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My 3rd Mushroom Trip

2.5 dried grams in mushroom tea

I had my 3rd mushroom experience last night. I knew I needed it and to be honest the mushrooms didn't let me down. I laughed constantly at life in general at  how meaningless it all is but at the same time how much i love the experience of life and all the people in my life. Staring at the walls I saw many faces and the colors growing distorted. I stared at my hands as they looked so alien to me and laughed as i pulled the sides of my mouth. I drooled all over myself as i laughed i loved it so much. This trip was very different then my last two i walked around, ate food and used the bathroom multiple times the last two trips were on 5 dried grams and i was paralyzed and had no thought on any of these things. Also the trip was so close to me being sober but i definitely wasn't. I spent this trip with two other people whom i trusted very much. we had long deep conversations about life and the need for a "bad guy" in all of our lives because without a villain our lives would be boring and meaningless. As my trip was coming down i closed my eyes and saw a black figure staring at me with bright blue eyes it scared me but at the same time intrigued me. before falling asleep late into the night 4am or so i saw it again and without words it told me goodbye and that id see it again. overall i had a very successful trip and i learned a lot about myself, the world and the ones around me. One last thing I'd like to mention is the tea. First time making a mushroom tea because the taste of the mushrooms get harder to consume i mixed lipton tea with my mushrooms and added lots of honey and a dash of sugar. absolutely the best way to go i recommend the tea to anyone who is going on a trip it was very pleasant. 

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