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Melting Art, Witches, Entity Contact and The Akashic Records. My First LSD Trip

Liquid Acid/ Unexpected Mystical Experience

Melting Art, Witches, Entity Contact and The Akashic Records. My first LSD Trip:

I took the sugar cube around 8 or 8:30pm in front of a 7/11 while the dealer was right there. After he left I walked in the opposite direction down this street to my Russian friend's house which is pretty much already right there. I go inside to do some weed related business I guess and I still have the sugar cube melting in my mouth and my Russian friend saw this and was just kind of laughing and amused by it and kind of surprised but afterwards after I dropped off whatever it is that I needed to I somehow or other linked up with my other friend near 7/11 who is kind of a tweaker but he's not that bad. He's the one who introduced me to the dealer but the dealer was not fucked up or tweakerish at all. Anyways I somehow or other meet with this tweaker kid who I had been hanging out with in that part of town lately anyways and he was gonna smoke me out behind Vons. It was a really kind of run down scummy looking area that was very bleak and almost like a sewer (it was right near a sewer) with people’s back condo windows behind it and we were sitting on these stairs smoking weed and I was looking at the giant whiteish but dark wall for the whole back of Vons just kind of lumber over me and began to take on an ominous and abstract sort of vibe. The wall also seemed to kind of ripple and look less like a solid wall/surface and more like a liquid but these effects were super super faint and mostly just mental. The real trip hadn't even started yet this was just the creeping up part similar to mushrooms and it's also important to point out that I very well thought that this 'LSD' was total garbage. I didn't think real LSD was even around anymore. I had taken tons of “acid" in the past but it was all bunk or weak crap so I thought that's how this would be but I soon found out I was wrong. 

After a while of smoking weed and weird creeping up vibes (this is only 15 -20 minutes after I took the hit) we left the back of Vons and shut the gate behind us and my tweaker "friend" dips out on me and says he has to leave like he always does so we head in opposite directions and I head up towards my neighborhoods in the more suburban part of town still having the feeling in my mind that this 'acid' wasn't real acid. I mean it was only $10 a hit so how could it be? I've bought 15 -$20 hits in the past that were complete crap. So why would this stuff be different?
The next thing that happened though really threw me off guard. I crossed the street to walk up this hill back to suburbia and then this motorcycle zooms right past me while I'm on the sidewalk and it's on the street and it was so startling an loud. I didn't physically flinch I don't think but in my head I definitely did and I was thinking wow that was loud and surprising and so I realized at that point I was definitely feeling the effects of the drug whatever drug chemical this is.  
After that though oddly enough nothing seemed to happen and I even took the long way home which was at least another 15 or 20 minutes and I noticed no effects during that time. 
The next thing that happens is I come to the very end of my neighborhood still not at my house and don’t really feel high or anything at least not that I could tell, I didn't even feel the weed but my tolerance was high so I wasn’t really thinking about it. Anyways I didn’t feel like I was on anything or maybe just forgot I was but I’m just sitting on this stone wall in front of these houses texting my OTHER friend who lives down the street from me who is actually like a real friend and he’s the one I trip with the most. I don’t remember if I told him to come out and take this other hit of acid or if I was just seeing what he was doing and if he could hang out but as I’m sitting there (and I swear this happened exactly like in a movie or something) this random pitbull just comes out of nowhere and began inspecting the area I’m around including me and is sniffing all around and then a little while later I stand up and the dog’s owner who is this lady who lives right next to there comes from her driveway and looks very surprised and says “Whoa come here boy (the dog), wow I’m surprised he didn’t maul you or start barking like crazy” and then she starts laughing and this weird vectorial feeling took place in my mind while all these physical motions and events started to happen in this strange order and consistency. She was just very curious as to why the dog wasn’t barking or going crazy. She told me she had seen me around before and wondered who I was and we both struck up what would then be a pretty long and immersive conversation. It first started out with me walking over there and facing her over on the side of her driveway but facing away from her house and her driveway. There was a black gate behind me and a tree on the sidewalk in front of me across from the gate and she was standing in front of the tree and I was facing her direction which was the direction of the dark street. This is when things got crazy.

Something about the lamp lighting from her driveway shining on her and the tree behind her with just darkness behind the tree and the strange mysterious look of the tree itself I got this really dark mythical type vibe and these really fantasy-driven, imaginative, crazy and kind of fantasy inspired delusional thoughts and feelings about her and the place I was at. This developed into visuals as well as altered perceptions of what I was seeing. I started getting feelings and visions that she was some kind of witch or mythological character and I was “trespassing” on her…swamp?…cabin…? In her woods?….I don’t know I was just having the most retarded, crazy, folklorish and eerie thoughts just constantly coming to my mind and not in a psychotic or intense way but I could just feel my imagination running wild and showing itself on my visual perception of her and this setting. It was at this point that I knew this was actual LSD and that it clearly still was around today lol. Put me in a pretty good mood too. That’s also when the trip fully hit me and when I entered pretty much what I consider the real LSD space where nothing seemed normal. Nothing, and it hit me much harder and faster and more sudden than mushrooms ever had. It was like dabbing hash oil vs smoking weed; it just hit me all at once instead of gradually and in an undulating fashion like with mushrooms. 
She seemed very short at one point too when she walked around and made movements and she seemed like a witch/gnome hybrid or mix or something odd like that. Like some kind of mythical or folklorish character or archetype that hadn’t been named yet. She almost seemed to look kind of ogreish in some ways and the way her mouth looked started to change. I remember her hair looked extremely trippy and vivid and seemed really vibrant and glossy and at some points even started changing lengths and texture. It also became clear to me that I was on real shit because I began to view her visually from a nonhuman alien perspective and my whole attitude about what I was seeing was drastically changed and broadened. 
If I hadn't had tried any tryptamines prior to this it probably would have scared the shit out of me and shocked/perplexed me too much to carry on a conversation with someone I had just met. It was very strange being around someone who doesn't know you're on acid either. Especially after lengthy first time encounters. She was smoking a cigarette and the smell was really clear and intense. Despite me tripping the hell out and the acid hitting me for the first time I still carried out a very long conversation with her. We talked for what seemed like hours about what seemed like everything. We talked about alcohol, whiskey, weed, college, music, concerts, the neighborhood, break ins and crime and a bunch of stuff…it was one of the most interesting and wonderful conversations I have ever had with another human being despite the whole eerie, folkloric, Wiccan vibe I was feeling and seeing at first. This eventually changed as we changed positions and new archetypes in the trip started to show as well as the colors. At one point she walked towards the driveway so I’m looking at her standing in the driveway where it’s considerably brighter and more lit up; still talking to her about crime in the neighborhood or whatever and I noticed that everything behind her, on the side of her and in my peripherals all the colors and everything started to look really melty and liquidy. Everything in my peripherals all the colors and objects started to just blend together and it looked like swirled melty colorful paint, it was what I would call ‘psychedelic tunnel vision’. 
This was one of those effects/visuals that most people would probably expect to get from a psychedelic drug. When in reality these squiggly, colorful, artistic lines and fluids are trivial in the context of the experience.  
Even the clearer more intense floral and arabesque patterns I would see later in the trip were somewhat trivial when it came to the main point of the experience. 

