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A foolish, yet fascinating trip with my mom in the house

Level 4

   The entire weekend I've felt like I had food poisoning, and having recently just bought a 1/4 of shrooms I told myself that I would take off the following Monday sick or not, napping or tripping (this would have been my second time with shrooms). The morning of I was feeling better but there was only one problem, my mom stayed home as well. 

     Around 9 am I decided, fuck it, it's time to trip. I went into my basement and prepared, I had music, cheesecake, my parrot for comfort, super smash bros on my 3ds, a notebook, and giant thick blanket. I soaked an eighth into lemon juice for a half hour while I played super smash bros. I then proceeded to gulp it down with some sugar and water leaving about .8 worth in the cup. I kept playing smash until the effects began. Within ten minutes I was laughing hysterically writing in my notebook some complete nonsense while listening to So Real by Jeff Buckley. I had a conversation with my parrot and decided to start recording a half hour video of me going insane and lost in time. 

     I started to feel like I was in hell, but hell to me at the time seemed like a fairly decent place, but still I wanted to go explore a different world, upstairs, or heaven as I thought of it atm. It took me 3 tries to walk up the stairs because every time id look up into my white basement door I would feel a giant lightning strike feeling in the back of my head that was followed by a giant wave of euphoria, leaving me crazed and drooling on the floor. Surprisingly that made me want more shrooms, so I drank the rest of the cup and ate the head of a shroom dry, which tastes amazing. The journey upstairs made me body heavy as if I was leaving my body in the basement. My kitchen was a completely different world everything was so clean I thought to myself, everything is so perfect. I turned on the sink and laughed very loudly which made me think immediately how my mother was upstairs watching Netflix on the second floor and I needed to be quieter.

      My dogs started to whine, so I took out my pit mix and started petting and playing with her, what a beautiful and magnificent creature I thought, my hand on its giant pit bull face made me think I had baby hands, which made me jump up and check the mirror to see if I was a baby, looking into the mirror was extremely fun and I stared into it for a good chunk of time, but time was fading away without me knowing it. It started to feel like every minute was ten minutes, and the only thing that helped me grasp reality was my phone, but I could never fit into my phone. So to get away from the madness I felt like taking a walk in the early morning sun, which was the most beautiful thing I've seen in my entire life. I had to tell my mom I was going on walk. Eager to go outside I ran upstairs and opened her bedroom door and told her I was going on a small walk, which she replied "WHAT?! By urself???" This was very strange to me because I always take walks by myself, my reply was hesitant and I stuttered a lot. Clueless my mom offered to come with me, I accepted immediately and realized I've made a terrible choice, I made about 5 different excuses why we shouldn't go on a walk, it's too hot, pollen is up, I'm tired, I still have things to clean up, and I'm hungry. It didn't stop her from coming downstairs where she followed me outside which looked overwhelmingly beautiful as a drank a very cold coca cola that refreshed my entire body, but I could not let my mom see how excited I was so I ran inside, but she stopped me and asked me to empty out the cooler with the sodas, I grabbed it and walked into the garage where I hear my moms in back of my head "What are u doing?" Repeated over and over, I struggle to put the cans in the fridge in the garage and keep telling my mom that I want the fans to be cold, she agrees and I empty the cold water and ice on the street, the sound of rushing water was very loud but refreshing. From this point on I started to spiral down into a very bad trip. Keep in mind that I love my mother, she's great in every way, but I had to avoid her at all costs, it felt as if reality and whatever world I was in we're getting too crossed over. I ran to my room where I started to feel trapped inside my house by the beauty and openness of the outside world, which was my moms realm atm, I started to feel like I was gonna be in this psychoactive state of mind forever and I started to throw things and trash my room and bathroom, I couldn't do mirrors anymore, and I was sweating tremendously. I was so close to having to tell my mom I was having a bad trip until my good friend, we'll call him Ray Bingo, texted me, asking me if I was ok. 

     It took me a very long time to type out the words "I'm good" as I kept trashing my room. The conversation with Ray Bingo calmed me down and let my creativity emerge. For about 10 minutes I was typing, it felt like hours and my body was completely hollow using only my muscle memory. After calming down and getting up from my bed, my ego had been completely dissolved, my sentences were beginning to have structure (although I would still stop mid sentence and go into La La Land). I felt good, really good, everything was so perfect, everything was exactly how it's supposed feel. I played smash bros with Ray Bingo, and then asked my mom to go for a walk with my pit mix. Going on the walk with my mom began the process of coming down. This was the best walk I've taken in my life, my mother and I were bonding, everything was so vibrant and the weather was perfect, we went down to a creek where the water was a perfect temperature. My pit mix hated swimming but she just jumped straight into the creek and had the time of her life. Later that day when I was officially coming down I went to my band practice and jammed. Overall best day ever. 

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