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LSD and sketchy strangers

A story of a trip through the woods in Vermont and our run in with two guys in a pickup truck...4 times

This is my first trip report, but I have been using psychedelics both recreational and for spiritual purposes for 7 years now. I am very experienced with both mushrooms and lsd at the time of the trip, both tripping in public and in private. Enjoy.

At the time of the trip:
K-Female-20-no exp
Time of year-Fall
Dose- 1 tab each
Marijuana was probably consumed more than mentioned in the report.

It all starts with a text from an old friend from high school, Al. Al is a hippie type girl, very open minded and one of the first people I ever tripped with. Although I had not seen her or kept in good touch with her in the past 3 years, she invited me up to her cabin in Vermont. I was obviously very excited and of course my mind immediately wandered to a reuniting psychedelic weekend when I heard about a quant cabin in the woods of Vermont. Al told me that two other people would be going. My friend D and his sister K who I also had not seen in 3 years or more, but me D and Al had all experienced our first ever trip together at age 16 so I was very comfortable with them despite not seeing them for a long time.

So of course I group chat everyone the question that everyone had in the back of their mind…We dropping tabs this weekend??? Now K is slightly younger than us, and the only one that is not an experienced tripper. She decided she would think about it over the next few weeks until we left for the weekend. Of course Al and D were immediately down with the game plan. So off I go and get a strip from a reliable tested source so we can each take one or two depending on the strength. Now usually I get plain white imperforated paper, and it is extremely clean and smooth with intense visuals, but this was different. This stuff came with an elaborate blue lined background design with a sun on it and a lot of green and red writing. (Will insert picture if possible). I was slightly weary about it, having gotten bunk acid back in my college days that was colorful perforated tabs, but I trusted my supplier for he had never let me down before.

Now comes the weekend. I am currently working full time, so we all have to wait till 7pm Friday night to leave. It’s about a 5 hour drive for us so Al, D, and I get in Al’s car and start making our way westward to pick up K from college. We smoke a few joints and bowls on the way up and chat. It was a very uplifting ride, just to be with these old friends again. The type of friends that even though I had not seen them in 3 years it was like we never stopped hanging out. We got there with no problems (although me and D discussed splitting the strip in the car if we got pulled over since it reeked of weed and would definitely be searched) (Commonwealth vs Cruz April 19, 2011 does not apply outside Massachusetts…although I would’ve referenced it to the cop anyway). We spend the first night having a few beers and chatting and we all go to bed around midnight, ready for the next day’s festivities!

I sleep in the loft of this breathtaking cabin. We all wake up around 7am, make some coffee and have some freshly picked apples. Now that it’s daytime we can truly appreciate the beauty of the cabin and the woods around it. It’s a beautiful cabin one big living room/kitchen with two bedrooms, a bathroom, and a loft. It’s small and quaint with a wood fireplace for heat, but has this modern feel that everything was redone recently. The sink was all wood (which would later trip me out). The cabin is located on a dirt road with about 4 neighbors separated by a very good distance. We started off the day with a nice fat bowl and a 20 minute drive into a very small town and had a wonderful breakfast with tea, and I picked up some fresh baked lemon cake for a snack for us later. We all eat and head back to the cabin.

We all decide to dose and go play around on the dirt bike for about a half hour until it kicks in. I split up the acid and we all decide that one will be okay, especially since its K’s first time. (Although Al secretly wants to take another) I am an experienced rider on dirt bikes and street bikes, as is Al, but K and D had not ridden before. It was just a little TTR so nothing too powerful, but it was fun watching D try to learn how to control the clutch and not send the bike flying out from underneath him. They just putted around the backyard, but I decided to take it down the road to see what it could do. It is probably 50 degrees, which isn’t too cold, but summer has just ended so it feels cold and it is starting to drizzle. I left directly from work and did not bring rain gear….bad move, but I didn’t mind. I take the ttr out to the dirt road and immediately bust a wheelie and take it into 5th gear. I get to the end of the road maybe 5 mins later and realize the adrenaline is speeding up the oncome affects of the acid. I turn around and hit max speed. The rain in my face feels incredible like its melting into me. (I DO NOT RECOMMEND OPERATING HEAVY MACHINERY OR DRIVING UNDER THE INFLUENCE OF DRUGS). I get back to the cabin with a huge grin on my face to find that I’m feeling the effects before anyone else (probably due to the adrenaline rush?) I feel the slightly nauseous anxious feeling that I get on the come up of psychedelics and recognize it as normal and am happy the tabs are good. Al, mentions that she doesn’t feel anything, but I remind her its only been maybe 20-30 minutes.

