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Wonderful Trip with a good friend

7 grams B+

Ok so first of all I want to tell you why I started to take shrooms regulary (every second weekend)

Since I first read about the so called "magic mushrooms" I was very interested in them. 
Before I took them I was drinking alcohol and smoked weed. But I always thought that there has to be
a better alternative to this, espesially to alcohol. So I started to grow shrooms. And I believe that I can say:
I found this alternative.

So now my report:

Me and a very good friend of mine met on friday, I ate roughly 7 grams, he ate around 4 grams.
He started to feel the effects very quickly, while I was still eating my shrooms. I was worried.

But once we went outside, I started to feel the effects, everything began to vibrate. 
We went to a river, a bridge to be precise. The way to the river was beautiful, the trees grew larger and larger
and were glowing. Even the path we were walking on was glowing. 

Once we arrived at the bridge I sat down and decided to smoke a cigarette. I dont know how to explain it,
but when I am on shrooms, cigarettes taste different. Some other report I read said it tastes like you are smoking
pure energy. I think I will go with this.

It was dark when we were outside, but this didnt stop the trip from becoming stronger.

At some point I thought to myself :"I want to watch the sky". So I layed down at the bridge and looked up to the sky for god knows how long.
All over the sky were lights, not stars, just lights and chains of violet light with a green aura. I was a gift to look at it. 

After this, my friend and I decided to go for a walk in the woods (great Idea, recommend it to everyone who hasnt done it yet!)
It was at this point that the shrooms really took over my head. I began to saw violet and green spikes coming out of the ground, although I dont know 
if "spike" is the right word, It is just what it resembled the most. My friend began to be scared, he said he gets a bad trip very fast. So always when it was really dark he would just grab me by 
my backpack and follow. It was kind of funny. So we ended up walking along said river, and it seemed like we were walking along it for an eternity. I remember saying: "How long are we
walking by this river already?" But it didnt matter, the river was beautiful so we didnt care. 

I began having a headache and sweated like I do when I am training, I asked myself why this headache and the sweating?
Then I rememberd that I didnt dring for nearly 5 hours. I told it my friend and he immediatly said I have to drink. I did, everything was fine again.

After maybe 5-6 hours we began to walk home, and even though the visuals were mostly over, it still looked nice. 

Overall it was a great trip, but it kind of annoys me that my friend seems to have a trip as strong as mine even though he ate less than me.
I dont know if it has something to do with my weight, he is about 20 kg lighter than me.

But this doenst matter so much, we both had a good trip and are sure about doing it again once my shrooms are ready.

Thank you for reading shroomery, I love this community :P

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