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shroom to be president

stropharia cubensis

I went to boarding school and that's why I wanted to eat mushrooms. I'm african american and happy that I'm african American. I'm watching TV and I see the president is black, but why? I'll tell you why. My boarding school is one reason and psychedelics are another. I tried LSD for the second time "bluemoon" like 2 weeks before this experience before ever having tried mushrooms. My first mushroom trip was what turned the TV into my culmination of knowing where the black race was at being president. We were right where we needed to be.

I wasn't in college in 2007, but that's what I think. It was just boarding school all over again. When I had acquired an $80 bag of shrooms from a source, it was the worst day of my life knowing that I never graduated boarding school. This is what I'm talking about. I was writing this and someone said, "I'm not interested," and thwhich is why you're not alive. It isn't not the end according to my headmaster.

I waited for roughly 2 years before eating the shrooms and reading the shroomery for 1 year and books like Teremce McKenna for another year, I believe it was the end of my race. I read all his books before the experience and Mircea Eliade's book shamanism. I read psychology and alchemy by Carl Jung amongst other books. I wouldn't eat them because I thought mushrooms made you gay and homosexual is what I'm talking about and I wanted to have sex before. I'm sure some girls are saying that I'm still gay because they're jealous of what my potential experience could mean. All I need is a little help to have sex and get out of my neurosis like LSD personality, but they refuse. "That's what I did for some guy," is what some girl said after I edited this report and that's why I'm pissed off, lol. That's what my life is like nowadays. Before it, turns out I had sex twice. Spring rolled around at the same time and I couldn't stop hearing that pink floyd verse in my ear saying, "come on it's time to go."

I left in a rush, little to say, only a week after my second sexual experience hoping to know who I am. I didn't know if I was famous, but I do know famous people. If I didn't trip the girl wouldn't like me anymore because that's what she was about. The one friend I did trust who I would've wanted to trip sit lived like 8 minutes away, but I got scared that I had waited too long and he wouldn't like me. That's part of what I'm talking about in my race. That we're not popular based on what I did. I don't look like Michael Jackson, but that's who I am. He isn't alive anymore, but I know why. I didn't see him on myspace. The only reason you're waiting is because you don't have a myspace. This is the end. Movies are killing you, the space station is killing you, I'm killing you, my headmaster is killing you, my friends from boarding school are killing you and I've been away for far too long. I haven't seen them in 11 years.

T is a friend of mineand that's who I'm talking about. He thinks he's gay, but he's just talking about when he's dead and that's the point if you can survive through the ages and be remembered. In history I'm not anybody, but I wanted to be. I ate 1 gram of a strain of stropharia cubensis and that's when I knew history ended. According to Terence Mckenna, history ended and I started fighting brad pitt and I don't know if you can help me. I'm not in troy, but I don't think he's anybody. He isn't Jeff Bridges, but I know he want's to hurt him. Mushrooms isn't brad pitt, that's what's LSD. Now this is what I have to say. H helped me on LSD, but Jeff Bridges isn't going to be my friend is what I think. It's a show, my personality towards Jeff Bridges. I'm not in history, but Tony is. I never ate mushrooms the way he did, but I know some trip reports were talking about me and they're going to in the future.

It was around 3 pm I'm not sure the exact time of day and my headmaster's counterpart told me on LSD where to be. I went to some building on campus. Someone saw me and that's the tragedy of why I have to write this because I used to be rich in boarding school compared to Cal State Fullerton. This is how poor I am, 1 person on mushrooms. Don't see anyone on mushrooms.

  That's the first time I ate mushrooms! I wasn't happy because I wanted to wait for 7 years. I hate kristen and that's who brad pitt is fighting me for, but he isn't anybody. I hurt brad pitt because I didn't know who he was trying to make me. That part where Hector comes in and he said, "It's too early in the morning for killing princes," and that's where I'm fighting him because I didn't know where I was on mushrooms. I was in his movie and he wasn't my friend, but he used to be. I was supposed to go right and I went left the way he evaded Hector. Brad pitt writes something about me on facebook.

That's when the trip went wrong? I had a vision of 2012 where I ran around the campus in a fiery scene only to be placed in the future off a jet plane in another country smoking peyote throwing up a smoke signal that I couldn't eat mushrooms anymore. After a night of lucid wonder how I was Nick Jonas in the music video Burnin up, avoiding lasers, but it was just caution tape. I came first. Flipping over them, I was so happy. It was the end of my race. I'm not athletic, but I've never felt more athletic in my life. I got chased by a raptor in the Jurassic Park movie and I thought it was that girl in the future. The dorm room's front door was left open for me.

 I woke up the next morning and ate like a cap and started going crazy in my head a little bit. I couldn't be telling this if I never went. It was happening to me. My life was going in a limbo. They were writing things about me on facebook and trying to kill me. I misplaced a book, but it was just something they wrote about me. I hate facebook and that's what I needed. If you're reading this and don't have a facebook, you aren't alive. That's all this is about.

To make a long story short, my roommates fought me that weekend for God knows what reason. Tripping in the facebook, I couldn't survive. Hayden had a facebook, but he wouldn't tell me that. See how nice I am. =) I got confused and left the dorm room to avoid fighting my roomates. Hating isn't my thing, but my roomates were from public school and they've never felt that kind of love. I got arrested in the dorm out of LSD and on mushrooms, but the cop saw me as someone who was going to be famous. In jail I thought I was brad pitt, but after jail I fought him and I haven't stopped. He's dead if I think he is. 4.3 grams of shrooms later at my house, I thought I saw a drawing from my boarding school in a tapestry of my carpet, but that's all I ever saw on mushrooms. It was the same difference as a lie and I don't know if you life, but Hayden is a liar. There was no ranch and no friendship, mushrooms. I got arrested again. In jail I saw an alien. I'm not lying and I don't think I was hallucinating. Aliens are friendly is what I think and I haven't stopped being its friend. I hate people who don't want to help you on mushrooms and that's why I had a bad trip. LSD isn't a joke, but mushrooms aren't that friendly. A girl isn't a mushroom, LSD mimicked mushrooms and brad pitt's a mimick. I am famous is what some people I know say. I just jack off.

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