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1.75 dried in lemon tea

Best ever, post funeral

My husband and his brother (who is my best friend) and I were supposed to hike on Friday.  Bro came over at 1pm and was feeling down, as was my husband, over their mom's recent death.  It was a beautiful sunny day, 70 degrees, and 2pm.  I had some very fresh (new, just dried) B+ and Penis Envy.  The 3 of us had done them 2x before, both at low does (1g or less) for long, chill afternoons.  I ground 5.5g (caps and stems, maybe 8 shrooms or so) in a coffee grinder and squeezed one lemon on it and added a cup of hot tap water, then made lasagna while we had a beer and chatted.  After 30 minutes, I added more warm water and some honey and divided up the tea.  We chugged it, it tasted good.  Normally it takes about 45 minutes, so we went out on the front porch swing to wait.

Within 10 minutes, we were already high.  We sat there for an hour while the lasagna cooked and by the time I stood up 45 minutes later, we were all having mild hallucinations and Level 2 type color/sound experiences.  Soundtrack: Radiohead, Thievery, and Ray LaMontaigne.  After 90 minutes we went into the back yard, which is very peaceful, has a pond/waterfall, a beehive, and lots of plants.  We sat and chilled with the music and were having stronger hallucinations and really good conversation.  My husband couldn't/didn't want to open his eyes and was loving the 3D kaleidoscope hallucinations on his eyelids.  We each were hallucinating on each other's faces.  We would occasionally wander away and have solo experiences.  In the past, our shrooming has been very solitary with each of putting on headphones.  This was very different and communal, and my husband and his brother had profound experiences overcoming their grief.  It was beautiful.

I felt strong urges to be on the ground.  If I closed my eyes I had insane 3D kaleidoscope hallucinations that threw me into what I can only describe as an hour-long non-sexual orgasm.  I thought I was a caterpillar.  Ray LaMontaigne's voice and lyrics made me cry, I could not get over his talent.  I watched my bees tend to their hive.  I had conversations with my dumb dog.  The 3 of us talked about everything and nothing.  We danced.  We sang.  We told each other why we loved the other.  Time stood still.  I said I never wanted the moment to end.  At one point my husband went in the back part of the yard to lay in the grass and look at the sky.  As I watched him I realized that I have achieved exactly the life I want, and that I could not have done it better.  And that my life is beautiful and that I am blessed.  

Eventually we came down slowly and ate the lasagna.  I had a hard time going to sleep, my mind was in overdrive.  The next day i felt very tired despite sleeping soundly for 7 hours.  I was not depressed the next day but very calm and in the moment.  My husband, who has been struggling with grief and depression, was over it.  He was reborn.  The next day (today) I am still tired and quiet, somewhat down, and not wanting to do much.  My brother in law came over and he too said his grief was gone and that it was the best afternoon of his life.  My husband said it was his best trip.  It was for me too.

Overall, I am somewhat surprised at the intensity (it was clearly level 3) on 1.75gs, but whatever.  They were extremely fresh so maybe that's why.  I seriously can't believe shrooms are illegal.  The world would be so much better if we all did them periodically and became aware of our connection with each other.  

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