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First LSD Trip

2 tabs

  This past summer three friends and I had decided we would all trip together for the first time at the Pretty Lights concert we were going to soon. 

  We had arrived at the parking lots of the amphitheater to tailgate the concert, and to buy our acid.  We had been wondering around for about 30 minutes pretty much asking everybody for some doses.  We eventually found this guy who was nervously fucking with his wallet, so we approached him knowing he would have some kind of substance to sell.  To our luck he had hundreds of tabs of LSD with him, and all four of us including me bought two tabs.  I had plenty of drug experience before this, (MDMA, DXM, stimulants, painkillers, marijuana, alcohol).  Despite having experienced many different drugs I was still pretty nervous about tripping for the first time since I had researched it many times and read about the things could go wrong.  Trying to keep these thoughts out of my mind I smoked some bowls with friends, calming my nerves completely.  When it was about time for us to get in line to go into the amphitheater all four of us dropped our first tab, I kept my other one in my wallet to hide it from security.  Within 20 minutes of taking the first tab I had an increased sense of euphoria and well-being, colors were also much brighter and vivid and everything was in intricate detail.  About 10 minutes later we close to the front of the line where we would be searched by security.  Wanting to ensure that nothing would happen to my second tab I took it and headed into the concert.  Once past security we stopped in the bathroom and got our water for the night.  After this we headed up the stairs to a row where lots of our friends were, and where we would watch the concert.  As we were climbing up the long flight of stairs I remember I had intense butterflies in my stomach due to anticipation for the LSD's effects to fully kick in, and being so excited to see one of my favorite DJs perform live.  I noticed that I started to feel like I was in an oddly unfamiliar, strange place.  This feeling didn't scare me, it instead made me feel like I was about to discover something completely alien and unexpected to happen.  We finally reached all of our friends.  I began socializing saying hi to other friends, then I settle down in the spot I will spend the rest of the show.  I start listening to the opener's simple bluegrass like music, and I enjoyed it; I began to dance.  It seemed as though this band had been playing for hours and I was waiting in anticipation to see Pretty Lights perform.  I asked a friend to see the clock and the opening band had only been playing for 15 minutes.  This was so strange to me because I had literally felt like hours passed.  Soon I was hit with a sudden desire to sit down, and I began to feel lost and extremely confused.  My mind was racing and it was a sensory overload, my sense of touch was unreal, I felt as though a million hands were rubbing me all over.  In this time the music was extremely loud, and colors were very bright, it was an extremely intense experience.  As I sat down I closed my eyes and tried to relax but my mind was racing.  When I opened my eyes,  my experience became unreal.  I looked at the ground and as I looked it began to spin and random black dots were appearing and disappearing on it.  This completely new experience made me get a massive grin on my face and I became overwhelmed with euphoria, and a connection to the music.  I stood back up and continued dancing waiting for Pretty Lights.  When it had gotten dark around (9:30 pm) my hallucinations became very real and intense.  The amphitheater the show was at is surrounded on all sides by these massive rocks.  As I looked at the rocks I saw Mayan looking carvings all over the rock that had once been completely normal.  This was absolutely fascinating to me, and as I stared deeper into these wild hallucinations they became more intense.  All of my visuals for the whole trip had an extremely mayan look to them.  On the rocks I saw massive mayan calendars whose different circular sections were all spinning in different directions.  For about 45 minutes I lost all track of time and sense and found myself lost in this new dimension.  I could not stop grinning and the intense, and beautiful happiness that was coursing through me was unreal.  As I started to come back to reality I realized that Pretty Lights was now performing.  This made me even happier and extremely excited.  I began dancing my heart out to his music feeling a connection with it deep in my soul.   As I stared at the fascinating visions that covered the illuminated rocks the hallucinations would change color to the beat of the music.  This was insanely amazing to me and my mind continued to be completely blown.  After I had begun to become more used to this completely new and intense state of being I began to have deep passionate thoughts about, friends, family, and the people I was at the concert with.  I put myself on a higher pedestal in all aspects of life than my friends and peers.  I began to feel that I had a higher sense of being than everybody, and that have experienced things and understand life in a way nobody else has or can.  I began to think about all of the people who had come to this concert just to get fucked up, and, not even to enjoy the extremely talented artist, and just the amazing experience a concert is.  It wasn't a feeling of dislike that I had for these people, but rather I pitied them.  I felt bad that they would never understand and appreciate life the way I do.  While these feelings never became my prime focus in the concert I would feel them during these sudden times that I would stop dancing and just start tripping out.  As I began to feel the music become part of me and so influential to my trip I felt and overwhelming connection to its beauty.  It was the perfect music to be tripping balls to.  I felt so connected to Derek Smith as an extremely talented artist.  I respect and love his music so much more now because of this experience and I will forever treasure this experience, as one of the most profound, and life changing events I've ever experienced.  As the concert ended I was still seeing insane visuals and tripping pretty hard.  I spent the night at a friends house with some close buddies.  We had great conversations, and laughed a lot. Communication was never difficult for me throughout my whole trip, and I easily help up conversations with my friends.  Since most of us were tripping we all stayed up all night just watching the walls morph and spin.  

This was one of the most incredible experiences of my life and I have recalled it the best that I can,  thanks for reading    

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