As we start our long journey down the dirt road to the trails in the woods, everyone suddenly finds themselves tripping very hard very quickly. About 10 minutes after I first start feeling effects everyone else does as well. As we are walking down the road K is starting to experience her first trip, she somehow sees a small orange lizard hiding in the leaves on the side of the road. Obviously we play with it for a little while, letting it run around on our arms, this is when we all start cracking up laughing. We get to this big hill at the end of the road where it looks like cars and trucks could no longer get through. The hike up the hill gets everyone’s blood pumping and now we are really tripping probably an hour or so into the trip.

As we crest the mighty hill we come to a big opening (that we later stare at on the way back for 20 minutes). There is a small cabin on the land and about a 5 acre clearing. The lsd visuals are starting and all the trees are waving in formation. Tracers start to take effect and the usual feelings of weird snot/spit/sinuses come on. We walk by the cabin and there are two guys staring at us wondering why we are walking in the now downpooring rain in the middle of the woods in 50 degree weather. We wave to them and say hi as we walk by to be normal friendly people and try to avoid doing anything strange or offsetting as we are now on drugs and don’t feel like talking to strangers. Unfortunately this will not be the case later on.

We continue our hike through the woods and come to a huge opening where power lines run through. It is beautiful rolling hills with trees as far as the eye can see. We decide to just follow the lines as this will be any easy way to get back to the cabin and it was absolutely beautiful. We crest two more hills and get to the top of the highest one. Looking down we see fog rolling in and the rain makes all our visual way more intense. At this point me and Al split into the leading group while K and D fall behind maybe 20-30 feet (not on purpose just happened that way) I comment to Al that I feel dry, yet I know I’m soaking wet. We start cracking up and decide we want to go off trail through this marsh and explore, about 10 feet in we realize it’s a terrible idea and go back to the path. Now we’re assuming that we are alone and doing fun things like stopping to stare at plants and touching things and examining rocks and leaves. We are all having a great trip at this point about 2 hours in. 

This is where things get really weird. The two guys from the cabin sneak up behind us in a pickup truck (we are baffled that the pickup truck could even get up this way). They stop at Al and I and ask us if we’re okay. Looking back on it, I know they were probably just genuinely concerned, but it still freaks you out having to talk to people you don’t know. Especially since you assume everyone is cops when you’re tripping. I notice a beer in the hand of the passenger and realize they are not cops and just the guys from the cabin generally wondering if we’re lost. I don’t remember exactly what was said, but they asked us how we got up here and our friend Al didn’t want to give out her address so we said something along the lines of “we hiked up through the ravine, up the huge hill before your cabin and it lead us here.” I thought it sounded pretty normal, but we got a really weird look from the guy so I let Al do the rest of the talking and minded my own business. They drove off.

We continue to hike for another 30 minutes while K and D ask what the hell that was all about, but we tell them they were just concerned and nothing to worry about. We have been out for over2 hours now and decide to turn around to go get dry by the fire and smoke some weed. Had it been dry we could’ve kept going, but we really wanted to smoke weed and were too soaking wet to manage packing a bowl. We are really tripping hard at this point, about a half hour before we start peaking. I pick up a rock while we walk back and examine it while shooting the shit with Al about life. I’m having a great trip and am so glad that Al invited me up this weekend, as it is so good to see her. Al has this kind of motherly love that really radiates especially on psychedelics so it was wonderful to be tripping with her by my side. Of course I spoke to soon .The guys in the pickup come up behind us, now approaching K an D first. K and D are tripping hard and don’t see/hear Al and I waving to them telling them to move to the side of the road. This probably looked really weird to the guys in the truck from a sober point of view, but we just didn’t want our friends to get hurt accidently because they were oblivious of the truck. The guys from the cabin pulled up next to them and told them to get in the truck. I don’t know how this didn’t freak out K, but she handled her first trip very well. D did all the talking and said we were fine and just heading back to our cabin now and that we would rather walk cause we were enjoying it. The guys still seemed very skeptical and I wish I could’ve just told them that we were tripping, but I did not know what kind of response we would get so I chose against it. They seemed to obviously notice we were acting strange, but I honestly think they have no idea we were on acid. Now we have to walk by these guys again on the way back remember……

