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Million dollar trip

Million dollar trip

---------- WARNING ----------  For the experienced only.  My english and writtening is not perfect,but i hop it will be understandeble.      I  learn from few trips a lot.The trick is  how much your mind  on the trip listening  the meat of god. The more you listen the more  river bright prospective endless creative energy  flow to your existance.Its absulutly divine and it is infinite variety to develop creativity in various areas if you now how to.   I watched the movie RANGO animation week ago and this lizzard Rango is not going out of my head. I explane why.

I was in my room alone and i  was eating a meat and i was shroomdancing 
mentally and physically to control the energy of trip like always. In my dancing i wrote some notes in a book .I was just doing some records about bright river and energy that i feel this moment. The movie RANGO was playing in the background when i hear from lizzard rango---IF YOU CONTROL THE WATER YOU CONTROL THE EVERYTING--------I feelt  like the goddes Durga with 25 hands punch me in the head for wake up.From this moment  on i was in the movie.In that state in which i was i began seen movie death seuresly but on wonderfull way.In my dancing i was eyes started to close and i feel like i was literally in the movie i ve created the movie picture in my head and it was absoluty divene no words to describe.I was on flor and noise and feelings become so fucking real and when movie ends i play it aggain and aggain and aggain like some 5 times.While playing I was started to lose my sence and i just stuck in the movie because i do not have trained my mind enough.

The next day i was watching movie aggain to understand the point.And the point is that lizzard ARGO was before he went explore the world nothing.It was just a lizzard like we people are just a people.By accident  he went outside and shows his powers.Before that he didnt
how much he is able,but when he controled the water  he control the everything.We people have brains and we do not use them on all arreas.On psilocybin we use area of brains that without psylociben dont.

Mind can move mountans.We may be able to do much more than we imagine with meat.      

   I have some wish.       Eat some shrooms and go looking for water....,,,,,,,,........


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