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The Tree Of Knowledge

Cubensis, B+, Working report

For a strange reason the other version of this text, doesn´t alllow me edition, so here we go........... 

"They Have Walked a lonely road,
Walked it on, on my own...
I've seen the world, fall to it's knees
And this is me, I´m forever free.

And there is a mountain we must climb,
Dream about the day we learn to shine.
Though the pain we leave behind.
Dream about the day we learn to shine..."

                          Shine, Aly & Fila, Roxanne Emery, Roxanne Emery


The stars still shine in my mind, i will write but words can not describe the magnificence,joy,sadness,beauty........
i really don´t know, really nobody knows nothing, people is always trying to mantain themselves on ignorance, may be 
we are not prepared to see and know beyond the limited of our relations with the others, perhaps our existences will be 
extinguished by our own hand and never reach a place among the stars, or a permanence of our consciences and our ephemeral 
knowledge........Who knew that the tree of knowledge is so small.........so humble.....

It´s still dark in the dawn, in the darkness birds already sing. a little metal pot has since last night the content of a cup 
of water jar, honey to sweeten the elixir lies next to the cup; in one of the kitchen drawers in darkness lie the dried bodies 
of those little things that i have carefully cultivated, the content smells like wood and chamomile, to fresh mushrooms although 
they are already dry.......As water is heated, over a small spoon with my fingers i pulverize stems and dry hats, smell evokes of wood fog forests, fresh air; 
to boil water under the flame, pour the water content of the spoon, where i'll add few other powdered fungi; simmer the mixture is cooked, 
while I put a little honey in the cup ........
Turn off the dim lamplight of my nightstand, on my hands lies the still warm cup, trance resounds in my ears, this song prepares me, 
is my personal ritual, 

                             Christish pres. MANA - Kimochi (Simon O'Shine Remix) Suanda Music 

music notes pass while i pray for a safe journey.......on darkness with both hands hold the cup directing it to my mouth.
...... taste very good, taste old wood and honey ..................................
Under the warmth of the covers of my bed, the notes vibrate  in dark tones same distortions, it's like with acids, but no colors only those dark shades 
vibrate, notes vibrate brown, under a layer of leaves water notes vibrate, fallen dead leaves that are now my existence;
small white trees spread their filaments on those dead leaves to feed, the filaments grow as small trees to the beat of the music........are not leaves where
are growing and expanding those filaments, IT´S MY OWN MIND!!!, on my experiences, it´s over all my nerve connections where it expands softly and sweetly, 
i feel some fear, i am invading me?, no i don´t feel aggressiveness, or evil, there is something you want to connect with me.......
we are like, his structure, his mind is like my own nerves.............our nerves , our lives , our minds have been intertwined ' completely ', 
our minds are one, time dissolves, i´m not human anymore.....AND UNIVERSE EXPLODE IN COLORS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm back in the endless ocean of eyes, the ocean of consciousness which i knew with acids, this time the entry was so thin, so delicate, now the predominant colors 
are vibrant greens, are millions of like vegetal life forms that span across the worlds, more than ever i feel connected to nature,it is green, 
this is wondefull, there is an indescribable joy everywhere in this state, this time is different i feel life everywhere , life fills me in a way 
that only once had felt...........
Among the green hues , the ocean of consciousness is taking fibers forms of indigenous art, beautiful forms everywhere. Among the colors there's something 
that observes me while observe, it seems feel fear, is cautious, seeing me wonder without warnings, he shows himself. Before I've seen the beings of 
this plane, they are beings made of filaments of that reality, beings of multieyed tentacles vibrating on pulsatile colors, 
is the being that connected his nerves with me.................He is a an ancient being, somehow begin to share with me some of their memories and 
emotions ..................
Memories of unknown places in distant worlds or no longer exist , memories of peace and tranquility,memories of the wind in meadows of rare plants 
in the heat of distant suns, visions of alien beings; part of this that i feel are sensations and feelings of parts currently existing of himself 
in distant places.........it is a being who enjoys a great freedom to travel and learn. Shows me how life travel in comets and meteors, hoping to 
settle and flourish, only traces of life trigger life at the rythm of the music, feel like some seeds of life are calcined when his ship with a star collide
with a star, others sprout but die in inhospitable places between lava and toxic gases, others fall on ice or sand deserts into beautiful but deadly places, 
there are worlds like the one where now runs the existence of my physical body, where the wind blows and life bustles, where he can expand their small 
branches under the ground to make fruit search again the suns light, to feel again the rain and nutrients running through his body, to observe, 
and his spores to be cherished again by winds, i feel all what he feels, feel raindrops feed their branches, how air caresses his fruits, 
it´s an orgy of places, between dry and rotten leaves , among small beings who revel, plants that germinate and live, feel the light everywhere 
'i' see starry skies of unknown worlds and multiple places on earth, 'i' am bound to the life of another being, a being, a conscience totally unknown 
for our narrow view of the world .......... 

