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Amanita Muscaria: A Dangerous Sleep?

Don't panic........you can't....under anesthesia


So probably a NDE (Near Death Experience) - but not in a good way if you ask my wife. If you ask me, somebody disturbed the sequence to reveal a plot to make reality happen.

Body:     Male 50years 92Kg
Dose:     14g dried in broth. Still tasted like sweaty socks despite one full cube of chicken broth

So I had a trip that was cool during the day. It was wearing off and I was about 9 hours in so I decided to do a goodnight sleep tight dose of Amanita Muscaria (I find it's good for sleep - or we would never have Gaboxadol :)). So the dose was a 'If I wake up tripping in the middle of the night - well so what' kinda dose - 14g. I never found the effects to be strong as a sedative - but read this and you will know.

00:00   Drink 14g of broth and watch TV. Writing a doc at the same time.

01:00   The doc writing gets difficult (and boring) so I lie down on the sofa and shut my eyes. Too late! Sleep - The killer sedative strikes like a ninja!

02:00   My wife finds me at 12 midnight and I'm asleep. Thanks to my wife who watches me as I sleep, I can tell you about the anesthetic and sedative effects of Amanita Muscaria. I think I might possibly have died 'under anesthesia' if it hadn't been for her. The problem is, I have a sleep sickness which results in difficulty breathing - sometimes my breathing stops and I wake up gasping for breath. So I start emitting a very loud snore or hicup (never before described by my wife, who is not sure whether or not it was my tongue that was so relaxed that it was inhibiting my breathing in a new way). She is used to this sickness and the noises that I make - but the hic was new. My sickness or problem is very slight, many people have this problem and anyone who snores should consider themselves a candidate for a potentially dangerous sleep on Amanita Muscaria. Luckily I have asked for a machine that I can use to help my sleep, but I often sleep without it - as I feel and I'm told (by my wife) that it comes and goes. Tonight I am sleeping without it, but I fell into this sleep by the hand of the Ninja Muscaria - it wasn't planned and even if it was, I had no plans on using my machine. My wife at this point is sewing and reports that I start to lose breath in my sleep (nothing unusual). I should have thought about this before taking 14g of dried Amanita Muscaria - but I am a FOOL and I didn't - My wife doesn't know that I took an extra dose - I told her that I had the daytime trip, but I didn't tell her about the goodnight sleep tight mushrooms. DON'T DO LIKE I DID IF YOU HAVE DIFFICULTY BREATHING WHILST SLEEPING TELL SOMEBODY YOU DID AMANITA MUSCARIA ALWAYS. Unknown to me, I have fallen into a body numbing anesthetized sleep.

03:00   I stop breathing (Nothing unusual here for my wife). I'm lucky she's a light sleeper, and that I keep her awake with the noises that I make. She comes downstairs when she can't hear me breathe because when I sleep - you can hear it! She notices (as a nurse) that my muscles are only twitching and not waking me up as they usually do when I gasp for breath. She has lots of experience watching patients on sleeping machines - in some cases the patients are sedated and this is why her testimony is so real to me now. My chest and arm muscles usually go into spasms before I gasp for air she reports, but now they are only twitching and there is no gasp of breath for longer than normal. She says it's must be over a minute. So she pokes me immediately. I'm OUT, but start to breath. She knows I had mushrooms earlier in the daytime, so she works out that I might be more heavily into sleep than normal. This is confirmed when she shakes me, and tries to wake me but nothing works. I know now that I am actually into quite a numbing sleep at this point and that I might not even feel her touch, literally like a tooth that has had an anesthetic after an hour where the effect is still noticeable - maybe even completely numb to any touch - she didn't wake me in any case and so she gets worried. So she watches over me.

04:00   I stop breathing again. Again there are no attempts from my body to go for a gasp of breath for way over a minute. Approaching two minutes, she panics, gets me breathing again and wants to wake me to tell me about it. She punches me, slaps me, nips me and tries very violently to wake me, but I'm out for the count. In her words she 'tried for hours'. Total anesthesia. She can't wake me and realizes that something is wrong. She knows me, and guesses that I did more. Nice guess honey (it wasn't a guess - she found the remnants of Muscaria Chicken broth). She goes upstairs and brings down the breathing machine that I use. She hooks me up to it, and plays Florence Nightingale - watching me as I sleep.

