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Lost in Downtown

Where am k

So, I was trying to go to the How Wierd on Howard st. In Sf, because last year, when i went, I said I wanted to go on mushrooms. I was pretty excited this year to go, also because I was meeting up with a girl I really liked. I get off BART at Powell st. to meet up with my friends (who live in oakland) and make the 4 block walk down to the festival. i decided to take my gold caps early because I figured they wouldn't be hitting for at least a little bit. I took the entire 8th without really thinking twice about it, because honestly I've done mushrooms plenty of times before, but I've never had gold caps before this day. We get to the festival, and to our discust,  they were charging to get in. Extremely annoyed, we decide to take our party else where, and just walk around this city for a while. We end up at Pier 39 and sat on a bench sraring at the water and talking for about 30 min. Then we starting walking down the piers, and when we get all the way to peir 1, it's starting to get late so my friends decide to be fancy, and take the ferry home. by the time they leave, I'm at full trip. After standing there aloof for about 30 more min, I realize that my phone is almost dead and Im not 100% sure where I am anymore. I know that being lost while being this high is a horrible idea, so to avoid a bad trip, I just start walking along side the water until I hit something I recognized again. And what a walk it was. All the sounds from the trolley and cars and people and waves and wind just whipping around my face practically to the point of being able to see them. and the colors of the land and water and things morphing and bleeding, and the breathing patterns upon breathing patterns elimunating each solid surface. I thought I had my musicynes in for a second but it was all just playing in my head. it was so amazing I had forgotten I was slightly lost. Eventually, I remember that I was supposed to be meeting up with that girl that day, so with the little charge on my phone I have left, I decide to call her. Amazingly,  she picks up. She is tripping balls. She apparently ate 1/4 oz of shrooms, and 3 hits of acid. So, obviously with both of us tripping, it was extremely hard to figure out a plan to find eachother. After reminding ourselves that our phones were almost dead, we decide to meet at Powell mall because we can charge our phones there anyway. Shortly after getting off the phone, what do I find? Howard street. And as soon I see that sign, the 8-bit Super Mario song at the end of every level when Mario would jump and slide down the flagpole, played on my head so loud I practically jumped upon hearing it. Anyway, I now know where I am. Desperate to get to this girl before our phones died, I hopped on Bart to get there faster. Without really looking, or paying attention, I get a train and just wait, as i would always do on a train. But after about 5 or 10 min of no stops, i started to get a bit worried, and looked at the map. Turns out i got on a non stop train going towards oakland. As soon as I figure that out, I call the girl up to let her know, and it turns out she has gotten on the wrong bus and was a bit lost herself. it's almost 8 o'clock now and we both are tripping a hard nut, just trying to find eachother. I get off at the next stop and this is of coarse where my phone dies, in downtown oakland bart While I'm tripping my hardest. So to avoid a bad trip, I just sit down, play music on my head, look forward and try to figure out what that pattern could be. Finally, I get on my train, but for some reason, instead of getting off at Powell to immediately going into the mall, I get off at the same stop I got on at. (So basicslly, I wasted about 2 and a half hours).You wouldn't be able to believe this, but I kept getting higher. I walked slow and steady feeling as though I was soaked head to toe with warm water. The amount of warped reality is almost too much to put into words. Unfortunately it was dark, and it is Downtown for sf, so getting inside was a priority to me at this point. But the problem was, was that everything looks different and new when you're tripping, you can't find anything, even if you've been there a million times. So going on 9, I remember that Powell connects to the mall and get in through that way. I charge my phone in the nearest plug whole and sit and the ground and Wait. after reading for a bit, drawing, and just plain looking around and enjoying my trip, I decide to check my phone Andon't try to call her. I do, I do, and she doesn't answer. Disappointed, high, and exhausted, I unplug my phone despite its 8% charge and take bart back to Daly city, and take the bus back to Pacifica (which is where I lived back then). BUT WAIT. Of coarse theres one more opstical my shroomed out brain had to overcome. Bus's don't run that late on weekends. So I text and call with the 4% I have left everyone I can until I get a reply, and finally when I do, my phone dies. Coming down a bit harsh, preparing to sleep outside, 30 min later I hear a honk and it gives me so much relief. I get inside, and lay down in the back trying to adjust my high. 

The moral of this story is, don't get lost on shrooms. And never under estimate shrooms.

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