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Third Trip Ever, Camping in the woods, 3 grams dried

Bonding with my close friends

Before the trip:
I'll just take you a little bit through the events leading up to the trip just to give a little context. So me and some friends (let's just call them Eric, Nathan, Marc, Sarah, and Logan for the sake of the report) were trying to decide what to do for Nathan's birthday since it was coming up. It was Monday and then suddenly I realized there would be perfect circumstances to trip and camp on the following Friday and Nathan was very excited when I told him my idea. So me, Nathan and Marc all decided we'd buy some shrooms and have a good time and explore the psychedelic realm.

On Friday morning, Marc told us that he was't going to be able to come along (reason unimportant). He seemed to be SUPER bummed out and I felt bad for the poor guy. It was the saddest I had ever seen him. He was really excited because it was going to be his first time (me and Nathan had both done them twice before). However things worked out for him and we headed to the woods to start a camp sight. We dug a hole for fire and set up a tent, smoking cigarettes. At the time it was just me, Nathan, Marc and Eric. But later a couple of our other friends (Logan and Sarah) showed up.

The Trip:
It was about 8 o'clock when we ate the shrooms. Fuckin nasty. I hate the way they taste haha. So me, Marc and Nathan ate our doses. Everyone who wasn't going to be tripping seemed really fascinated. Marc ate 2 grams while both me and Nathan ate 3 grams each. We were all sitting by the fire listening to some music. I was the one who started feeling it first. I felt so happy euphoric and content with the situation I was in at the moment. I was just enjoying the fire and the music. Everything was so nice. Nice. The perfect word to describe how I felt at the time. Then I began to notice some surfaces get wavy. This feeling probably continued for about 20 minutes. We were smoking a lot of weed and then while setting the pipe down, Marc broke it. It was crazy because Marc had set it down so gently and normally. To this day I still don't understand how it broke, so no one blamed him except for Eric because it was Eric's brother's pipe. Eric sort of got mad at Marc. He didn't necessarily yell at him but he said stuff like "Man that's not cool at all. My brother is gonna be pissed." This made me a little nervous because it was Marc's first trip and I didn't want Eric to send him into a bad trip. All I know is that if it were me that broke the pipe, I would have had a bad trip. To my amazement, Marc just shook it off and within 5 minutes he was having the time of his life. So now it was probably around 8:45. All of a sudden Sarah gets a call from her mom. She was trying not to tell us what the phone call was about because it seemed kind of serious. I asked her about it though and she said some of her family got in a wreck. I felt really bad because Marc and I were laughing so hard! Not at Sarah but just because we were trippin and having a great time! Sarah didn't mind and knew that we were just being idiots hahahaha. 

Sarah had to leave so we walked her back to the parking lot because we didn't want her to walk the trail alone. This is about when I started peaking. Marc and I were still laughing. Except now we were laughing REALLY FUCKING HARD! Logan, Sarah, Nathan and Marc all went together. But I was tripping really hard and I got left behind so Eric had to take me by the hand and guide me through the forest. I remember getting out onto the trail from the campsite and looking up at the sky. Oh my god. Y'all. It was the most beautiful site I seriously have ever seen. I want to view the sky some more on my next trip and really get a good look. Anyway this whole time I had been laughing hahaha. I must've looked like such a good, but I didn't care, I was having such a great time! Then I started running on the trail. I would run up the trail a little bit and then I would run back a little bit. And I would keep this process going until I got to the parking lot. While I was running, instead of it feeling like I was going anywhere, it felt like I was running in place the whole time. This is when I thought about distance and time. 

Distance: Things seemed to be so much farther than they actually were. The trail when you;re not fucked up on anything takes about 5 minutes to get to the campsite. But I was running on the trail for what seemed like 4x that.
Time: Time felt very stretched. Time had absolutely no meaning. In fact, I would look at the time and I would laugh, almost as if I was mocking it. It was such a crazy feeling. I really love that aspect of shrooms. How time and distance get fuckin distorted. Really cool.

Coming back from the parking lot, I wrapped my arm around Logan and he wrapped his arm around mine and I think maybe I told him how much his friendship meant to me or some shit like that. Although if I'm being completely honest, I don't remember the walk back to the campsite that well.

Getting in the tent:
The tent is where I spent the majority of the peak. I was so out of it. I was pretty much helpless in that my motor and thinking skills were impaired so I couldn't do anything. This didn't affect my mood at all, I was still having a great time. Still laughing by the way. I laughed for 2 hours straight without stopping that night. A lot of that night is pretty hazy to me; I don't really remember most of it, so keep in mind I'm only telling what I remember. I remember sitting there thinking about women and sex. It was mind boggling. I didn't understand the concept of a female. I have on good authority that I said "Dude, what even is a female?" That just sounds so bizarre right? And then I thought about Facebook and it just didn't seem to exist to me.  We listened to some great music, although I don't necessarily remember what songs. Probably John Coltrane and Rush knowing me. 

Shit was morphing into each other. I remember at one point I couldn't tell if I was inside or outside. I forgot who I was. All I knew was my name and who my dad was. And my ex girlfriend hahaha. Even though she's my ex, i still had happy thoughts about her and I even think I tried to tell her she was awesome even though she wasn't there lol. Otherwise, everything about me was erase. The playing field was level. Me and all other things in the universe were one. Everything was equal. It was one of the best feelings I have ever felt. So I just sat in the tent thinking about crazy and cool shit for the rest of the peak.

The come down:
I remember the first instant I realized I was coming down. I had to take a piss. Nature was calling. So I left the tent and I went outside to go pee. I decided to have a cigarette out on the trail. This was a really nice moment. It was nice to finally get some solitude. I smoked a couple cigarettes and gazed at the sky in awe. I felt so relaxed. Then me, Nathan and Logan all took a walk on the trail. In this distance you could see all the downtown buildings and lights (I live in Austin, TX). I'll never forget that moment, watching the skyline twinkle with two of my closest pals. We smoked some more weed on some nearby dunes, and then restarted the fire and sat there for thirty minutes or so before deciding to go to bed in the tent around 2 AM. One thing I forgot to mention is that it was fuckin cold as shit that night. Somewhere in the high 20s-low 30s. It was fuckin freezing. But it's okay. I had a great time regardless. 

THE BIGGEST TAKEAWAY THAT I HAD FROM THE TRIP was that it's so important to be a positive influence on other people. To be nice, to be kind, to show respect. To love one another. To make people happy. It's important to find people you love and surround yourself with them. To laugh and smile and be happy! Throughout the course of the trip, it was impossible to feel a negative emotion. I could not perceive it. I literally didn't understand how people could be sad. Now obviously I was tripping balls. It's okay to be sad obviously. But I just felt like that trip has forever freed me from my past depression. I have never felt happier than I do now, and I owe part of that to the trip. It helped me clear my head and kind of get a fresh start (after a really shitty breakup and the problems that followed). I had been depressed for roughly a year and a half, and POOF. After that trip, it's gone forever. The universe wanted me to do shrooms that night. There were so many times where the night could have fallen through, but the trip was meant to happen.

Thank you for reading my report. I hope it was insightful and helpful in at least one way. Be a positive impact on those you love and those who love you!

Peace and happy shroomin!

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