05:00 I barely remember speaking to her. Telling her that 'this is normal'. EDIT - She tells me now (19hrs ) that I said nothing that could be considered understandable language until at least 10hrs (which means the next bit is wrong, but I left it in for example). I remember this clearly as if it was not a dream - but it was.

05:45   07.30am. My wife watched over me all night. She was even worried when I got onto the machine (I've worked that out now). She reports a stronger breathing as the machine does less and less work over time. She has been slapping me and trying to wake me every now and again for the last 3 hours but nothing wakes me. At 7.45am she slaps me again and I finally gain consciousness. I remember her sitting on a chair by the sofa. I'm way off and half conscious but manage a 'Hello'. She must have been asking how I was feeling - I remember I say - 'I feel fine', but I feel as though that was what I said last night. I confuse last night with now and time seems to be running backwards as I approach the point of intake. I can't work out what's happened because I dream of my wife waking me and sitting beside me. It's all jumbled with questions and she's shaking me too. 'I'll be alright - I can go past the point I took them'. I convince her that I'm OK even though she says I don't make sense. Eventually, after several exchanges she tells me to go upstairs and sleep with the machine. She has taken the machine upstairs, so I go up and hook in. EDIT - none of those exchanges ever happened in reality. I only think that I spoke to her - it was real to me I swear.

Somewhere between 06:00 and 08:30  I wake with the mask (pushes air into your lungs - not oxygen, just air) wondering why I have it on. There was some good reason I seem to remember. Did I put it on? I try to work out if the whole thing was a dream - I can't remember how I got into bed or how I got the mask on. All I can remember is the chair and my wife, also her shaking me and trying to wake me, but I also have a memory of the chair and pillow without my wife in it.
  Time is OK in this part of the trip, but as for the reality - Did she do those things? Whilst writing this I'm thinking if she will  be bugging me for the rest of my life about the time 'I had to wake you on mushrooms or you would have died' type thing. So back to the timeline - I still think that it's a dream because now I'm into a nice trip and can't really tell the difference what is real. I get two realities running side by side - one is the reality of a bad trip, but I think it's a dream because I feel great right now. In the dream I died earlier (even though at this point there had been no speak of death) and time is running backwards towards death. I got the same dream of a point of death in an earlier trip last week, so it would explain why I thought I died in that trip in the near past (I was going to die maybe in this one? - and time DOES run backwards on AM?). My arm is very painful (I have stitches in one arm). The good trip is so good - I'm happy I'm in this one and it's more physical, the pain is gone (anesthesia) but the bad one is just as real but coming through in flashes of a dreamlike state - something that might have happened in realistic visions of some now that keeps happening now and again. I guess my mini-trauma wife experience belongs in the bad trip - it's like bad news so it belongs in the bad trip. So I go to sleep thinking it never happened.

08:30   I wake with no pain anywhere. Still in anesthesia (or is it euphoria) now, I feel GOOD and figure out that the good reality is here, but at the same time what happened with my wife is all very real now that I am back from the depths of semi consciousness and can work out what little I know of it at this point. The pain is gone - good. The trip is here - good. Reality is here - bad I think, so I go in to talk to her and find out as I was still unsure at this point. She's half asleep and not in the mood to talk. I tell her she woke me in a trance, and that it's normal to wake up in a dream, that's when I should be awake, thanks, sorry if I didn't make sense, dream reality etc. etc. She says nothing except - 'You were far away' - so I guess that clinches it.
09:00 I still don't know the details yet. I think that she woke me, I told her I was ok and went to bed. Knew nothing of what had really happened. So I drink some urine - dare I say it? tastes quite good in this state. Definitely drinkable. (I can't believe I did it). I want to feel like this for ever. Although - the entire left side of my head is slightly numb from the last batch of dried AM, I can 't feel it as well as the right side. The left hand is shaking but not stabbing as before (maybe the weak effect after 11 hours). I should have stopped really, I realize this now, but it's too late now.

11:30   I get to talk to my wife who at the best of times is very quiet, un-sensational and her own best editor. I figure now (13 ) that I'm in the doghouse as I had to try very hard to get information out of her. I tell her that I really want to know, it's missing information for me, so she tells me about everything that happened and I can piece it all together. I still don't realize until writing this, that she might have saved my life (by my own admission to her fact). I believe that the Amanita Muscaria is literally a mind and body numbing anesthetic. I took it to keep down the pain in my arm and to help me sleep (which it does brilliantly). What it did is numb my body so that when I slept - I could feel nothing - my wife couldn't even wake me if she tried, and she did try!