It makes me feel like the universe bursts with life, how million of plants grow, how thousands of small beings fetuses take form, 
thousands , millions of them , feel how life and develop, how struggle,how sex is the primordial driving force for the life, like sex make explode in colors and shapes 
all the life forms, without sex life wouldn´t exist; in the ocean of eyes, energy begin to be condensed creating chains of bright emeralds that more than shine glisten, 
are orgasms, the pleasure of millions of beings in all worlds shake the very essence of existence, some of that energy runs through my body in a wave ....
But that greatness, all that beauty has its counterpart,death always lurks, beings consume each others ......ocean of eyes distortions form DNA helices, DNA is a  
a frightening string, a sinister rosary beads of skulls, carbon atoms are skulls, links are dead bones, fallen feathers,and dead horns, shells, scales and teeths, 
life is woven with threads of death in the DNA of each creature; even the universe itself is alive,cannibalize each creature, it is cannibalizing itself, 
but at the same time celebrates the joy of the existence of every being, every little creature.........Planets collapse, toxic forms of life polluted environments , 
the same planets are destabilized , life -giving stars collapse and consume entire planets,with them all forms of life .............. .
Our consciences bind to a dying world , (I think are his memories , I feel his ' sadness ' ),a world like the mine is dying, has been slowly drowning by centuries in poison 
produced by a species out of control, pain waves of each being in that world flood us, this sadness is unbearable, my human existence is suffering , 
i can´t be high i don´t want this, i can´t continue  my travel,this is too much..............he keeps silence........open my eyes and cry................
My body is so cold , it has lowered my blood pressure ,  i have a little sugar water on the bedside table ........
Close my eyes, i'm staring at that existence level again, over that planet in this level of existence, appears a being an impressive being........an angel of death, 
like other beings in this plane is formed by millions of multieyed tentacles, in this case the distortions of colors on its eyes are purple changing to an elegant white, 
the space is bent in its path, feel death, is a kind of huge dimensional vulture ..................... that being that go after the dissolution of the lifes is formidable , 
I feel an immense respect . ..........
Its energy, its presence, is what humans feel like a god ............. When think about the 'gods', he makes me understand that the gods are not as modern humans 
think about them, on their memories i see the 'gods' are not all-powerful, and all mighty, they are beings who struggle and form alliances with multiple species, 
are scarred warriors, sages adorned with skulls and offerings taken and given from other beings, they are like tribal leaders, between them are male and female energies 
although they lack gender, are more like other forms of existence, full of emotions and passions, some of them are more powerful than the angels of death, some have 
existed beyond the universe and between the universes , one of those visions reminds me of the Hindu goddess Kali, for their enormous rosary beads made of skulls, 
rather than human arms and human face, has those tentacles full of ayes and multiple eyes in its 'face'...........
Back into a vision, one of those 'gods' unleashed in a world all reactions that lead to life, do not create every creature, only begins the process that slowly spread like 
wildfire on the surface of this world, those "gods" are generally benevolent. All beings still the 'gods' seek the permanence of their consciences after missing their physical form, 
and some of them are only consciences. He shows me again as millions of beings die and their conscience disappear.......again i cry,  it's incredible sad, 
he 'says' me, the purpose of all beings hereafter is to maintain the stability of his conscience in this ever-changing universe, all beings struggling to keep it, 
yet at some point all must return to where light and darkness meet and explode in colors, all, the greatest wisdom in the unit,sum and dissolution of all consciences ....................
At the rythm of the music shadows slowly covers the ocean of eyes............

                                  A & Z vs Flynn & Denton - Scota (Original Mix)

That little being is no longer, his true form is near, and coming, the ocean eyes off stop its vibrating colors as symbol of a great respect, 
i feel a storm, i feel the order of the storm, the order of all these drops of water in the void, feel jungles, oceans, skies, the life, I CRY OF THIS ABSOLUTE JOY.....
the greens darken, in the shadows of that plane at the rythm of an unfading march up an indescribable light approaches ........ There´s no words to express his presence, 
terrifying,incomprehensible, inapprehensible, MAGNIFICENT, thousands of faces of thousands of strange beings are part of it, a sense of beauty fills my entire existence , 
it is completely OVERWHELMING !!!!!!!!!!!!!! , burning suns seem to shine on your skin made ​​from the blackness of space,pieces of reality covers him too, 
it is magnificent , the music playing is stunning , i can only feel respect and be humble, feel many, many, emotions that lack of name,all of them flood my conscience at his presence
......... To my mind come human versions of fungi and  'inferior' beings that enslave other beings and turn them into zombies, he see my thoughts feels my fear, with 
benevolence shows me that in that state the creatures could not collaborate with him and others like he, since often the same beings carry their spores and life between worlds 
............ of all the images of my knowledge, he sees images generated by google's artificial intelligence:
- That 'being' is almost alive , almost conscious,  but don't achieve yet self-consciousness .
For my, images generated by that intelligence resemble some of the 'gods' that my guide showed me, also the images in the ocean of consciousness, he 'says' :
- Your species has merits.........
Our temporary link will be broken soon, he concentrates on music, he likes trance music, he shows me as the 'gods' create, meditate in time to the music, 
communicate through it, have fun with it, like this music, so 'we' just listen, he recall how has been at the warm of fire on many worlds in the midst of ceremonies 
where sentient beings dance to the music under the effects of his tryptamine containing fruits, recalls how he has taught through music and how part of its work it is to teach, 
to awaken the consciousness in living beings, he has also 'danced', joined with the bodies of the beings many, many, many times in the midst of joy,love, pain and hopes of the beings......
His pleasure hearing the music innervate all my physical body is an amazing sensuality, this is absolutely sexual, waves of pleasure, multiple orgasms flood 
me again and again leaving the exhausted ................... with every beat the wind, the heat, the views of those distant worlds, disperse softly like his spores gently on a sweet 
good bye .................

©Hernán Darío Bernal

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