I remember at one point I’m standing behind this black gate thing while she’s in the driveway on the other side and the edges of the black bars of the gate began to vibrate and I wanted to laugh at it and point it out because I knew it wasn’t normal and it had to be the LSD but knew I would just look like a werido but man the blackness of the bars vibrating was really cool looking and how my eyes kept changing their levels of focus on certain objects. The architecture there was interesting, it was like this strange black gating on top of this brick wall and with thorny rose bushes and roses behind it the whole area had a semi gothic appeal looking back on it now. Even had a bit of a dark bricky but ecclesiastical appeal or at least it seemed that way. I’d probably appreciate it much more now.
 Eventually her husband popped his head outside (obviously because she was talking to me forever) and to her he was just like…”What are you doing..?” he looked so puzzled as to why she was even talking to me. And she’s like “This is {my name}! He lives in the neighborhood I was getting to know him.” The way he looked physically was…well funny and cartoonish. He literally looked animated in some kind of way or just really surreal and corky like a real life cartoon and felt that he was just another funny unique cartoon character in this world who had something of his own to say whether it was nice or not. He’s a pretty big (fat) guy and at this time he looked just completely round..like literally round and his whole body and his head was just another round sphere on top of this bigger round sphere which was his body. It was just like 2 circles stacked on each other and his slight concernment had me kind of amused and I wanted to laugh at the surreal situation. He tells her something like “well…you should come inside” or something along those lines and I can’t remember how long after that but we eventually part ways and she goes back in or something and I leave to finally go and meet up with my friend to give him the acid because he still hadn’t taken it and I was already knee dip in this experience apparently.

I go walking down my neighborhood to meet up with my friend and don't see any noticeable visuals or anything on the way there probably because it’s dark but he comes out and we're walking and I...can't ...find .. the acid

I can't find it anywhere because it's not in the foil wrapper and I'm kind of freaking out and looking for it on the ground and shit and so is my friend and we don't see it anywhere and then eventually I reach in my flannel pocket and pull out the sugar cube. I started freaking out because it wasn't in the foil like it was supposed to be and was just thinking oh shit what if it went completely bad? But my friend takes it and then laughs saying he was looking for like a 'crack rock' looking thing. He didn't think it would be an actual legit good sized sugar cube. 
After this (it's probably about 9:30pm or 10) we head back by my house then back behind my back yard in this canyon area behind my house and like 40 other houses in the area. A southern Californian deserty verdant/kind of tropical looking canyon with a creek and a few bridges separating the houses from the main trail and the abundance of trees in the middle. But anyways we're just sitting there, in the darkness and he was asking me if I was hallucinating and I said no because at that point in time I wasn't. Even though I was hallucinating up a storm just earlier at this particular time I wasn't and it was just really dark and cloudy. There were no stars out. It wasn't very 'visual' at this time mostly just my attitude and perception towards everything was different, I was smiling like crazy and talking like a fool sort of and it was just more of a feeling than hallucinating. And told him that; that it was more of a feeling and he's just like;
"ya.. It's probably meth"
Because he had this same idea that I previously did which was that real LSD no longer existed and probably thought like me that you couldn't get anything mystical or profound from something even just a little synthetic. 

Eventually one of us or both of us prompt the idea to go to our Russian friend's house I went to earlier down near the 7/11. Or maybe the guy called us I don't remember but we both knew that's where we wanted to be because his house may be kind of shitty and weirdly foreign but his mom didn't care if we smoked weed or took psychedelics so we were down. I assume 10 to 20 minutes later is when we arrived there by walking and when we go inside his place or I guess just that part of town in general the whole vibe of the trip becomes much more upbeat and 'real'. We arrive to his place and sit down in his dining room with the kitchen and living room right there and I’m telling him about how I'm on acid and he's like "haha I know. I saw you take that shit" He then turns the lights on and they both see that my pupils are fucked and my Russian friend's just like "Holy sh...You look like you're on a good one bro.." 
And they both knew psychedelics very well and the way I was looking around at everything along with my pupils they saw that I was actually tripping and my other friend my close friend got happy and started saying "wow I guess I will feel it after all" but I was still kind of worried that my friend wasn't going to feel the acid because it was out of the foil for a bit and it could have lost some of its potency and I expressed this idea to them vocally lol but we all agreed he'll still probably feel it. 
A bit later I see this geography earth science book and on the cover is that classic picture of those sand dunes that you see geologists and geology books reference so much. I noticed how the swirly patterns on the dunes almost matched the swirls in the wood pattern of the table we were sitting at and kept looking at them and comparing the two in awe and both of them saw this and my friend was just like “ya I should be feeling it anytime now.” 

Shortly after this one of the strangest and most unique things that has ever happened to me occurred. It started with me smoking a few bong loads I think and then while they were talking about something I sort drifted off into my own world. I entered a trancelike state that was like nothing else I have ever experienced on any kind of drug. It wasn't like an exotic or enchanted hypnosis/mindfuck like with mushrooms it was instead just..a trance. A classic trance and I don't know how long it lasted because I lost complete concept of EVERYTHING. 
Literally everything around me and ideas about where I was were no longer being perceived and I wasn't aware of my surroundings only my consciousness and I entered this dreamlike state (literally) where I began to very very vividly remember a dream I kept having at that period of time in my life and it involves me in that canyon coincidentally enough and I began to really explicitly feel like I was in that dream again and not just in that dream but in the whole dream world. The whole dream mindset and the whole abstract strange unexplainable feeling of dreams I slowly started to remember. I didn't even fucking know I had this dream let alone multiple times but the LSD somehow made me remember. Like it just put me in this phenomenological trance which then put me into the dream mindset? But I remember how just by entering this mindset and this 'dream' headspace I was somehow able to know and internally confirm that I had remembered details from a REAL dream that I had had that I couldn't remember sober and I was also somehow able to understand that this dream had happened so many times before and that the dream headspace was so strange yet so familiar and so bizarre to be experiencing while supposedly wide awake in your Russian friend's kitchen. Or dining room whatever but it doesn't matter because I had completely forgotten that I was in that dining room there with them I don't even think I knew if I was awake or not. Dreams and dreaming have never been the same for me since this experience. I don't know how long that whole trance or whatever lasted but it couldn't have been that long because when I snapped back to reality in the most sudden and puzzling way ever I saw they were still having a conversation and smoking I believe I turned down the bong for a certain amount of time up to this point. I was no longer interested in anything to do with weed. Apparently my close friend was though because he really wanted to feel the LSD and he figured smoking would boost everything which he was right...
When I snapped back to reality I was stunned. I didn't even think experiences like that were possible.. I had the most intensely puzzled look on my face when I snapped back and realized I was just sitting there staring off into space on the desk not looking at them. After this I look at them and notice my friend who took the acid is now laughing hysterically and talking louder and my Russian friend has to tell him to quiet down because it’s late and his mom was trying to relax in her room or something. I can tell he's feeling it and he can tell too and those bong loads probably intensified it for him like itt did for me.

But anyways after that trance was when I started to kind of see the magic in the substance and realized it was some serious shit. Who knows what's gonna happen next.. Strange to think that this is still just the beginning and my other friend is JUST now starting to feel the acid. This was gonna be a long and crazy night. Little did I know it would only get even more strange and psychedelic. 