13:00   After (cough) drinking my urine earlier this morning. I can feel magnetism in my hands, and it's moving again - The power of the wormhole. The whole body is moving in sync with it - like being on a ship at sea. Waves of magnetism move and I can feel the off balance in my body. According to my hands, it's spherical in shape (not too active - or far away and big). Probably explains the sickness - or maybe my urine is coming on (yeah that's it - it's growing. Best write what happened before the stabs start)  It's difficult to describe. Ah - it's an elevator going up - it might want me to sleep again, because this might happen in the subconscious. Not right now thanks mystic guiding power.

13:30   Got a little carried away in some super lucid dreams (with the machine) but I'm back from the edge of sleep - where the hallucinations are happening. You can do this on way less than 14g. Urine is subsiding. Ok so I wrote this post too. Right now, mainly the left side of my head is noticeably numb - whereas the left and right sides were distinctly numb an hour ago. This works for my arm too - which is starting to hurt again. This time I'm going for Paracetamol, a breathing mask and I will succumb to the calling hand of the power (who wants me to take an elevator).

15:00 - 17:00 More lucid dreaming - but I promised not to tell about it. There is an intelligence that was not happy at the thought of sharing details. The waken part of me was trying to remember the experience for later, and 'it' was not happy.

CONCLUSION   A great trip. Separating the trip from the experience - the trip was good - the experience not. Nice relaxed state with minor visual trippyness and some epic time displacements and late into it - lucid dreaming. Two very real realities during the real sleep and semi-consciousness. I realized a couple of things because of this.

- I am a total wanker at times.
- I should have said something to my wife for her sake and mine.
- My wife is an angel.
- I am lucky in many ways.
- Amanita Muscaria is a TOTAL sedative and anesthetic.
- You don't have to do a lot to get into lucid dreaming. It happens on the back end of the sedative. When you won't fall asleep if you shut your eyes. Doing more just makes you sleep longer and might be dangerous (like an OD of sleeping pills)

 I'm not sure if this is at all safe even WITHOUT breathing problems during sleep - to be in a sleep so deep that you are under total anesthesia. Amanita Muscaria certainly does this. Plus it has a reputation for puking in the early stages before sleep takes over, so fasting might be a good idea invented by the shamans of the past to prevent you from possible death by puking on your own vomit during Muscaria enduced sleep - I would recommend it - and I will do it from now on - this substance should be given respect - it is very powerful. Most all reports I read go from puking into periods of deep sleep before the 'Trip' on awakening.  I found the trip is not very visual (with open eyes) and the emotions are totally numbed - even when newly woken from anesthesia I have total control over any emotional reaction and I am as sharp as I am now (edit - not true, it didn't happen. I thought it was reality though). In fact on AM I am devoid of any emotion - numbed. The trip I'm looking for is like the healthy feel of Psilocybin for the goodness of my entire body and mind - emotions and all, whilst awake. Amanita Muscaria - is literally like watching a trip on television, and like TV it sends you to sleep eventually. You never get to 'feel' it emotionally first hand. To get even close to a level of a visual Psilocybin trip on Muscaria - you would have to go through a SERIOUS anesthesia - literally. Muscaria numbs bits that probably shouldn't be numbed - even when you are finally awake in the tripping phase, you can feel the numbing effect of Muscaria, even in your mind, your hands and anything else that is capable of sensory input. Maybe it's going a bit far to suggest that I would have died under anesthesia - but I could have. Let's say I was under anesthesia and heavy sedation and I had problems breathing - would my breathing resume unaided under anesthetic? if you ask my wife - no. If you ask me - yes. If you ask an anesthesia nurse - I don't know what she would say, but she would definitely say what I am saying now - that you should not sedate with Amanita Muscaria if you have breathing problems whilst sleeping (snorers beware!).
 I'm still grateful to my wife, who in reality TWO (this reality was a bad trip, with pain, where I died in a dream) because we'll never know about that reality and how far it came into THE reality. I'm grateful because she watched over me like the beautiful person she is. In reality ONE I got over it, and my wife was impossibly trying to wake up somebody who had taken a heavy sedative.
 Next time I won't do as much, I will tell her or somebody else and I will sleep with my mask and machine. I wouldn't dare sleep without it again now, as my twitching uselessly sedated muscles weigh heavily on my mind.

Now to smooth things out with the wife ????  :)

Please post a comment - I would like to hear your view, especially if you have tried AM. Thanks.

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