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~28g Fresh Golden Teachers

A Wonderful First Shroom Experience

    ~28 Grams Fresh Golden Teachers - A Wonderful First Shroom Experience

     Hello all! I'll start off with a little background info: 

     I tried shrooms once before, however, it was a truffle that contained somewhere around 1.1g, and unfortunately the person I was with was at the time (and I didn't realize), was extremely inebriated and didn't explain how it would be or to just enjoy it and he passed out soon after we ingested them. I only really remember giggling pretty loud and feeling happy and just a slight distortion of my point of view, kind of like I was looking at everything from an extremely sharp high angle. Then I proceeded to fall asleep. So technically this is a trip report of my second shroom trip but to me it's what I consider my first real shroom trip. I've also done LSD a handful of times, up to two and a half hits of really good stuff. 
          So anyway here goes:
     I was pretty nervous going into it, only because my good friend kept telling me not to compare it to LSD, that it wouldn't be the same, that you lose touch with reality more, so on and so forth. He wasn't trying to scare me away from it, quite the opposite he was excited for me to try them just didn't want me to be expecting an acid trip when it was going to be noticeably different. Well I figured that if I could handle a pretty intense acid trip then I could handle somewhere near three grams of shrooms my first time. Having searched Shroomery forums and learning that a fresh dose needs to be 10x more than a dried one, I weighed out a little over 27 grams of fresh picked golden teachers. I washed them down with three capri suns around noon and then set up outside in my back yard. 

    I had my crayons and coloring books, and a chill playlist with some Tribal Seeds, Rebelution, Nirvana, some trap music, etc. going on a pretty good quality speaker. It was a bright sunny and extremely humid and beautiful day, so I just listened to the music and sat outside playing with my cat and just relaxing until I came up. I'd say about 20-40 minutes later I started to color when I started to feel the effects. At first it just felt like I'd taken a bong rip or two of some really potent green, and I guess colors were brighter by a little but not quite as bright as I'd expected/hoped for them to be. The panda that I was coloring looked so happy to me, and I started to giggle quietly to myself, thinking that by me coloring I was bringing him to life, he was no longer just a picture on a page but a happy panda full of color and life. I suppose it was about an hour after I ingested them that I had to go inside and use the restroom. I nearly fell over on my ass when I stood up, because I had definitely lost about 80% of my balance. I stumbled inside, and started laughing. My roommate is a wedding planner so she had a bunch of tiki torches and bamboo chairs and other wedding stuff stacked up near the bedroom I was trying to get to with the bathroom in it. I started laughing as I stumbled all over the place and was having an adventure climbing over the stuff. 
     My roommate knew I had eaten the mushrooms and laughed, asking how I was doing. I started laughing because she was laughing and replied that I was doing great, that the mushrooms definitely work and " I think I'm starting to feel it..." she replied "Yes, I think you are," and laughed some more. I made it to the bathroom and couldn't tell if the shower curtain was moving or not, and the grooves on the paint on the wall were swirling around in a really cool geometric pattern. Washing my hands felt really cool, like my hands were super slippery from the get go and the water just felt so cool and refreshing. I looked at myself in the mirror and just remember thinking that I was so happy with the way I looked, that I actually thought I was really cute. I deal with self-esteem issues so this was huge for me. 

