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Potent Mushrooms on HALLOWEEN in a Cemetary with Tom Waits' Music.

Fucked my Little brother up. . . .

So it was the night of Halloween in 2015 and I had just got my hands on four grams of very very potent Magical Fungus from this girl at my school. Mushrooms are very scarce where I live for some reason (Canada Countryside) and I had no money so I ended up selling some Magic Mint (Salvia) to pay for the Magic Mushrooms.

Anyways, I was in grade 12 (5th Year) and I decided to get my little brother very high on mushrooms on Halloween. He thought this would be cool as he had always wanted to try something other than Weed (Acid or Shrooms.) [He had done Mescaline before].

Here is some pics of the Shrooms from that night: 

So my plan of the night was to grab some Orange Juice for us, eat the shrooms 50/50 then get some glow in the dark makeup on and go out for a crazy night on the town. And Crazy it was. . . . 
It was me, My brother and this girl that I had been crushing on for about 4 months. She didn't take anything because she was the smart one who knew that wasn't gonna go well.
So we started off walking, it was about night time outside and we had been walking to the downtown area for about an hour. It was just starting to kick in when we walked down this hill and all we could see was many many people dressed up going trick or trating. This was our plan as well since we had a pillow case with us. I started to feel extremely anxious immediately after they started to be noticably in my system and also probably from parents of younger kids giving me disgusted looks while we walked by them and their children. . . . Anyways we continued on our way and decided to head to the beach where we could get away from everyone. My brother hit one house to get some candy before we went to the beach.

We entered through this cemetary that leads to the feild right before the beach and everything was actually kind of cool for a bit. The whole creepy atmosphere set a good tone for the night of Halloween. So my brother pulled out a joint of strong Cannabis and started puffing away on it. I had told him and myself not to smoke any cannabis before or during in order for it to be a solid and nice trip. But of course at that time, I could not pass up free weed at all so we started smoking away as we were walkng through the cemetary. (Thinking to myself: people have rotted away underground here. this is where we will be eventually) Out of no where, my brother darts off into the darkness and hides somewhere behind a large gravestone as it turned out. The really trippy and freaky thing: he had my mini speaker & Ipod on his person as he darted out. (I had forgotten this at the time) so as me and  My girlfriend were walking through thinking he was gonna pop out and startle us, he didn't even make a sound. We thought he had left the graveyard thats how long he was unknown for. Out of no where we heard a very very disturbing dialogue piece from Tom Wait's album "Mule Variations" I was very unfimiliar with this piece because my brother was the real Tom Waits fan and wanted to load my Ipod with "Halloween music" before going out that night. Here is a link of the track he played for an understanding of how unsettling it had felt to hear walking around in the graveyard at night, On shrooms. javascript:nicTemp();  I can't totally explain the surprised fear I felt at that moment. It was very visceral, sort of like walking up the stairs in the dark thinking there is one more step but there isn't so your foot plumets to the floor in surprise and it startles you. It felt like a prolonged feeling of this. I also had a bit of a paranoid feeling (cannabis) that this was someone nearby talking to us in a very creepy way. *sends shivers up my spine thinking about that moment now*

Anyways My brother popped out and started acting very strange. I mean he wasn't really answering things when I asked him something or he was always rambling on about random stuff in that Tom Waits voice. Damn honestly Tom Waits' creepy music isn't a good listen during a psychedelic trip. It can really freak someone out. 
My brother was really freaking me and my girlfriend out because he wouldn't say much directly to us and he would constantly be doing the crazy rambling thing. examples: "eggs and sausage and a side of toast!. . . . hashbrowns over easy. . .  . . . . . . . was ninth and hennepin. . . all the donuts have names that sound like prostitutes. . . ." (Tom Waits' lyrics).

So me and my Girl lured my bro to this group of benches in the corner of the hedges near the cemetary. We all sat down and tried to chill out and get our shit together.
I honestly felt at this point I had fucked my little brother up because he kept rambling and saying things like "what is the point of life?" he also started violently slamming his face on the table and that freaked me the fuck out and I had to take physical measures to hold him from doing that. My brother is actually a very unpredictable person. Always has been. He hid razor blade gashes on his arms for years. I was really worrying about him at this point and me and him have never been emotional to eachother before really. 
I was sitting behind him on the picnic table holding him up from behind crying my eyes out thinking that I had mentally fucked him up. . . . . .

A bit of INFO: My brother is only 3 years younger than me. He was in grade 10 at this point.

So from here on out in the trip it will be very hard to equivocate my experience.
It involved me crying for around an hour and a half,  talking to my brother trying to give him love and stuff. *At one point I tried getting social with him and laughing and making jokes like "Hey Chris how's it going. Everything so beautiful out right now eh?" (even though it was far from it with the horribly cold weather and wind and evil sky and darkness)
He would respond every once in a while so I felt he was drifting in and out from reality. 
There were points I was balling my eyes out laying on my girlfriend's lap saying things like "I need you. Don't leave. I love you so much." *hugging her tight crying in her chest* (we weren't even dating at this point..)
There were even fucked up points where we were sitting there and we would see in a distance that a car zoomed down and stopped at the bottom of the beach hill and from my paranoia I thought it was the police! I kept hallucinating someone walking towards us with flashlights from a far!! It was fucked up so I would then throw my napsack in the bushes everytime this happend and my girlfriend would be like "we are okay! we are okay!"
At one of these moments, I was helping Chris pee in the hedge beside the benches and he ended up peeing on my napsack. . . . . . 
So all of this happend at those benches. That one spot. That one fucked up spot. Chris thought he was going to die.

Eventually, we decided to journey back home to my girlfriend's place because we were going to freeze to death and on the way I kept telling her how much she meant to me and that I loved her and she would tell me it back. 

The night ended with me watching Chris fall asleep after the shrooms wore off and he was in a way better state. He actually said "Hey man. Shrooms are fun!" after he came back to reality when we got home haha

In the end, I hallucinated blurry lights into moving figures from a distance, cried my soul out on a strong dose of shrooms and ended with a restless night of thinking that I was a bad person because I gave my brother what he wanted and this was to do shrooms on Halloween. 
Weed never felt the same for me after this experience, It always makes me feel very tweeky and anxious.
I did another trip from the same batch of shrooms after this that made me pass out while I was on the toilet. I woke up to the sound of my ears ringing and screaming not knowing where I was. I freaked my girlfriend's mother out when she came in and I was naked on the floor. (she is cool with drugs as she is a big pot dealer)


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