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First Shroom Trip Ever

15g fresh Atlantis Truffles Oraly Ingested

16.05.2016 12:00 (T 0)

I am male 29yo, 193cm, 112kg

T 0:00

15g fresh Atlantis Truffles, ingested on more or less empty stomach (a few white butter-cookies).

T 2:30

Vaped some bud.

My GF (Samantha) is a female 26y, 165cm, 53kg

T 0:00

Ate 9g of the same, but it came out again at T 0:20 via vomiting.

T 1:00

Drank 12g worth of ground truffles in about 40 ml 60 degC water as a shot.


Note: I am writing this report after 3 weeks have passed (I have made some notes) and in light of a second shroom trip 5 days ago. (https://www.shroomery.org/13679/Second-Shroom-Trip-went-Bad)

It was our very first shroom trip and we were both rather anxious to go into it.

At T 1:00 gave oral sex to her, fully connected to her but also was "dreaming" here and there - nothing clear, or nothing which made sense to me. Mostly 2D, rather confusing closed eye visuals, rather tiring to look at. It's as if someone just took a lot of the visualization software for techno-music and then cut a visual mixtape which was not well done.^^

Recurring shapes/visuals were eyes. Eyes everywhere. Really.

As for open eye visuals, they were rather unpronounced. - just a few typical psychedelic dots everywhere in the field of view, slightly breathing frames and straight lines. Everything felt less sterile, very organic and often creepy-crawly. It always reminds me of insects. Sometimes edges of my visual perception feel as if insects would be crawling around there - just for a very brief period.

My open eye visual perception were slightly more exaggerated with a green/red-pink psychedelic touch to them. Which made them look a little like bioluminescent mushrooms.

Or maybe like having neon-lamps on the corners so people can see them better and know better what it is supposed to be.

Most pronounced, this effect occurred when I was watching Samantha's face. Before that day I actually was a little turned off to the fact that she has a semi asian look to her, since I only dated caucasians before and it was my general sexual preference, I was trying to fit her into that frame. Until that day she was to me "caucasian girl with asian features", and I didn"t see her true beauty, which then came apparent to me at around T 2:00 - T 3:00 and never, to this day, I can perceive her anymore as "caucasian girl with asian features" but instead as an "asian beauty with a few caucasian features". This was a great breakthrough in my perception for me. I since made her my girlfriend and am madly in love with her.

Oh and sometimes just for a second or so, she appeared like a reptile, and having 4 eyes (a second pair where her  eyebrows are) but when I looked more closely this illusion quickly vanished.

We laughed almost all the time, and felt like 5y/olds. We took like 45min of laughing and debating during online-ordering pizza. We almost didn't manage to do that, then we ordered 3 small pizzas because we could not decide which one was the right one. In the end I ate the ones she chose^^ hahahaha

In general it was a rather tiring experience. Other than the 2c-b, MDMA, and low dose LSD experiences, I had. (I haven't tried more than 110microgram of LSD - which turned out to be a very low dose for me - almost no visuals etc.)

Those felt rather light and easy in general. If I wouldn't do anything on those, I would probably just get chill and have a great mood. On shrooms it felt more like I had to work to keep my sanity and my good mood, since there was always a constant pull which wanted to make the experience darker for me. Both of us resolved to keep the closed-eye time to a minimum and be together and open eyed, since with open eyes there was less darkness and less mental load, and easier to stay in a positive mental state.

Somewhere throughout the experience I had a moment where I was alone in my living room. I sat on a table and took a deep breath and felt really really great looking in my kitchen. It felt like I was consciously witnessing my breath for the first time (or maybe I actually WAS consciously witnessing my breath for the very first time in my whole life!?!?)

It definitely was a great feeling and I felt transcendentally changed.

I asked myself stuff like

Who is this I/Myself?

Who is breathing here?

Then, I saw the bonsai in my kitchen, lost my thought (which happend here and there all the time) and went to look at it. The bonsai, which was rather well cared for, looked like it was drying out in a few seconds and I started spraying it with more water.

Then I saw my hands handling all of this and asked myself

Who is in control of my hands? - where is he?

In general, I was constantly torn to connect to/communicate with Samantha or to stay alone and explore. - which in some way has been the story of my life.

Coming down from the shrooms was great. We took a walk and felt really amazing. She was completely clean, while I enjoyed the buzz I got from vaping bud and listening to chill hip-hop music over my noise cancelling headphones. - I really needed that, and the sounds of the world were way too loud for me, even tho I was sorry for her. I really felt the flow tho, really felt like dancing.

After the trip I wanted to trip by myself one day. Please read what happened.


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