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My first trip... 30/40gr of fresh cubes

Crazy ass experience...maybe LVL 4

This is the story of my first trip on psilocybin mushrooms.

The whole story took place in a forest and later in my house and the whole experience lasted about 9 hours due to the fact that i didnt ate them all togheter.

I and my friend starded cultivating some psilocybin mushrooms ecuador and we ended up having 70gr of fresh shrooms after the first harvest of 2 cakes.
I wanted to take them as soon as possible and i ended up deciding to take them the next day in a forest 10min away from where I live.

As it was the first trip, I brought with me 2 good friends as tripsitters and we arrived in the forest at about 10 o'clock. As soon as we were there i stardet eating the 30gr of fresh shrooms.
They tasted terribly but I got em trought anyway. I waited about 20 minutes before I felt the shrooms kicking in. I started laying on the grass of the forest and breathing. I felt like i was breathing with the nature and the trees were literally breathing with me.
Then after 10 more minutes the effects started to grow stronger and stronger. I was soon capultated in my first trip on shrooms. At about 45 from when I started to ate them ( 10 o'clock ) I was having really strong hallucination.
I felt like my legs were attached on the ground and they were connected with nature. I couldn't stop looking at the ground because I was having really strong visuals.

The sacred Shroom hitted me so fucking fast XD XD ... at first i was only having mild breathing visuals...than out of nowhere I was tripping...it wasnt a gradient thing... I JUST STARTED TRIPPING OUT OF NOWHERE.
I was blown away by the visuals I was having. I wasnt caring much about my life and stuff... it was great.

I saw a spiral type of vision. The ground in reality was pretty brownish, but i saw incredible colors morphing into a spiral sphere of orange and green spikes full of details and completely saturated.
The whole spiral started spinning and the center was changing location as time passed. I started to freak out and my tripsitters were trying to calm me down. I was feeling like I was pulled slightly in the spiral.
I looked at the trees and they were melting togheter and I was seeing incredible round circles forming of of a buinch of trees, simply indescribable....I cant even remember how beutiful they really were..
Then i looked away in another direction and i saw an incredible tunnel vision forming of of the trees. I was seeing incredible tunnel visions everywhere, the type of thing you would see in Alice in Wanderland.
I wasnt really focusing on one special thing, in fact I was pretty much just looking around and I was completely blown away by the intensity of the trip, I didnt even thought I would have seen very much visuals.
I was completely wrong.

I had forgotten most of my Ego, I completely lost track of what time it was and if my friends told me y couldnt catch up with it. I felt very much disorientated but in a pleasant way.
I was looking at the trees and the top end of the trees were melting together. I visualized nature and the planet beneath that beutiful green forest in an undescribable way...i was tripping balls for the first time :D xD.
Walking around in the forest was the most amazing thing I ever felt. It was just like walking in a fucking cloud. More like the Time-Space thing ( i will get to it later ).

After a while, ( I dont know when because I forgot of time passing ) I realized that my friends were speaking the entire time and I didnt hear a word of their speech.
I was in a very incredible mind-state, my emotions were completely melting togheter ( if its even possible )... I was experiencing many emotions at the same time and I was changing my emotions very very quick.
I was laughing and enyoing myself and after a few seconds I felted the need to cry and stuff that lasted like 3sec and than again incredibly happy ( only felt the need to cry, wasnt sad ).

I started to freak out and telling my friends. I was also having pretty inteste auditory hallucination. My friends were behind me and I felt as if they were talking infront of me and on the sides of my ears.
At about 1:15 hours into the trip i layed on the ground with my legs bended and staying up. I felt like my legs were melting into the ground and soon I started thinking that i was part of nature. I felt like i was a tree and I was growing faster and faster.
I told my friends and they started loughing really hard at me XD.

I felt the need to put my shoes away and experiencing nature bare-foot. It was incredible...I felt like I was connected even more with the environment... I didnt cared SHIT of my foots getting dirty and cold ( keep in mind...it was Jennuary)XD.
After a while of looking at the ground and at the trees my friend told me to run very fast in the forest and see was was going to happen.
So i started running as soon as i reached a certain speed I thought that my face and eyes detached from my body due to the fact that i couldnt see my body.

I was running incredibly fast and as soon as i reached a certain location I layed down in the grass. I felt like i was layed down on the spce-time surface of the universe and were i was laying it bended. I looked up at the trees and they started to change color. They became very black and the sky became white as hell.

At this point I was like about 2 good hours into the trip and my friend told me they wanted to go to a nearby gym because they were felling cold, which I wasnt strangely XD XD XD .
There was no way of convincing me of going away from that beutifull forest, but they had my phone and i was very suscettible to things happening around me so they started to walk and I was following.

I was looking at many things and simply creating a different thougt every time i changed the thing I was looking at. While we were walking I felt like I had to choose between stopping and resisting at the effects of the shrooms or to simply let go and enyoing myself and the beutiful trip I was having. I finally choose to let go and my body felt a really weird sensation of liberty and freshness.
While we were walking i saw traces of a tractor and i felt like they were the dorsal spine of a a giant snake and as soon as I realized wath I was feeling I fell in love with the shrooms-

After a while we were walking on a road kinda thing in the forest and I was experiencing really strong tunnel vision. I was walking beihnd my friends and I felt like i was stucked in a time loop of walking and walking away from something. Time seemed to slow
down and to stop and repeat itself.
After 5 minutes of walking on this same road I already felt strong time distorsions and kaleidoscopical visuals everywhere. We finally arrived at the gym and thanks god it was empty.