I remember they were talking about something and laughing but I wasn't paying attention to them. I was just being high on acid laughing at random things, laughing at essentially nothing really and then they see me laughing and they I guess were talking about some kind of inside joke or something that happened to just them and they thought I was laughing with them just to be cool or something even though I wasn't even listening or paying attention to them I was just laughing at nothing because I was on acid and they tried talking shit haha. I don't know how they forgot I was on acid and that people who are tripping are obviously going to laugh at nothing and I wasn't even listening to their conversation anyways but this didn't occur to them. Not sure if I have explained it to them or not but it just really sort of annoyed me. My Russian friend was actually doing that the whole night, he kept treating us like we weren't on anything or like he somehow forgot that we were tripping. He even mentioned at some point that he forgot. It's probably because everyone who was there was pretty much just experienced with and knowledgable about psilocybin mushrooms and they all take that drug fairly seriously, it seems that it was both of them but now it's just my Russian friend who didn't take acid too seriously. 
My tripping friend eventually did after trying the acid obviously but my Russian friend seems to have a bias against synthetics. He (like us) never dreamed a synthetic could give an experience of cosmic consciousness or really even understand how it could. I don't blame him either but anyways both me and my friend on acid are both very awake at this point, everything is very vibrant and I want to say kind of artistic and perceptual. We both feel very zestful and excited at this point and we’re having a pretty good time. All three of us wax on about philosophies and even some stupid scary subjects like the Russian Sleep experiment. It’s almost like our Russian friend was trying to trip us out or really get our thoughts going which I should have known but had no problem with. He even at one point tried to bring up different LSD myths about people cracking their backs in his house before and having "LSD flashbacks" even though that is not even remotely close to how flashbacks really work and I explained this all to him and whatever. He even tried to bring up some kid who had a flashback and “died because he had a seizure” and I didn’t believe him for one second (obviously because it’s bullshit) and just said “Fuck him, I’m glad he’s dead.” I think I even started laughing after I said that. 

This kind of emotionally bothered my other tripping friend who was still coming up but whatever. The situation would only get more off putting and emotionally striking later down the line he and I just didn’t know this. I remember eventually at some point my friend is fully tripping he’s just staring at the painting on the wall behind me. It was a rustic relief painting that was actually pretty cool and looked pretty creative and semi appealing at the time and I just for some reason decided to be kind of an asshole and say “na..it looks like shit kinda. Just..fake” haha and looking back it really didn’t but I couldn’t help but feel how fake everything man made seemed. The painting and wall seemed very shadowy and alive but also subject to possible distortions. It was a really weird kind of perception. My friend was probably in a whole other stage of the acid trip at this point, he was probably at the eerie mythological swirly colorful stage. I can see artwork really grabbing a hold of your creativity and imagination at that stage but in this new stage I was in I had already gone through that trance and this stage was more clearheaded but my perception of everything was soo different and more ‘real'. Around this time our Russian friend told us to leave the house temporarily like walk around the block or something and come back in a bit and so we did and I remember going outside the feeling I had about myself I felt so primitive and ‘human’ but also like an animal. Hard to explain really but I was just in this very primal fight or flight mindset. Not as intense and as atavistic as the primal feeling from shrooms, this was a little more cartoony and surreal and felt less ‘wild’.  But this primal fight or flight feeling was very clear and there; like anything could happen at anytime whether good or bad and I would have to be front and center to deal with it. I had no more concept of material things or possessions and personal property and I think this is when my ego started to vanish and become small and my vulnerability started to go up. We made our way out of his mini condo driveway area after making a few confusing stops on his property under this large tree. The whole area was very dark and hidden and had a strange but sort of nice vibe. All these different locations gave off such different vibes it was really quite interesting. It ws like LSD was just the magnifier of everything. The giant tree over us looked so weird and different, all the plants and trees did.. My tripping friend was doing something on his phone, we then leave and walk around the main street for a bit then eventually come back to the Russian friend’s place. 
 I don’t remember when exactly this was but at some point we’re at the dining room smoking weed and my other tripping friend is super interested in the weed and by how dank it was. I don’t even remember who’s weed it was. My attitude and the way I looked at weed was definitely different at the time, it was really weird looking at weed but it wasn’t like I was really digging it necessarily. I was just uninterested in weed at the time whereas my other friend couldn’t get enough of it. I remember me and my tripping friend kept having to piss and kept having to go to the bathroom the whole night. I remember going the first or second time and afterwards I looked in the mirror. My tweaker friend told me in the future after this experience that looking at yourself in the mirror while on acid is “the fucking trip of your life”.
 I did look in the mirror and I have done this on shrooms before so it wasn’t too new, it was really only minimally different. I see myself and I have this vibrational higher dimensional alien/hybrid look to my face and my skin and I looked very detailed. I have had this alien/hybrid look to my face before on mushrooms but this felt a little less alien and more vibratory and yea…just like I popped in from some higher dimensional plane temporarily. The bathroom was very dirty but I was used to it and this feeling of looking in the mirror felt so legendary and personal that it made up for the bathroom being dirty. I felt that by looking in this mirror knee deep in my LSD trip it made me feel like I was a part of something that so many other people have been a part of as well. I felt like I was just another participant in this legendary trip or weird dimension. 

At some point when I return back to the dining room table I start looking around the table and this one piece of paper caught my eye. I guess this was a letter…a private letter but how was I supposed to know? It was in plain view along with everything else and not even hidden so why would it be private? I wasn’t even thinking about what it was or might be. The only reason my eyes were drawn to it was because the table was a mess with papers and books but it was the only thing on the table that had cursive writing on it so visually it really stuck out. At least with the LSD mindset.

I can’t even read in cursive so I picked up this letter which I didn’t know was private and proceeded to try and figure out and read or make out even just a few words so I started saying it out loud but not really saying much because I couldn’t read it and then my Russian friend sees what I’m doing and get’s absolutely FURIOUS and tries to fucking punch me nearly…he threw a swing like he was about to punch me but didn’t touch me and he had a really aggressive look on his face. He was holding the bong as well which was pretty funny but as he did this motion he yelled “Whooaaa that’s a private fucking letter man!” and at the same time my other tripping friend is completely thrown off and confused and like "wtf”..he said “whoa” right when my angry Russian friend did and the vibe of everything just went sour and aggressive instantly and I could tell my tripping friend was very surprised and offended by this and he’s definitely not a pussy or anything or a stranger to tripping but I could tell by the look on his face that he had never been in a stressful situation while tripping before. It didn’t play over well with either of them and I was actually the first one to try an calm the situation down and laugh it off. Even though I should have been the most frightened one there I just started laughing and making fun of my Russian friend for that and he admitted it was his mistake and he shouldn’t have done that. He just thought I was mocking this private letter of his and what it said and I had to remind him that that wasn’t it and I was just tripping on acid blah blah blah and he admitted he forgot I was on acid and ya I just kept making fun of him lol pointing out the fact that he tried to punch me with the bong in his hand. Eventually he’s like “whatever” and get’s up and goes to a different room to do something but in a non threatening way. More like a “ehh they’re just tripping on acid” type of way. I can read him pretty well. It’s funny because right after he tried to punch me and tell me it was a private letter I was just laughing in his face because I thought he was joking at the time and just trying to mess with me which I think only made him more angry. I thought he was just trying to trip me out. I just kept saying “Are you joking right now? There’s no way you’re serious..” and he’s like “NO! That’s a private fucking letter”. My other friend was kind of worried lol. Even after my Russian friend said “whatever” and got up and left the dining room my other tripping friend still looked concerned and effected by what had just happened. Meanwhile I was still making fun of my Russian friend/kind of apologizing too and then I get the urge to smoke weed so I just grab the bong and start cracking up as I’m hitting it while my other tripping friend across the table is just…well..adjusting to the situation I guess you could say.   
The whole night my Russian friend kept getting in arguments with his mother and he would look so angry and start turning red. All of his emotions looked exaggerated and my other friend after the trip told me the next day about how he seemed so just overly angry that night and he said he felt like our Russian friend was going to literally explode or something because he was so mad and annoyed with his mom and turning red and shit. Almost shaking too. Russian friend kept explaining how her moody bipolarism and constant bitching is the reason he tokes so much weed. I really started to understand their situation more clearly through all of this intuitive based tripping and watching. He explained how she was just fucking off the wall and she would cause a scene just randomly in the middle of the night to yell at him about socks or something.

