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high in the rain


I can remember the last time I ate mushrooms in the rain like it was yesterday, and I've told myself sense that I would never do it again. Me and a old buddy "I'll call him Joe" decided to drive up to Forks, WA. for the weekend, "this was a couple years ago, back in high school", we decided to bring a 1/2 OZ of cubensis because the natural scenery in the spring in Forks is awesome on fungi. 

We arrived late Friday night, so on Saturday morning we started the day right by eating all the mushrooms we had, just to see if we could push it to the limit.  About a hour later Joe is in the fetal position crying like a baby, and I knew we were in for a crazy trip. I was feeling great though, but I knew I wasn't capable of calming Joe down because I was borderline insane at that point of time. I go for a walk about into the woods, to come back to see Joe attempting to start a fire. Joe wanted to cook up some sausage on a fire, in the pouring rain. He though he may sober up a little with some food in his stomach.  We brought dry wood, but we had so much trouble starting a fire because we kept on roaming out of the campsite whenever something cool caught out eyes. But every time we would get off track from making the fire, one of us would come back to sanity eventually and we would regroup at the fire pit where we needed to get the fire going. We always came back to the fire, because that was the first thing that needed to be built. It took both of us about a 2 hour to actually get a fire burning consistently in the rain.

Joe cooked up some sausage "so he thought" but the meat wasn't cooked. He ate that shit and that totally fucked me up. I was convinced Joe was going to die because he ate raw sausage, and I was waiting for him to drop dead the whole trip because I was super high. I remembering asking myself that whole day "Is Joe dead yet?", because I knew he was going to die.

Camping in the rain is tough, but it's almost impossible when you have lost your mind. We tried to set up tarps to cover us from the pouring rain and it worked for awhile.  When the water filled up the tarp, the tarp fell down over my head, and I though I was trapped in a different dimension, because I couldn't see the campsite or forest, all I say was a blue tarp that was over my head.  I couldn't understand where I was, or how to get out of this trap I got myself stuck in.  The rain was pouring really hard at that point of time, so I was getting a little worried because was really loud.
 So after a couple minutes of spinning around in a circles to try to free myself from this death trap, Joe sobers up for a minute while spacing off from the fire, and pulls the tarp off of me. I fell back to sanity for two seconds to thank him, but I slipped back to crazy mode once I was set free from the tarp. I then decided that we didn't need a tarp set up, and we got super wet. I convinced myself that it would never stop raining, and that Forks, Wa would never see the sunlight again. But We had our half as fire to keep us worm though, so we would be able to survive the weekend. Everything will be "OK" is what I told myself that whole day, but I knew Joe was going to die because he ate raw sausage, so nothing was OK.

 Joe was having a bad trip, and the phrase that saved him was me telling him "mind over matter".  So the rest of the day, that was Joe's quote that he would need to tell himself when he started slipping. Joe would be rambling about something, and he would say "oh my god, mind over matter!" then it looked like Joe would sober him up for a minute, then he would fall back to crazy mode.

We set up the camp as good as we could, and for about 6 hours we were peaking. Chilling in the woods in the pouring rain talking about conspiracies, life, nature, and bunch of random crazy stuff I will not get into. Joe survived from eating raw sausage, and the sun rose again in Forks, and that was the last time I ate mushrooms in the rain.

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