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The first time I ever tried shrooms

15 years old, 7 grams, insane trip

Although I am 18 years old now and have since done shrooms and LSD multiple times, my very first experience with shrooms is definitely one of the most bizarre and extreme trips that I've ever experienced. I was a sophomore in high school, and a lot of my friends had told me about how insane and magical shrooms were, so naturally I wanted to see what all the fuss was about. I had already done mdma a couple times and I was absolutely in love with it, so I was open minded to trying shrooms. I grew up in San Francisco, so getting mushrooms was just about as easy as taking the bus into Haight Street, and asking all of the hippies that we saw in Golden Gate park if they had any shrooms that we could buy off of them. It didn't take long for us to meet our guy, and he showed us a backpack filled with ounce bags of mushrooms. We had done our homework when it came to identifying magic mushrooms, so we were happy to find that the very first guy that we met had real, gold-cap mushrooms. We bought an ounce, since we were going to be a lot of people.

When we arrived at my friend's house, we all couldn't wait. We passed the bong around, and divided up the ounce into equal parts. This is the truly fucking stupid thing that we did. Instead of just weighing out the appropriate dose for each person, we split it up evenly for 5 people, meaning that each of us got about 5 or 6 grams. We were high and acting stupid, and we defiantly underestimated the power of mushrooms...

We sat around, smoked some more weed. We were all anxious and I was especially nervous to see what these shrooms would do to my perception of reality, because I had never experienced anything like it before. We decided to watch that movie about EDC on Netflix. After about 30 minutes, the lights started seeming brighter. objects around the room started to fluctuate a little bit, and I knew that I was starting to trip. I looked at my friends, and their pupils were huge. They were looking all around the room, and it looked like they were definitely tripping harder than I was already. In fact everybody was already not talking, and looking around the room seeing whatever they were seeing. I was on the couch sitting next to my friend and talking to his girlfriend, (who was the only one not yet tripping as hard as I was,) and out of nowhere my buddy's eyes roll into the back of his fucking head and he just started thrashing around for like 10 seconds. Now keep in mind that we were just beginning to start hallucinating for the very first time ever so this freaked us the fuck out. After he finished convulsing he lied there, breathing but eyes closed. I looked at his girlfriend.

"Did ____ just have a seizure?!"
"Oh my god what do we do??"

My friend opened his eyes. At first he couldn't say anything, but we kept asking him if he remembered his name and after about 30 seconds he came to and answered us. We never called an ambulance or anything for him since we knew he could't die from an overdose of shrooms, and we decided that we were in no state of mind to deal with this right now so we agreed to deal with it when our trip was over.

Immediately after my friends seizure I started tripping balls. I looked at the tapestries on my friend's walls and they seemed to be coming to life and moving. The artwork of Ganesha on the wall seemed overpowering when I looked at it, and all of the colors around me were overwhelming. My friend said he felt sick and needed to throw up, so I stood up and helped him get to the nearest bathroom. Walking was an Olympic task as every step that I took, I looked down at my legs and it looked like my feet were several stories lower than my waist. We brought a blanket, and me and him sat against the wall by the bathroom, so he could crawl to the toilet when he felt ready to throw up. I stayed near him so I could be there if he had another seizure, but the massive dose that I did was hitting me extremely hard. Everything that I looked at seemed to be distorted kind of like a kaleidoscope, and before I knew it I couldn't talk at all. It was like I was locked inside of my own brain--and I soon realized that all of my friends had this condition too. No one could say anything, and all of us were losing our minds.

I suddenly felt nauseated, and like a robot, my body moved itself by methodically crawling to the toilet where I could throw up. In between heaves I would look at the floor of the bathroom and how it would swirl and twist around, and I looked out of the open bathroom door to my friend sitting against the wall and saw 3 of him... He told me afterwards that when he looked at me throwing up he saw me from the perspective of the top of the door-frame looking down. He never actually threw up.

With a little bit of the shrooms out of my system, I was able to walk my friend and I into the room with the rest of my friends. They all looked like zombies still watching the EDC movie, seeing the part where all of the people who overdosed on drugs were carried out on stretchers....great material to watch while freaking out on 6 grams of shrooms.

Then one of the girls broke down crying and said she was freaking out. She stood up and went to get the mom of the girl who's house I was at. The mom came down and talked to us, lucky for us she's a total hippie and a really great and smart woman. She talked us out of our bad trip, and told us to focus on the outside world. She took us outside where it was sunny, and we talked to some of her friends from Burning Man. They thought it was hilarious that we were all freaking out on shrooms and they turned out to be pretty cool. At the end of the 6 hours, 3 of us were still tripping to some degree, not necessarily visuals, but that "shroom mindset" that mushrooms give you. They took a small dose of xanax, and went to sleep it off.

What we learned:
You can always eat more, you can't ever eat less
It's probably better to trip outside on a sunny day, instead of inside watching the EDC movie

As for my friend that had the seizure, he turned out to be okay for a couple days after the experience but after 5 or so days he began to suffer from some (what I'm guessing is post-traumatic) anxiety. We all got this kind of "anxiety" for a while afterwards, but him in particular actually said he saw visuals still, like objects forming in the negative space on the leaves of a tree, or a certain area looking zoomed out or zoomed in, or something in his peripheral vision. All of his symptoms pretty much fit the bill for HPPD, an "unproven" dissorder that can happen to some people after taking psychedelics. But all of his hallucinations, we would remind him, are just in his head and that he was sane still, blah blah blah. He went to therapy for a little while, and his HPPD, just like everything else, passed in time. It definitely was a life-changing experiance for all of us, but I think that we were all panicking too hard to really start experiencing ego-death and the universe.

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