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The craziest night of my life on mushrooms

5 grams of high quality gold caps

So last night I ate 5 grams of very potent gold cap mushrooms, at this point I had limited experience with mushrooms as I had tripped only 3 times. 
OK so... me and my friends  were celebrating  our post grade 12 summer (keep in mind that me and all my friends  still live with our parents so we have to hide our drug use)
Me and all my friends  were at my house  (cause my mom wasn't home) swimming and smoking weed when another friend showed up with an ounce  of mushrooms. He ended up selling the whole ounce within minutes of getting  to  my house. We waited about an hour to ingest the mushrooms because I wanted to make sure I could stay out the whole night. As my friends swam and waited for the mush to kick in I just sat back and watched and cleaned up the poolside. I knew the mushrooms were kicking in because as we were all leaving my friend left his skateboard rolling on the ground and for several  seconds  I experienced a clear visual hallucination of a black cat walking backwrds. From there we left my house and began walking to our favorite  blazing spot, a bridge next to the forest. On my way to the bridge I saw a few other friends filling up the gas tank and I went over to say hi. When I looked in my reflection  on my friends glasses I experienced a very brief out of body experience (like less than ten seconds). I didn't notice anything until we got to the bridge and we went to look under and we all saw a dude under the bridge so we went into the  forest right next to the bridge. As we began walking the trail my friends an I sparked up a fatty as we walked to a big hill in the trails. At first I felt uneasy in the woods but the feeling quickly passed. By the time we arrived at the hill it was beginning to get dark. Once I arrived at the hill I sat with my friends as I watched the peak come on. I remember looking down the hill I started to see weird shapes in the grass at first then a while later (at this point I lost track of time for the rest of the night) I began to see full on geometric patterns at the bottom  of  the hill. As my friends began to leave I went with them, I recall one friend wanting to go to the circus because it was at the end of the trail we were on and he thought it would be fun. At some point on this journey (I think when we were on the hill) this really shady dude on a long board started following  us and talking to us like he was one of our friends. He was a cool guy I found out at the end of the night but for most of my trip he just seemed shady. So as my friends and I were brought to the circus by my other friend we ended up splitting up. I was glad this happened because I though it made me and my other friend look less suspicious  when the cops rolled by on bikes and tried to talk to us. Even though I was tripping the hardest I made sure that I was the one who they spoke to cuz I'm really good at not losing my shit or freaking out. After the cops left us we instantly  called the rest of our friends who ended up just being down the trail. When we met up again we were at the circus. So the circus was closed but we met a elephant handler. We started talking to him and he let us take a picture with one of the elephants. Someone told him we were on shrooms and he started talking to us about drugs. He showed my friend some really shitty wax (it just smelt like res) then he started tripping because he though we stole his wax. We blazed a joint with him to show that we were cool and we didn't take it when he brought us to his truck. This guy had needles everywhere. He asked us If we knew where to get heroin. We said that we don't mess with that stuff and he started freaking out again so we left on a trail that went along a river . This is when I noticed my one friend started to act different. Everyone was feeling good and I think that we had all passed our peak by now when my friend just started to repeat I'm on mushrooms then he just kept saying the word mushrooms. We started to go back to the bridge because we knew no one would be there. I think it was 11 or 12 at this point . My friend started repeating "the green bridge" over and over now. Me and my friend tried to comfort him, we played his favorite  song because  he loves rap. He seemed to have calm down but every time the music stopped he started saying green bridge again. We figured that the best thing to do was go to the bridge cuz we figured he'd know where we were. Once we got to the bridge my friend was completely  into the music, I think he though he was eminem. so we spent an hour at the bridge smoking pot when my friend who was tripping out said he wanted  to do a popper and that he wasn't high anymore, he started to seem and act normal so we let him do it. All was well until we all had to go home. He forgot who he was and shit again. Me and my  one friend who was watching him started wondering  what to do. We couldn't leave him to get home on his own  he was far from his house and he didn't know where he was. I said that I would make sure he got home safe because he had an ounce of weed on him and I had a smell proof container. He also had a bunch of stuff that I held onto for him. I found a twenty dollar bill on the ground and I felt saved because  I could now call a cab for my lost friend. As I stood up to leave the bridge to bring my friend to the bus stop I Instantly got hit with a huge body load . I couldn't see for a minute and I felt like I was gonna throw up. All I know is seconds later I was landing face first on the ground. I took a minute then I was completely fine ( I always have an experience like this when I trip. I think it's the trip leaving  my system.) As we left the bridge the cops rolled up and asked what we were doing. My one friend talk to the cop and I stood back with my friend who was tripping to make sure he didn't freak out (at this point I got a little scared too cuz the police were right there talking to us and I was holding all my friends  weed and shit. We finally were able to get the taxi and I dropped him off at his house and gave him all his stuff before getting a ride home. 

I haven't talked to my friend since the trip last night, I'm gonna make sure he's all good later today.

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