So we walk back through the forest and by the guys at the cabin. We give them a wave again and they give us a weird wave back like “wtf are you guys doing out here.” We come back to the opening before the big hill again and me and Al walk by trying to get away from the guys at the cabin as quickly as possible. When we look back D and K are standing at the opening again starting off, we go up to join them and it is breathtaking. Everything is breathing, everything is one, the forest is one big tree, and we can feel the love in the air.  We head back to the cabin and nothing feels better! Al and D work on starting a fire (I opted out of that responsibility as I was tripping pretty hard and we were having trouble with the flume the day prior.) The fire is started and it takes me about 20 minutes to be able to change my clothes because I keep getting distracted by how hard im tripping. I got very confused and uncomfortable for a few minutes at this point, but I finally get into something dry and Al with her motherly love gives me a sweatshirt and a blanket and I’m back to happy days. We all jam to Vermont Radio at this point with a good mix of Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, and way too much ACDC, which sounds really strange on acid. Every time ACDC came on we would geek out. I must’ve done an impression of it 15 times. I jam out with some air guitar and find the coolest spot in the room on the couch in the corner. I must’ve been on that couch for a solid hour just staring off at the ceiling. Al makes me try putting on some hand lotion saying it feels great. This was actually the first time I did this tripping and it was INCREDIBLE. During this we make trips inside/outside and smoke a few bowls and eat snacks/drink water. It's always good to have snacks and water ready when tripping. I try to have a beer, but I’m still tripping hard and don’t even want it. The wood grain in the ceiling is absolutely incredible. It is a flowing river popping out into 3 dimensions. The gerber baby face pops up in the ceiling (wtf?) and I’m in awe. I decide to try to be a hero and roll a blunt, anyone who has tripped before knows that this in itself can be an extraordinary task. 

I end up rolling a cannon in a full size game, probably a 3-3.5 gram blunt, but I am very proud of it as nobody else could roll at the time and we are all pumped to have a blunt! We go out to the shed and smoke it down, we are all still feeling effects, but starting to get less vivid hallucinations. At the time I smoked cigs so I smoke one on the porch with Derek and have a conversation about life. I mention how it’s hard to figure out what you really want to do in life, but this moment right here is what I live for. He agrees and states that all we’re doing right now is filling in the gaps. I will take that quote with me for the rest of my life. We’re all just filling in the gaps in between what we really want to be doing and its so true. That message really radiated with me and I am very glad I had that talk with D. We decide to go back in as the foundation of this sheds porch is sketchy. We go inside and Al, D, and K laugh for hours as we try to finish a ridiculously hard 1000 piece puzzle. We were so determined though. At this point I break out the whiskey. We all have some beers and the whiskey tastes like water, as does the beer. I drink it with little to no effect. We finish the puzzle over lots of laughs and good times. A wonderful weekend thanks to Al. D and I stay up till 2-3am after Al and K go to bed shooting the shit until the liquor finally kicked in and my head was down on the table. At this point we decided to go to bend, and end our perfect day.

At this point I feel that everlasting feeling after a good long trip. That feeling of relaxation, of true peace. That feeling of being one with the world and realizing that there is no certain point in your life that you should be at and that you just need to live up to your own expectations, and even those can be too much sometimes. The time is now to live laugh and love. A few months after this trip I finally made the decision to quit my retail management job of 7 years and it was the best decision I ever made. I think the LSD really helped me sort things out, as do most of my trips. This is why I try to go into every trip with something to gain out of it. I feel much closer to Al, D, and K and now hangout with D all the time. I wish I could see Al and K more now, but they are both at school unfortunately….but I see another reuniting trip in the future!

Ending Note- Always trip with people you are comfortable with, in a place that you are comfortable with, in comfortable clothing. Tripping is all about being with the people that love you for who you are. I would also like to say that the best trips I’ve ever had have been out in the woods so definitely try it if you haven’t! Also money is not a thing that should be worried about when tripping. You should share your acid and weed for free, it feels much better that way and the favor will always be returned. Thanks for reading guys! Peace and love!

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