      Anyway so I made it back outside and continued to color, I was really having fun just coloring and listening to music and being outside under the trees. There are some kudzu type leaves growing on one side of my fence and they seemed to be bobbing along to the beat of the reggae music and it seemed like they were so happy and alive and just having fun dancing. My panda on the page seemed to be breathing with life, and glowing. The hallucinations overall were different from LSD in the sense that I feel with LSD things swirl around and breathe a lot more, and with shrooms it seemed I had to be looking at one certain thing like my phone for things to be moving incredibly. The music sounded soooo amazing though, like I was hearing every little sound every little part of the song, even though I'd listened to all these songs many times before it was as if I was hearing them all for the first time in such a spectacular way. "Moonlight" by Tribal Seeds was particularly wonderful. I also had a couple Trap Nation remixes of songs on the playlist, my favorite of which is the remix of "Down Let Me Down" by The Chainsmokers and it sounded so cool words can't really describe. I was drinking a lot of water because it was hot and I remember thanking the water, and thinking about how it was so cool that water just went into you to help you and then came out again, and the whole concept of drinking water turned into this spiritual kind of idea of water just flowing through you to help you then exiting you to help something else. It was weird but made complete sense at the time. I also remember at one point I went inside to use the bathroom again and said a few words to my roommate and it felt like forever but when I went back outside the same song that was playing when I left was still playing and I was like "What the fuck, it's still the same song?!" My sense of time was definitely off.  

     At one point a plane flew overhead, as I live really close to an airforce base, and I remember it just looked really awesome flying by. Well I finished up with my panda and really wanted to call someone, and invite them to do shrooms with me because I was lonely I think. Still happy and giddy, just really wanting someone to experience this with me. I called my good friend whose birthday was that day but she was busy so I just left a voicemail, which the concept of a voicemail just seemed weird at the time. I debated calling a different good friend who I usually called when I was tripping on acid but I decided against it and decided to call my sister. The letters on my phone were doing an intense wave, and my phone screen is cracked pretty bad and there are black spots all over my screen from the fluid leaking and I'm sure this contributed to the intense hallucinations I was having while looking at my phone. There were little squares and all different shades of colors dancing all over my phone screen along with the letters moving in a wave--it was pretty intense and awesome. 

     When my sister answered she said she was with my four year old nephew who is such a little sweetheart, and I got super duper excited to talk to him. He sucked on a pacifier for a bit too long, so he has a cute lisp and he just sounded so adorable and it was making me laugh really hard. Then he started being silly, I think because I was laughing so hard and he asked me "Auntie, do you want to put an egg in your underpants???!!!!" and I literally laughed so fucking hard that I had tears rolling down my face. I then talked to my sister and told her that I was on shrooms and that I wanted her to come do some with me, so she agreed to come over after she dropped off my nephew in a little while. 

     Well like I said previously it was really hot and humid outside and I noticed that I was sweating a lot so I decided to pack up my stuff and come inside. I brought all my stuff inside but then decided I wanted to smoke some green because I was starting to get a little nauseous so I headed back outside (I don't smoke inside out of respect for my roommate who is really chill just hates the smell), with my hand held bubbler full of a pre-packed bowl. I was really thankful that I had done that, because I felt like loading a bowl at that point would've been really messy and I probably would've wasted a lot of green because my hands were shaking a little bit, and my balance and depth perception was still really off. I took a couple good rips, and when I was hitting the bowl it looked like my hands were huge in comparison to the bubbler, like it was so tiny in my big 'god' hands. At this point I think I felt kind of spiritual, kind of out of my body but like I was bigger than everything at the same time. The nausea had subsided so I decided that I would probably appreciate it later if I saved the rest of the little bit of weed I had for when I wasn't tripping because I need it for my anxiety. 

     I went inside and my roommate was about to leave, and was trying to talk to me about letting her dogs out to use the restroom, and making sure that I was careful not to forget them, etc. However, I was having a hard time paying attention to what she was saying because another laughing fit hit me all of a sudden and I was laughing so fucking hard again, at nothing, but at the same time trying to reassure her that I wouldn't lose her dogs or hurt myself or anything but just in case, and it probably wasn't a bad idea, she took both my pocket knives with her. So she left and I put some Dirty Heads on the T.V. and turned it up pretty loud, and started to rave. It was unbelievable!! My hands looked elongated and rounded, and as if they were literally just flowing in and out of each other with each move and I was just singing along and so happy and high at this point I didn't feel like I'd ever come down. Seeing the dogs wag their tails brought me extreme joy, and made me laugh hard again. Even though there wasn't actually a music video on the T.V., it was just a picture of The Dirty Heads all standing beside each other I could've sworn they were in the room with me. It's kind of hard to explain, like I didn't see them standing in front of me or anything but I swear talking to them (and I might have), would've seemed completely normal because they just looked so real and life like and there was this smoke just swirling all around the T.V. screen around them. 