Something interesting and kind of crazy was happening this night as well. It was a Friday night and the girl kind of across the street (a different street) on the right side was having a big party and we all knew her personally for different reasons. I had known her the longest out of all of us, at her house they were seriously turning up and just having the hugest loudest party ever. Me and my friend who is also tripping both kind of want to go over there because it seems sort of cool and wild and we’re pretty good friends with her but our Russian friend had dated that girl in the past and had a bad break up and they really hated each other. Like aggressively hated each other. She even got him jumped one time right outside his house right there, my Russian friend was just kinda like “Fine just go over there if you want to” and started acting like whatever forget about me but me and my tripping friend knew this was an unrealistic plan and that we should just stay there and be fair anyways. There was nothing for us at that party. It was probably just full of drunk white supremacists  anyways and my other tripping friend was Mexican so that probably would have been awkward. But this part was just bumping all night like crazy so that kind of became part of our trip in a way. It was Friday night.

This overall feeling I had at this stage of the trip was like this strange perception I had of everything that was really only unique to the tryptamines. An abrasive, alien and hyperreal look at the universe. Like a mindful cleanse. I began to see faces everywhere too, similar to when on mushrooms. It actually reminded me in some ways of my last strong mushroom trip the rushing ‘cleansing’ feeling and the seeing faces everywhere. And my last strong shroom trip was right across the street from where I was now. A little before this change in perception though the LSD trip became much more profound and seemingly hyperdimensional almost. It felt very cosmic as well and at one point unifying and it felt like I saw and touched the universal consciousness where I invaded its essence and it invaded mine. It was a feeling of oneness. I remember we were listening to classic psychedelic rock music (like we often do) and the Jimi Hendrix song Getting My Heart Back Together (the 5 minute version) we were both so taken away by the sound of the guitar and it was so interesting and satisfying the whole song and that’s when I feel we really understood where that Jimi Hendrix guitar sound actually comes from and why it’s so perfect for acid. So electric and vibrational. Music felt so much more vibrational than it usually does when tripping on shrooms. On shrooms music sounds more distorted and echoey but on acid the music seemed to sound better? More ascetically pleasing and more vibrational. Both are very emotionally touching and deep however. 

Shortly after that song something that I once again never believed was possible happened to both of us. After listening to Jefferson Airplane and Jimi Hendrix we put on the Beatles…
We put on the song Across the Universe and holy shit…..life changing…
I guess this is when we probably peaked (before the real abrasive rush) but I don’t know it was weird and I felt like I almost had multiple peaks and things were kind of out of order but I guess that was just the cycles of acid. Even though we both took the Acid at different times we still somehow were experiencing the same effects at the same time and having the same feelings and almost same thoughts about everything and we both experienced a peak experience at this time. So ya I guess we peaked while listening to Across the Universe and it was far too profound and spiritual and meaningful to even begin to put into words and it was just truly life changing and amazing for both of us. It was one of those you had to be there type experiences, you can never know how profound and beautiful and heavenly it was if you have never experienced it yourself this moment felt like everything and like the heavens were raining down and channeling emotional beauty and good energy onto me and my being.
I’m listening to that song right now as I type this to write this better ha and it still brings back humbling emotional feelings and memories. 
Before this feeling happened of extreme well being and love though it is important to mention that the music itself slowed waaaay down and began to vibrate intensely. This vibration and what seemed to be a slowing down of time manifested something; the musical vibrations themselves seemed to manifest visuals…and I felt like my friend who was tripping saw it and felt it too and we were both speechless just listening to the sounds of the music because it was so vibrational and touching. I’m not sure what my Russian friend was doing at the time but probably something in the kitchen. He kept getting in confrontations with his mother and doing random things. Anyways these visuals that somehow only seemed to exist through the vibrations of the song (the chorus of the song to be specific) these visuals seemed to be predominately green with a small amount of blue and an even smaller amount of red. Maybe some faint yellows? I remember it was mostly green though. It was almost like all those colors combined and became a new blended iridescent color combination. This vibratory color field then appeared to look like..holy shit an entity…Literally a fucking hyperdimensional entity like those reportedly seen on DMT and powerful doses of tryptamines. I was so surprised/confused because I thought things like this were only possible on DMT and ridiculously high doses of Mushrooms and Ayahuasca but not a ..synthetic chemical like LSD…well I have gone much farther on mushrooms than on LSD and I still have never had an experience quite like this. This was a real explicit encounter.  And to think that at the beginning of this night I never even thought real LSD even existed let alone that I would be faced with angelic beauty and fucking entity contact that very night while peaking off pure LSD and listening to the Beatles. Well that song has certainly never been the same for either of us since that night to say the least. We even played it multiple times on our next LSD trip to pull us out of a certain gloomy situation. Didn’t really work, just made us more emotional but whatever lol that’s another story.
But when I perceived and felt this entity and lovely vibrations of the music we felt like we were rained down upon with knowledge and love and cosmic awareness. Felt very alien and yet very heavenly and bright. And of course higher dimensional as well. The experience itself didn’t feel like it was alive (like with shrooms) but it felt like I had come in contact with something that was sentient and conscious..and very wise and important. This ‘entity' at least. I feel like it endowed me with indescribable cosmic knowledge and awareness. It had an alien, metaphysical, vibrational geometric vibe and felt sort of ‘Hindu’ in a way. Much of the trip had this kind of eastern Hindu feeling and clean patterned visual display that was most noticeable when looking at the designs on the small carpets in the living room. They seemed to wrap up and swallow my consciousness at one point. I can’t explain that shit. 
Anyways the entity itself was like geometric but very indescribable and it really only showed itself during the chorus of the song when Paul McCartney would say “Jai Guru Deva Om". When the chorus wasn’t going it would just be colors but during the chorus and only after this the entity itself would be noticeable and would continue to inject me with universal love and understanding. This is definitely not anywhere close to the average LSD trip which is why I’m writing it down. This is an extremely rare experience that probably had largely to do with set and setting and the LSD itself being so pure. What’s crazy is that prior to this night I had never known what Jai Guru Deva Om actually meant and it turns out this phrase is a mantra that is actually supposed to take the mind to ‘higher consciousness’. And for me it kind of worked hah or at least appeared to I mean jesus fucking christ.  
I’m probably failing to explain just how profound and meaningful this all was. Words always fail to explain experiences like this. I think a lot of times people write trip reports and fail to conclude how powerful and profound the most meaningful part of their trip was and sometimes they don’t point it out at all but this is me pointing it out. This was the most meaningful and memorable part of the trip and one of the most memorable experiences of my life. 

