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Magic Mushrooms Zamnesia
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The Longest Night Of Our Lives...

Loves, Laughs, and a Creepy Closet...

The first time I've ever tripped, let alone on some Magic Shroomies, took place 2 years ago with my best friend inside his house, who I shall refer to as B. I've remembered almost every detail ever since. To give you an idea of our setting at that time, he'd been living on the corner of a shady neighborhood in what I thought looked like a crackhouse split between 3 other people - a drug-addicted couple with relationship problems,  and a  crazy man that'd come out of his room every once in a while to yell absurdities into nothingness. Additionally, it was also located right by a cemetery for extra spooky points! The day started rather well, we had planned to equally split money between shrooms and some herb and things were going rather well. That is, until our shroom dealer went to work instead of dropping off the goodies first... With disappointment filling our hearts and an unfortunate potential 6 hour wait for the shroom dealer ahead of us, my friend lost his patience along with hope and bought extra herb with his cut. By the time the shroom dealer came by with 5g's, the sun had begun to set as our faces and spirits rose. Looking onward to the definition of regret that riddled B's face, I split the dosage and we both took 2.5 grams each. In preparation for the trip, we'd eaten nothing prior but greens and chip snackage. 


(T + 00:15) It's 15 minutes into the trip now, I don't feel too much different... We'd orally ingested the mushrooms. This is my first experience with psychedelics, I didn't know what to expect or what to do, but the spirits were incredibly high as we had both went into this trip with low expectations and a great mood. Even the anxious feeling that set in T+00:30 had barely been noticeable, overpowered by our joyous emotions. The only downside was that there was literally nothing to do in B's room - no TV, no wifi, nothing but 2 guys in a somewhat messy room with his 2 lovely pet ferrets.

(T + ~00:50) By now, I had begun to feel a tingle in my stomach that worked its way throughout my entire body. It felt like my body, from head to toe, started to internally vibrate down to a cellular level. The lyrics of the song I was playing (Kottonmouth Kings - Mushrooms) flowed like a river, and erupted into my ear like an orgasmic volcano. Overwhelmed by this new sensation, I took the headphones out of my ears to see if it was real. Never before had I thought there was a substance, other than weed, that could make music sound so incredible! And it did so better than the herb! I was amazed, and quickly turned to my friend to let him listen. I played the song from the headphones, and to my astonishment, the music filled the room as if it were playing from the phone's speaker itself. Shocked by this, I didn't even hand him the headphones. I just looked over and said, "Bro can you hear it?" in which he replied, "Barely, you're playing it a couple feet away from me from the headphones." Afterwards he listened to it once and told me not to play that song to him again, since it tripped him out so much...

(T + 01:30) This is where the intensity of the trip begins to pick up. I specifically remember going outside and seeing the sun set once again, even though I saw it set roughly several minutes ago. I didn't think too much of it, so I went back inside the house and sat around for a little bit before checking the time. The time seemed just about right, so I sit in a chair chilling a little bit longer, starting to get jittery and energetic. Checked the time again, only a minute had passed. "That felt like the longest minute I've ever gotten through" is all I could think. It was equivalent to when you'd sit through a boring lecture in one of your boring classes that had you constantly looking up at the clock on the wall; time would pass by like a minute was eternity. So I sink into the chair a little bit more and check the time, and something crazy happened... It went from 7:00 to 7:01, back to 7:00!!! It was the craziest thing I'd experience at that point in time. Taking into account what just happened and seeing the sun set twice, I got stuck in a momentary thought loop that had me laid out in the middle of my friend's floor. I got back to noticing my surroundings, and it had caught my eye that the white fluorescent lightbulb in the room gave the entire room an orangish red tint - especially the ceiling, which by now was so wavy that it looked like I was watching a red sea flow throughout his ceiling and end alongside the walls. The walls themselves had intricate patterns moving about them, and from my peripheral vision they looked like facial expressions dancing on the walls.

(T + 03:15) By now the visuals begin to disperse, but the CEV were still rather strong. Not too much happened at this time, since the waves along the ceiling and the walls got my friend anxious enough to turn off the lights and let darkness engulf the room. It's at this moment that my friend and I inadvertently came across a wonderful discovery... We found out that Herb and Mushrooms were a match made in heaven! In just a couple bowl tokes, we were shot back up to our peak and with this much energy flowing through me I opted to walk to the 7/11 around the block. It took him a while to get up but when we finally did, we made our way down the block (which was a long, narrow street with half its street lights out). It was also the most dangerous street around the neighborhood around this hour, and we were both nearly convinced to turn back around that is by some magnificent grace the rest of the street lights flickered back on, lighting our entire way. I put on a song and it was like the Inanimate objects such as the light posts, mailboxes and fire hydrants were all dancing in joy to whatever I was playing. I was so absorbed by this sight that I was lost in our walk, until my friend caught my attention. His walk got even funnier and funnier and soon enough he had me busting a gut laughing because of how he was telling me that it started to feel like an expenditure through the mojave desert. The moment we got into 7/11, everything suddenly snapped back to normal. Silence filled the store like a scene from a suspenseful movie where shit was about to go down. By the time we were getting ready to leave the store, all the sharp edges from everything disappeared, leaving behind a round curvature on everything I laid my eyes on. The retail candy on display at the cashier hopped all around, tempting me to buy this kind! buy that kind! No, buy me! All of it ready to march out the store like a military formation.

After getting home from that seemingly long journey (victoriously eating my snickers), I sit back in my friend's comfortable chair and go into my mind in the darkness of the room. Out from the corner of my eye, however, something peculiar catches my attention... It's a small cabinet visible from my friend's messy closet that I had sat across from. It had begun to rock back and forth gently when it was the center of my attention. I think nothing of it and look away for a little bit. From my peripheral vision, the closet starts acting funny. It erupts in an increasingly violent shaking, only for me to look at it and see that it rocks back and forth ever so gently. This happens 2 or 3 times, until I get fed up with it and stare down the closet. Well, that closet won the staredown for sure. Looking straight down it, the closet's vibration got more and more violent. Barely audible and indescribable whispers started to be heard - I FELT like this closet was talking to me trying to tell me something! I found out only months ago that this feeling is normal and unique only to a mushroom trip to my current knowledge. It stopped when my friends phone broke my focus, and to this day is the most meaningfull and mysterious feeling I've experienced from a trip.

-> ...The Trip Ends Here... <-

After what felt like an entire week packed into a couple hours of the day, it's now 12something approaching 1 and all visuals and cev's have subsided, leaving only euphoria and joy in its wake. B gets a call from one of my incredibly annoying friends to come over, which he responds with yes. Had my friend and I not laughed our asses off incredibly hard cracking on that guy, my comedown would've been ruined. Instead I ended my trip laughing hard enough to puke a lung out and made our friend leave! Man, mushrooms are amazing.

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