My friends started to talk by themselves and I was kinda beeing in my little own world. And found a mirror and I was really disappointed about my hair ( long shitty hair ) and I was just looking in the mirror and felling like my body motions were slowing down.
I started to look on the floor and I had crazy kaleidoscopical visuals of yellow patterns just moving around and connecting to eachother. I started to look at a carpet near my friends and it was incredibly detailed and shiny.
After a while ( at about 2-3 hours from when I ate the shrooms ) I started looking at the mirrors of the gym. The trees outside were morphing in really beutiful kaleidoscopical patters.
Soon I felt like the windows werent real and I started thiking that the mirrors were only paintings due to the fact that the trees outside werent moving like the carpet but they were only bilding kaleidoscopical patterns.

At about 2 o'clock my tripsitters wanted to go home. So they tried to convince me that I was feeling normal and stuff. We got out of the gym and I was looking at the mountain and they were moving in the sky and dancing in a really cool way.

I started to saw kaleidoscopical patters of flowers in the sky ( not really in colot ). We ended up walking in a street and the tunnel visions were becoming stronger and stronger. I couldent look normal. During the whole trip i was just walking with my mouth open and this incredible large pupils. I felt like my hands were morphing into the air and I started to feel warm on my hands. I couldnt walk straight because I was stopping every 10 seconds to check the amazing things and feelings happening around me.

Soon i got home and I walked straight into my bedroom. I layed on the bed and my friends walked away and letted me trip alone.
I was laying on the bad and I was having crazy thoughts going trought my mind. After 20 minutes of watching my walls breathing with my body and watching the walls transforming in kaleidoscopical patters, my friend started to text me to see if everything was alright. I texted him back writing the crazyest things. I wrote things like: "Whats dancing, I'ts just and action performed by skinsachs of animals moving their bodys at sounds created by the same individuals".
I started to loose myself in this crazy type of thoughts.

Soon I started to look at the walls and on the floor where the kaleidoscopical patterns were starting to morph into faces of people that I never met before.
I maked my room dark as hell and i started to visualise reality in a new different prospective. I conviced myself that reality was a different way of tripping. That reality way only a different type of trip and that it was only normal to me because we are used to tlive like that and that tripping was only a different type of reality. I started to smell colors and stuff.

After a good 2 hours of laying in my bed and texting with my friend i started to freak out about the emoyis of Facebook Messenger. I was feeling like they were the rappresentation of the reallife Emotions.
None of the emotions were missing and I started to loose myself in the thought that the people behind those emoyis were geniusses.

After another hours I was feeling pretty much normal. So I started to eat another 10 gr of fresh shrooms. After that I was laying in my bed and I started to see incredible saturated colors around the room. The kaleidoscopical patterns were becoming stronger and stronger. I started to walk in the kitchen to drinkl something and as soon as i arrived at the kitchen the colors of the kitchen started to change drastically.
The whole atmosphere was turning from red into yellow and then in blue to green. I was really freaked out and I started to calm myself down a bit.

I spended the next 3-4 hours just walking around in my home. I saw really strange things but to keep my story short I will only list a few of them.

I was was taking a piss in my bathroom as I saw my toilet just changing color. Normally its white like any other toiler, but this time it was changing into green and then a yellow saturated color. I felt pretty freaked out and curious about the fact.
I layed down on the couch and started to listen to music. I was having craty auditory hallucination and i was hearing the music wider but after a while I had to stop listening because I was hearing very strange sounds that I was only imaginating.
I was pretty scared and so i walked in my room again to look at the breathing walls and at the kaleidoscopical patterns. Thought I felt a bit more relaxed I started hearing strange noises and strange things. I was starting to hear music playing in my head.
In specifically I was hearing notes of Jimi Hendrix and other artist like him.

I was pretty sketched out and so I decided to sleep and wake up the next day and just be fine.


This was my first experience with any psichedelic at all and I surely dont regret it. I'm probably going to trip again and I'm really psiched about the idea.
Altrought It was my first experience with psilocybin mushrooms, it went damn good. I had little to no nausea and i didnt felt like I could experience bad or good trips.
In fact, while in the trip, I strongly felt like I was beeing an obesrver of the trip and as i couldnt experience bad or good things. I expirienced a lot of states and visuals.
And I even felt moments of eternity.
Sadly I thing that my dose was a bit too large...i mean...fucking 30 fersh grams of homemade shrooms at a firsttimer XD XD
Because of the fact that i was tripping that hard, I couldnt really think about the psichedelic thought that go by in your mind.. in fact I was having it waaay to visual.
It felt like grasping the surface of whats possible during the thoughtprocess of a trip...except for the visuals...incredible :D.
I hardly reccomend for a first-timer to take a dose of roughly 2gr. You will get good visuals and still beeing able to function and thinl cool stuff :P.

It was incredible and I really had the first taste of what a psichedelic trip is like, best SHIT EVER.

Have a good trip!

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