The “Om" itself would slow down extra during the song for me and be even more vibrational than the rest of the mantra sang and this is when the colors and cosmic awareness was the most intense and when these things in my head or perception were brought into existence through this vibration. The vibrations opened my perception up or something. And what do I found out months later? That this “om” actually represents the “vibration of the universe that allows all things to come into existence”…..this was a real mindfuck. 
I remember looking at my iPhone playing the song and it had artwork for the song that wasn’t the Let it Be album but instead a colorful portrait of all four Beatles separately and I can’t explain it it just looked very trippy and high def and 4 dimensional and the iridescent colors on the edges of everything seemed to overlap while the images themselves popped out more. The picture looked so intriguing and kind of luring and emotional. It was like this sparkly underwater look almost, can’t explain it. Everything was very VERY clear but kind of liquidy and it looked emotional. Very emotional actually and I could see it on the Beatles' faces lol. Especially on Ringo. His nose looked funny and he looked so emotional and random and just…there and George Harrison had what at the time looked like these crazy sacred patterns on his neck that are actually there on the picture. He also had an eye ball on his palm and I got hit with these intense imaginative spiritual feelings and attitudes towards it like my eyes and senses were drawn to specifically that and was just like “damn..stop trying to trip me out mind."

There’s no way I can explain the beauty and how profound this song was but whatever there’s no way to truly know unless you experience it too, it was life altering and completely satisfying on so many kinds of levels and for so many reasons and it restored my faith in a lot of things. This night was put magic.
After this absurdly great and profound experience with what I can only call an entity? I start texting my girlfriend or she started texting me and I somehow or another bring up how I want her to come over here and I want to see her. I didn’t realize it was so late though and she was like “So you want me to sneak out for the first time?” and she was texting me saying “Okay…I’ve never snuck out before..here we go..” and then I start getting stressed because I don’t want her to get caught or in trouble tonight while I’m in this state and I’m thinking “What?! Never snuck out before? Fuck I cannot manage this right now and told her forget about it" and I told my other friends there what was going on and they were like “wtf man no just stay off your phone” and they were just telling me how it was just a bad and pointless idea and I agreed it was crazy and wishful thinking. My Russian friend also said he didn’t want anyone else Russian there because of the arguments he was having with his mom in Russian. He didn’t feel comfortable if someone else who spoke Russian was there. And yes my girlfriend is Russian and speaks it fluently so it made sense that that all around wasn’t a good idea. 
Anyways sorry about this next part of the trip because it might be mixed up or out of order because this is when I started really losing concept of time. Not just losing concept of time but time got all jumbled together and mixed up and don’t worry I’ll explain. This also happened a long time ago, almost 2 years now since this trip. This trip happened in July or August of 2014 and it is now April of 2016. So my memory isn’t perfect. 

I also forgot to mention that every time me and my tripping friend looked at our phones it looked completely strange and fake just like all other technology. That’s how we could instantly tell if we were tripping or not. Either by looking at your hand or the screen of your cell phone. Eventually we went in his living room. Me and my tripping friend were just watching whatever was on T.V. flipping through channels intrigued by how different and bright and I guess fake and corky everything on T.V. looked. I think that girl’s part was still booming loudly but anyways this weird trippy way everything on T.V. looked reminded us of our old shroom trips so this was exciting for us and we started just giggling at everything and we were just really happy. My Russian friend was kind of just all over the place calling people on the phone, doing things around the house, arguing with his mom in Russian and doing weed related business. I guess he was buying a pretty big sac and it was supposed to be kept secret but I didn’t understand why. My other friend kept forgetting this and accidentally kept bringing it up when we were in the dining room before when my Russian friend's mom was still around but still it wasn’t something that we were used to because we could usually bring up weed around his mom all the time. 