    Well I was pretty sweaty from being outside and then from dancing/raving/shuffling so I decided to take a shower so I got naked and was chillin in a towel on the couch because I got distracted. My cat jumped up and laid on my chest and I remember she looked so cute and funny that it sent me into another giggling fit. At that point my sister called me, asking if there was a way I could go over there because she would have to take a cab (neither of us have cars), and she was tight on money so I decided I would ride my bike over there because her place isn't that far from mine anyway. I started getting ready to go to her house, weighed her out some mushies and put them in my backpack along with a couple other essentials. I realized that I was actually pretty coherent at this point, and remembered to pick up my dirty clothes and completely clean up after myself and put on a decent outfit to ride my bike in whereas on acid I remember going to the park in a pair of bright pink spandex that you could see the outline of my underwear in and a lacey bra that was showing through a loose tank top. Yeah, not the most park appropriate clothes so I was glad to have been coherent like that at that point. Anyway, so I was still stumbling around so getting my bike from the kitchen where it was and over all the wedding stuff to the front door was quite the task, and I nearly fell and busted my ass but somehow made it out the front door. I even remembered to take my roommate's dogs out and make sure my cat had food before I left.

     I put in my headphones and started my little playlist of some tracks from Stick Figure's Set In Stone album and started my bike ride. AMAZING is such an understatement!!! Riding a bike on shrooms, especially on a beautiful day is one of the best experiences of my life so far. The entire time I didn't feel fatigued at all, I felt almost as if I was floating and soaring through the air, and it just felt like all the people I saw were such good people and I wanted to wave and smile to everyone but I didn't wave, just had a smile plastered to my face the entire time, and I was singing quite loud I think. 

     I do remember specifically reading in a trip report that cars would look rounded and plastic, and they really did. It wasn't really disturbing like the other person had described, just kind of funny like people were driving toy cars around. I remember at point I felt so happy and uplifted that even though I was being very careful to look for cars, I felt that if I got hit by a car and died that it would be ok. Like dying on shrooms would be the way to go because I was just so happy and relaxed and convinced that life was good and beautiful and that my energy would just flow on and on. 

    I got to my sisters house and by this time I was coming down. Still happy and giddy but definitely not as intense as before, and the hallucinations were to a minimum. My sister let me in and she was finishing filling out some paperwork before she ate the shrooms. She has a lot of posters on her walls, ones from Supernatural and The Avengers and the posters looked awesome. It was as if each poster was a window to the universe of the show that the poster was from, and kind of like The Dirty Heads on the T.V. they just seemed real. My sister was making silly noises and doing stupid things to make me laugh and even though I was coming down I went into yet another laughing fit that had tears rolling down my cheeks. I also talked to my sister about reincarnation and that it really all made sense: that at first population increase didn't make sense to me with reincarnation because if it was the same amount of energy then why would there be more humans but then I realize it did make sense because whereas back then there were plants and wildlife all over where cities are now. The energy back then was going back into the plants but when we started cutting them all to make cities and roads then the energy had to go to making more humans instead of more plants and wildlife. This actually got my a little down thinking about it. 

    Well my sister finally finished with her paperwork and ate her mushrooms, and as she came up I was coming down, and actually I was starting to get a bad headache. I won't talk much about what happened with her trip, because it was a sad yet profound learning experience for her. Anyway eventually she was ok and we laughed a lot together before I rode my bike home, and for the rest of the evening I just had this off feeling, kind of like I always do when I come down from LSD. I feel kind of sad, mainly just sad because it was over I think and just felt weird-ish the whole rest of the evening. The headache got worse, and my head was actually pounding until about 2 o' clock the next day. However I don't care, I have no regrets and had the time of my life and look forward to doing higher dosages in the future! 

   Thanks For Reading!

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