some point my friend runs away and apparently just went home. I'm ok with it am having such a good time it didn't change my trip at all I just felt bad for him( psychedelics aren't for everyone I guess) Now this is where things start getting very intense and magical and unexplainable. I have this overwhelming feeling that I've changed something and something significant is about to happen or has happened, in my head I'm convinced that I don't even need to tell my friends via a phone call they would already psychically sense what is happening and they were on my way to the beach to celebrate whatever it was.  I make one stop at a friends house who lives down the street to tell him to come to the beach, but he wasn't down( Confirmed the next day that this event did occur) anyways this is around 10:30pm, I then get down to the Beach and stare up at the stars and then that's when it happened, I had disovered something so huge it was godly and would change not only the world but the universe as a whole, It meant that there was infinite abundance for everyone, no one would need to work shitty jobs, there would be no world hunger, there would be no wall street as the abundance somehow wasn't connected to monetary system, but it did mean we all could live in huge mansions and live the high life for the rest of our lives. In my mind I had received a call from my sister who apparently was aware of the discovery" Kenny, do you realize what you have discovered, of everyone there is in this world it was you that has changed the universe forever" I knew somehow that it wasn't just me that had discovered this but me, Eric Clapton, Einstein somehow and also viewing into space.

It not only meant I would get to meet Eric Clapton but that he would be just as excited to meet me as it was a joint discovery. It meant that my lonely days were over and that I would now be able to get any girl I wanted( yeah still some ego there lol). I start hearing cheering from the inner harbour of Victoria, cars are honking on their horns, people in their homes are flicking their lights on and off in celebration. There's a real feeling that the world will never be the same and that I'm being watched as I celebrate and dance all the way down the street to my house( Still playing the From The Cradle album of course) I get into my yard and yell at the top of my lungs " YEAH SO THAT HAPPENED!!!!" .  I continued on with my dance party, attempted to wake up my roommate to tell him the news but he wasn't home. At one point I start thinking for sure reporters are going to show up at my door and want to interview me and I was prepared to tell them if they did " Hey guys, you don't need to do this, you're free just go and live your lives and be happy!!!" .

In my mind I was so sure this was all so real, at one point I turn on CNN to hear them talk about the news, but for some reason they are just discussing the stupid upcoming election...I thought they just don't know yet in time It would be the biggest headline in history. I then collapse back into my bed with the biggest smile I think I've probably ever had and just embrace the sheer bliss I am feeling.....an hour goes by I try to remember what the discovery was and am having trouble remembering, but remembered my sister confirming the discovery via a phone call and could discuss in the morning to confirm. Another two hours go by I'm listening to the Joe Rogan podcast( My favorite) and then I realize unfortunately none of this occurred...at least not in this dimension lol. I was very disappointed at this but the long lasting residual benefits of that trip lasted months.


It most likely will remain my most intense, fantastic and magical trip of my life.


I love you Psilocyin so very very much.



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