What me and my tripping friend didn’t realize at this point was that this trip would somehow continue to get even stranger. We weren’t prepared for any of this. The next thing that happened was baffling and it still baffles us to this day. We were flipping around channels on the T.V. surrounded by foreign patterned carpets in this living room and one of the first channels we arrive on is a real life show. As it was real people. I still have NO idea to this day what the hell kind of show this was but it was just this guy, some kind of guy sort of trying to be funny in front of this live studio audience while trying to tell them and inform them about something. And it wasn’t like a scam thing or religious thing just pure entertainment and I could tell he wasn’t the main runner of the show or the main host because he had this ‘guest' kind of vibe. He was kinda funny looking in a way too, kind of looked like that singer from that song Rude by "MAGIC!” or whatever and he kind of looked distorted and underwater but not really. It just looked funny and dumb once again like on shrooms, and I remember the background behind him was very blue and vivid and all the colors on the screen were more vibrant. It was weird because reality and the real world looked so hyperreal, more real than usual meanwhile anything on the T.V. seemed extra fake and blurry but still colorful so it was very odd seeing high definition real life right next to shitty T.V. picture life only separated y the border of the screen. But the strangest part was what this fucking guy started to talk about and it confused the hell out of me and my tripping friend. 
And we didn’t imagine any of this. We both heard and saw everything. I’m guessing we just missed the context of a joke or something but goddamn what the fuck.
He started out just stating facts about the Holocaust but had this underlying satirical tone in his voice like he was kind of distracting from the subject and still trying to entertain the audience or build up to something. He looks like he’s having some trouble stating the facts normal though. His own subjectivity starts to bleed through his words and attitudes. Well eventually down the line he starts sort of laughing…as he’s doing it….He starts to look like he’s holding back laughter after stating facts about the Holocaust…..
I am just completely puzzled and eventually he begins full on laughing and chuckling while explaining how many people died and all this messed up stuff about the Holocaust and then sooner or later the audience starts laughing with him as he’s explaining these depressing facts and me and my friend both just look at each other and are so confused. So fucking confused and creeped out. I remember just saying “That’s not funny..why are they laughing at this? What is going on?” 
Meanwhile my Russian friend and his mom are arguing and bickering at each other in Russian right next to the living room while this confusing messed up situation is happening in front of the T.V. on the couch with me and my tripping friend. My friend starts agreeing with me that none of this makes sense and the fact that they’re laughing at this stuff is just..so confusing and so eventually we just started laughing too lol. We started giggling at this stupid situation while looking at this guy’s ridiculous face. It’s almost like we were laughing in sync with him and he was there with us and my friend just goes “haha he’s on acid” and we’re both just laughing even the guy on the T.V. is laughing and then my Russian friend tells us to “Shut the HELL UP! That is MY mother’s message to you guys.” 
We weren’t even talking that loud... we were kind of getting bothered by both of them me and my tripping friend..but it was a house we could be at and trip at so we couldn’t be picky. And when he yelled at us it didn’t go back to awkward silence or anything everything just continued how it was. And we change the channel because that shit was too fucked up and we eventually land on Family Guy and I remember when we landed on it it was just one joke then commercial, like the end of one joke and then it went straight to commercial and I remember it was the stupidest most unfunny Family Guy joke I’d ever seen and my tripping friend was just like “That was stupid” and my Russian friend right there at the edge of the room was like “SHUT UP!” and his mom kept telling him in Russian to tell us to shut up and we weren’t even talking loud at all.
Especially when my tripping friend said that the joke was stupid. My friend was basically just almost talking to himself it’s like my Russian friend didn’t want us to speak at all not even softly. Maybe he wasn’t used to us being so talkative? But we weren’t being that talkative. I mean we were kind of casually and humorously pointing out funny and strange things but being pretty covert and insider about it. I don’t know what my Russian friend’s problem was but since that night he’s admitted he was tripping out for no reason and you know his mom is always crazy because she’s bipolar. Also it was late and they most likely weren’t used to people acting so “awake” and giddy at this hour. It was like the middle of the night. 
The most confusing part of the trip hadn’t even come yet. Eventually his mom and him stop bickering in confusing Russian words that only continued to confuse me and my friend and this is the period of time when my Russian friend was gonna buy a half ounce of weed or something but without the dealer actually coming inside I guess and without his mom knowing. He might have been doing other weed related business too because of how all over the place he was but this was happening all right next to us while we were continuing to watch T.V. while completely off our heads on acid. While my Russian friend was doing that this is the time when me and my tripping friend really started to lose concept of linear time. Time seemed to no longer happen in a linear fashion and it literally started moving in circles and repeating itself. Time literally started repeating itself and looping it was so confusing and things that only happened once in real life were beginning to happen over and over again multiple times and my Russian friend was in and out of the front door a lot. Well it seemed like a lot..He only went out probably 3 or 4 times but it felt like he went back and fourth like 8 or 10 times or even over a dozen times it was crazy. I got stuck in a time loop while sitting on the couch, both of us did. Time just kept repeating and we saw my Russian friend who only went out a few times go out over and over and over and over and over again..It was all so confusing and my tripping friend said “I’m so confused” or “This is so confusing” then he said “This is a weird night” and the colors were just so bright and everything seemed kind of cartoonish or vibrant but surreal and arabesque. All the patterns were popping out and everything was also extremely vivid and alive. He was right though my tripping friend. This wasn’t what you would call a super happy trip/night but instead a powerful and profound trip and a 'strange night man'. Not too recreational honestly. But amazing and incredible and incredibly psychedelic.  
So ya this was a new and mind-blowing experience for me and him. The time looping thing that is. In the past on mushrooms I have had time slow down, speed up, stop completely and even cease to exist but this was the first time that time actually repeated..and started looping. Very off putting and confusing. I couldn’t understand it. That seemed to be one of the themes of the LSD mindfuck is this melty cyclic out of order mindfuck where everything's just jumbled together and mixed around. It seemed like events happened out of order and it’s still hard to remember what order things happened in the trip as this mindfuck effect kind of carried out throughout the whole trip and infected the whole thing. It was like that movie Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas..just with the story being all over the place and out of order and fast and loud but visually appealing. Also colorful and pattered. 
I think after this; after the confusing cartoonish cyclic stage or at least when it simmered down a bit is when I think things actually got really visually abrasive. I think I said that earlier but this was the even more clean and abrasive stage where everything was just so clear and this is I believe when I was seeing the faces most clearly and reminded me of my previous mushroom adventures especially the one that was across the street just about 6 months before. I remember it felt like how I would picture Ayahuasca or something to be like even though I’ve never had Ayahuasca that’s just how I felt it would be. It was like a very commune cathartic cleansing experience however this LSD cleansing wasn’t cathartic at all just squeaky clean and abrasive as can be visually. I think before this trip became more well defined with the faces and cleansing I got this sort of cartoonish serious monty python headfuck type feeling. Can’t explain it but felt British or foreign in some way like classic wonky British humor. Like something you’d see in a Beatle’s movie. Things at this time were also very melty and everything seemed very far from reality and normal perception visually speaking. 
At this point it is very late like 3 or 4am and my non tripping Russian friend is getting tired while me and my tripping friend are still wide awake and we’re very understanding and yea..kinda over his house anyways so we head out no problem. I remember right after we pass the 7/11 and start up the hill leading to the suburbs with apartments on the sides we see in one of the cars parked on this always packed road 2 people having sex in the car. But it was confusing and very bizarre because they were essentially humping the shit out of each other and doing all the motions of sex and everything but they had clothes on…
But they were seriously plowing the shit out of each other right there on that main road in the car. I mean it was the middle of the night and no one was really around but come on can’t you find a better place to fuck than that? You’re not even that far from the entrance of 7/11 which is a place that is open 24/7. That was crazy and weird seeing that and we were cracking up hysterically but also confused because we didn’t understand what was going on and why they were wearing clothes but still somehow having sex? It was still very dark out and we head up this hill past these apartments and we come by and pass the lake. We were on the same side of the street as the lake even though when walking by we usually aren’t because that side of the street tends to be sketchy but we just felt so carefree. We were still deep in the trip btw. It may sound like enough things had happened already that we would be sober by now but there would still be HOURS of tripping left. We weren’t finished by a long shot. Anyways as we pass the lake and walk by we look at it and eventually we come to the middle and have a middle view of the whole lake and can see the docks with the boats on it. And the orange lights shining on the dock were shining and reflecting on the dark black water and it looked so…amazing and breathtaking. We had to just stop walking and stare for about 5 minutes it was one of the most beautiful things we had ever seen for some reason and we just kept saying wow…wow. It seemed so beautiful and captivating for some reason and the water just looked gorgeous. 
I’ve taken that same acid at that same lake since then and the water has still never looked as beautiful as it did that night. Once again trying to put this beauty in words is pointless.
Eventually we stop staring at the water and the orange light reflecting off it and trek on into the canyon which is pretty much across the street but the trail we want to take is a little more up the hill. As we’re walking we’re joking about how the best way to spot people who are tripping on psychedelics is to notice the people walking around in the middle of the night like it’s daytime and attempting to do daytime activities at some ungodly hour in the night. This seems to be a theme for psychedelics. It just felt like daytime almost at how well we could see things but it was still dark so it’s hard to describe. Our attitudes were very awake and happy so that’s probably also why. I mean we weren’t super happy or ecstatic really because the trip was changing gears and it wasn’t getting any less serious but we also had energy and other feelings. 

This next part of my trip is hard to explain but let me start off by explaining our walk through this relatively short trail through this open canyon to my lower yard which is like my naturey yard behind my backyard. It was the same place we were sitting at earlier when I told my friend that I wasn’t hallucinating. Well this dirt trail we were walking on only takes about 2 or 3 minutes to walk down and I know because I walk down it pretty much everyday but tonight it feels sooo much longer. I remember halfway through the walk which was only like a minute into it it felt like fucking 8 or 10 whole minutes passed by and I laughed because it had felt like forever and I saw we were only halfway and was like “This is the longest walk through the canyon ever haha” and he started laughing because he felt it too. It felt like the chemical was trying so hard to trip us out and trying to get us to notice strange things. All in all this 2 minute walk felt like a damn 15 or 20 minutes no joke and eventually we get to my lower yard where we were earlier and just sit there in the darkness kind of sad that there are no stars out. However it’s cloudy and not super dark and black like it usually is so it looks cool in it’s own right. Gave an almost gloomy kind of european vibe. I also saw monty python-like faces in the trees and things and saw a HUGE very well defined one on a giant pine tree that looked hyperdimensional and very tryptamine like. Things looked and felt very tryptamine-like in this part of the trip and that giant face I still see now every time I go in my lower yard and look at that giant pine tree across the way. It was very eerie and ominous and all the other faces I was seeing was giving off such a funky tryptamine alien vibe similar to mushrooms but a little different. Still almost identical visually to shrooms though in terms of seeing all those ominous faces on all the surfaces. 
When we first started reflecting on what had just happened and all the craziness of the night so far (we thought the experience was over) and my friend starts talking about my Russian friend and he says “yeah man..Bad vibes seriously bad vibes over there” and we could both really really feel it when he said that and almost could ‘see’ it. There was so much going on visually and emotionally with each word and thought. I remember this is when the closed eye visuals were really vivid and impressive and since it was dark the closed eye visions were overlaid over everything I looked at.
When he said “bad vibes” and he had that weird emotionally striking complaining tone in his voice I saw or perceived orange, red and brown flashes or blotches of color sporadically in my visual field and it made me feel vulnerable and uncomfortable just those words and the phrase “bad vibes". 
My friend said that he was freaked out when my Russian friend got angry and tried to punch me and said he felt this unexplainable feeling when it happened that if he actually did hit me that my tripping friend would have punched him back and he didn’t know why he felt that. He also started talking about the tweaker kid who introduced me to the dealer and how stupid he thought he was and how people shouldn’t hang out with him because he’s a tweaker and a dumbass and stuff and my friend makes this weird extraterrestrial noise making fun of him which trips me out and continues to give me weird cosmic closed eye visuals and feelings and so I just laugh. 
It’s funny now because even though he was a tweaker at this time and would use things like meth, speed, heroin and oxycontin after having 2 more solid acid trips of his own my tweaker friend stopped everything except weed and made himself himself to rehab in the northern part of my state.

I remember this is also the stage in which things got very introspective and reflective. Things also got very emotional again but in a deeper more introspective way I remember just having absolutely no ego or sense of self importance. I was so small even smaller than I was earlier and it felt kind of exotic and very deep. It felt almost avatar like with shrooms but not quite. It was definitely visible mysticism though. For some reason my mind’s eye visuals were so strong and ‘visual’ as well but in my head. It was kind of an evocative experience and I started reflecting a lot and thinking about a lot of personal things and things about the world and people I know and just life. This egoless view of life and the whole world was very striking and cut pretty deep down. I remember almost getting kind of flashbacks and extremely vivid memories to certain events and people I know. I randomly started thinking about things like the first time I snorted cocaine several months prior to this. Actually I think it was my second time doing cocaine that I was thinking of..ya it was my second time and it was when I was sniffing really pure coke at the lake. I imagined in my head or felt like I was there again somehow in THIS acid trip. Since the coke was so pure it so absolutely reeked like diesel more than the average coke and the vivd memory (flashback) of it going up my nose or what it was like to go up my nose was so intense I felt like I could smell it in my nose at that moment quite clearly and feel it so grotesquely and vividly and I didn’t like it, it was a disappointed vulgar feeling attached to it and it was all while feeling this really deep complex state of mind where I had no sense of self importance whatsoever and I felt very emotionally vulnerable. I started thinking about how hard drugs like that are so awful and so cringy in this egoless and disclosing psychedelic mindset I was in. I was thinking about how absolutely terrible and disgusting poisonousness drugs like alcohol, cocaine, meth and heroin are and I at the time couldn’t understand why people did that stuff in the first place. It all seemed so vulgar and unnecessary. It felt like those kinds of fucked up drugs and activities only distracted people from the bigger more beautiful picture and took them farther away from what was actually real.
Looking back on it now I definitely don’t have a problem with moderate and responsible use of things like cocaine or alcohol (especially when it’s pure) but at this moment while tripping when I was thinking about how disgusting and toxic these things are it was just because I was in a really virtuous and spiritual headspace with no ego whatsoever. And it’s mostly ego that allows people to do these toxic dangerous hard drugs like nobody’s business. It’s also mostly their egos that allow them to do it and have a good time while doing it and even though they’re essentially poisoning themselves. I felt like my tripping friend was having deep and similar thoughts, maybe even the same thoughts since he had that same coke too and around the same time I did just a few months before this trip. I don’t know it just kept feeling like we were sharing the same headspace. This headspace was very crazy. 
It was incredibly complex but also tranquil and calm…like it was a higher state of consciousness that our normal 3 dimensional minds and consciousness couldn’t begin to understand but it was also peaceful and not very “intense” just ‘there’ and we were in it fully or had access to it so to speak. 
This is when the visuals and visual perceptions were just amazing. Since it was a cloudy night and the sky wasn’t totally pitch black we could see the silhouette of the leaves of all the trees and plants sticking out clearly against the sky with the clouds in the background. 
It was incredible because me and my friend were also just sitting there looking up at the trees surrounding us and how all their branches and leaves overlapped each other and how everything looked so vast and complex. If I look at that same area sober or I guess just not on LSD it just looks like some leaves and some branches and that’s it and it looks like a pretty relatively small area with not much scenic value to it at all it’s so trivial. However when on this trip this small area above us like I said just looked so vast and so big and complex. There was just so much to look at and it was infinitely visually complicated and intriguing. 

We also saw kaleidoscopes for the first time and that was a new experience for both of us. Something we had never experienced on shrooms before just like time repeating itself. Just something new that shrooms hadn’t shown us yet. The kaleidoscopes and time loops were a first. By the way I don’t mean we saw colorful kaleidoscopic patterns or anything like that I mean solid objects would actually turn into real kaleidoscopes and we would see multiple copies of things right next to each other. It was like everything opened up. These were multifaceted visuals that were hard to wrap your head around. I remember seeing a bougainvillea turn into a kaleidoscope at one point in the light shining fro somewhere and those flowers have never looked the same for me. This is before we knew what kaleidoscopes actually were and I remember my friend mumbling trying to explain it and since I was seeing it too I was able to understand him and see what he was trying to describe. I actually wanted to point it out but he pointed it out first. We’ve had this before on mushroom trips where we are mumbling but still able to understand each other because we’re both thinking about and seeing all the same things anyways. He was saying “It’s so cool how you can just..look at the trees but.. also.like..look beyond..that..” and it sounds very vague but I knew exactly what he was talking about and he was describing it perfectly. How when you look at the patterns of the leaves on the trees you can look further and further into it like your perception is a microscope/kaleidoscope and you can see pattens of leaves inside of those initial ‘real’ patterns that were there and visible. So impossible to describe or imagine. I couldn’t even wrap my head around it while it was happening. I couldn’t NOT see kaleidoscopes. I had no control. My friend also proceeded to say “It’s crazy how in a few hours we won’t feel like this” and he’s right it was. It felt like I was gonna be like this forever, not stuck or anything I mean maybe stuck ya but it was more just the feeling like wow I couldn’t imagine ever not seeing the world this way since this is more real than..well……more real than reality. I can’t unlearn or unsee any of this. How will my mind ever return back to how it was? I felt I plugged so deep in my head it just didn’t make sense that I would somehow eventually drift back or drift down. 

A lot of newbies to acid often seem to say their first times “Will life always be like this?” while in the experience because when you’re tripping you never think anything’s gonna be normal ever again and you don’t understand how it ever could be. Your consciousness is too wide open to even conceive of that. Some people get this feeling from strong weed highs too but in a more subliminal conventional way. Like just an idea in the back of their paranoid thoughts. Like they get so stoned and high that they can’t understand how they or their head could ever return to normal or at least they think that returning to normal could be a long struggle and might not happen fully 100%. Of course though it always does happen fully and you do always come back no matter how fucked up, tripped out or high you got.
After the acid trip you almost want to thank your sanity and thank being sober and appreciate the fact that your mind always and actively has a pretty solid grip on your perception of reality and the way we creatively see things in our everyday lives. You learn your mind is more strong and powerful than you think and actually pretty resilient at the end of the day it’s just that the LSD has temporarily taken the place of your normal serotonin based perception of reality for the next 10 or 12 hours or so. LSD is what helps make your reality and perception instead of serotonin. Because there’s no such thing as reality just the reality your mind creates for you and LSD definitely shows this as well. There is no such thing as the ‘right perception’ or the ‘right way to look at something’. There might be the way you usually look at something but that’s just statistically normal not “right” or proper.

While we were sitting there in what was pretty much just nature expect for a few houses we started playing Led Zeppelin and weird trippy Jefferson Airplane songs like Chusingura. At one point I think we may have played Across the Universe again I don’t know but I remember closing my eyes and feeling and seeing these orbicular colorful vibrating orbs come towards my ‘being’ and vibrating around my body and doing SOMETHING to me mentally. I don’t know what it was it kinda felt like a cleansing but it felt good and made me happy and I started to laugh and told my friend because we both closed our eyes at the same time I forgot to say and I was like “whoa I feel like that did something to me” and I thought he would understand but he was like “What? What do you mean that did something to you?” he sounded kind of worried like it was something bad and I can’t remember if I explained it to him or just said nevermind haha but ya I close my eyes again and start seeing angular spikes. I read on Wikipedia one time that a lot of people see "angular spikes” on mescaline so this kind of reminded me of that whole deal. It was also reminiscent of a certain scene in the movie Suspiria. 
These angular spikes which were all very warm colors red, dark yellow, orange turned into or pulled back into some kind of peacock looking machine creature that was intensely black and gold and seemed robotic and electric. It was (I don’t want to say traveling) but existing? Floating or passing by in some kind of other void or dimension.  Maybe a void like dimension I don’t know.  It was one of the most distinct visuals I had ever seen on a psychedelic with my eyes shut and visually it was impressive but the feelings attached to it were way more awesome is all I can say. Words don’t do justice for anything I’m describing. Everything this night was so exaggerated and so much crazier than how I could ever put into words. Everything was way more over the top and intense and psychedelic than it sounds here or on paper believe me.
At one point we were walking over to the edge of the creek because we just wanted to get up and look at the canyon and all the palm trees and nature. The trail was right across and the creek is up high so it’s kind of like you’re standing on a cliff when you’re standing on the edge of this creek like we were and since I’m tripping on acid and my whole perception of everything is so different and alien I get sort of almost a flashback feeling to one of my early dramatic mushroom trips in 2012 where I was stuck on a mountain at night that had very steep and intimidating cliffs. Kind of gave me slight PTSD but it’s like the cool kind of PTSD much like those good hangovers as oppose to bad hangovers anyways it’s still kind of an eerie judgmental vibe that started to come back. Just the tryptamine headspace and looking down a deserty California cliff was enough to trigger me and my memories of that fateful day. I went on explaining to my friend about that night and how it was so fucked and dangerous and tried comparing it to this and he was tripping so I think he could see and finally understand maybe a little better how much I was fucked that night. Still though..he’ll really never know.

One of the most life changing moments of the night was when I was sitting there in the canyon back in the chairs with such an intense feeling of akashic oneness and universal collective oneness. Like I was in and part of the universal awareness but also like I had tapped into something that I had never fully thought of before and it was the Akashic Records or something comparable to that. I never even knew what they were called before this and since this trip I’ve always been thinking about them and akasha in general. Even when just smoking weed now I think about it. I felt the overwhelming feeling that I was connected to the essence of and acid trips of everyone who had EVER taken acid ever. I felt strong revolutionary vibes and felt connected to the hippies and the artists, murderers, psychos, scientists, druggies, philosophers, medical patients etc. Maybe even those in America who were poisoned by Ergot in the 1600s? These were the ones who freaked and saw witches and had troubling hallucinations and delusions to to being poisoned of course. That would explain maybe some of the common and creepy folklorish archetypes of LSD and possibly other egrolines or ergot derivatives. 
Anyways I was just feeling this real crazy deep DEEP connected feelings and the whole canyon took on an even more exotic and eerie vibe. More mystical I guess. That deep akashic revelation or experience somehow really changed weed and alcohol for me too. Especially hash. And ESPECIALLY edibles.
After tripping and tripping and tripping we finally decide to call it a night. It’s about 5:30am and we both head back to our houses; we were pretty much already at my house. As my friend heads back to his home I head inside and plop right down in bed. I honestly feel like I can’t sleep not only because I’m tripping in another dimension still but I feel like I’m like super aware of every organ in my body like every muscle, artery, tissue etc. just I could feel it all like I was just super hyperaware and I didn’t like it at all and I couldn’t sleep because of it. I recently saw a video trip report on YouTube of a girl from the Netherlands who took LSD and also said she had this same feeling where she felt aware of all of her organs and insides. She said getting up and dancing made it not so bad anymore but that wasn’t an option for me in my room in the middle of the night.
Sooner or later my cat comes to my room meowing like crazy which she doesn’t usually do at this time and she just comes in and goes under my covers and just sits on my chest and starts purring. I start petting her and her purring feels very vibrational and alien. I remember the feeling of having a furry sentient animal on my chest being affectionate and trusting towards me was so strange. I remember I closed my eyes and it completely felt like I had this small strange alien life form vibrating on my chest almost connected to my chest and thought wtf this is so ridiculous. With my eyes closed I felt like she was this red alien life form with some kind of symbiotic relationship to me and my alieness biologically and emotionally. Because I was an alien too or some kid of hybrid. At least when I’m in these higher dimensional tryptamine realms I am. Yeah can’t explain the tryptamines at all they’re too different and explorative. Very emotional and soulful too. I just remember the words 'alien life form’ kept coming to my mind as this strange animal thing vibrated on my chest. 
I end up getting to sleep maybe around 7:30 or 8am finally because being physically aware of all my insides wasn’t really helping me get to sleep. I wake up the next day not sure if I had an afterglow or not, I probably did but I remember right after the experience happens before your mind really processes it all and breaks the whole thing down looking back on the LSD trip right after it happened it just feels like it was a crazy and vivd rush of colors and patterns and a feeling of being reborn sort of. That’s pretty much what I hear from most people right after it happens and later down the line they’ll really think about the profoundness and the small differences in their everyday life.
Overall it wasn't a super euphoric or recreational experience more like a really strange night to be honest but also an amazing explorative and profound trip. Very phenomenological and perceptive. A clean exhilarating and patterned rush. 
Not as euphoric and lighthearted or even as revelatory as shrooms but equally as profound and spiritual. Reading all this it probably just sounds like some kind of crazy drug trip or spacey drugged out experience but that’s just how it comes out in words and seems like if you haven’t been there before. Because the experience itself even though it was crazy opened so many doors for me in my life and I’m still integrating what I experienced and learned that night and it’s already been almost 2 years. There’s many thing that have never been the same since this trip. It was a very clean and clear mind opening experience and I mean that quite literally not at all metaphorically. It literally opened up the doors of perception for me. 

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