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An unexpected journey

A night at home goes extremely well- first post.

I thought I'd start this off by saying, I'm new to this. I've done shrooms about 5 times before. Usually an eighth to four grams, and I fucking love it. My friend hit me up and told me he was getting a bunch of shrooms and since its mid-february, I jumped at the opportunity (Mushrooms aren't a big thing around here, especially in the winter). I get them (an eighth) after school, go to play rehearsal, and head home. I ate once that day, around 5:30. At 8PM, down the hatch with a CaveMan bar. Here we go.

Side note before continuing: I live with my parents, they know I smoke weed and they don't really care. They would not be too happy if they found out I was on mushrooms, however.

I decide to make a beat while the shrooms kick in. After about 45 minutes, my mom gets home from work and I abandon my computer to go eat the Panera she brought home. I originally planned to take the Panera to my room and trip in there, alone. However, I sit down to eat with my mom and we have a great connection. By this time the shrooms are really starting to finger my brain, and I can see the Kandinsky painting on the wall morphing. My hands begin to bubble and I start acting weird and saying odd things, but I'm a weird kid so my mom doesn't notice. She goes to bed at ten, and at this point, things are in full swing.

So I thought.

I spend about a half an hour looking at myself in the mirror. I am talking to my reflection as my body, and me as my mind. I tell my body all about my mind and how my body is just my vessel. I tell it that we are going to do tons of fun stuff together, and I promise to take care of it. 

I decide to check out the kitchen, and I find a cucumber. I cut it up and sit on the kitchen floor with my dog and share it with him. During this time, the marble design on the floor is bubbling and swirling, Im sitting on a white and grey river. I contemplate why people get dogs, and talk to my dog until about 11:30.

Finally, after thinking about getting up for a while, I head to my room. I have white christmas lights around one wall and my lava lamp is on. Everything looks very distorted, and I decide I should smoke a bit. I load the bong, smoke one bowl. I have about a bowl of weed left, and decide to save it. I'm already fucked up, right? At the last second, I decide.. Fuck it. I'm just gonna finish this shit off.

Thank god I did.

I load up a huge bowl and blow the smoke out the window. I lower my blinds and notice two pieces of the blind that have been bent since I can remember. I bend them back, but something isn't right. It seems that there is a point where my vision is distorted, and the blinds morph into a confusing optical illusion. I look down at my hands and see they are purple and pulsing. I begin to play with my hands and make cool motions with them and small green eyes begin to come out of my fingernails. This is when I realized that I had reached a new level. I look over into the mirror and see that my body looks very flimsy; I begin to move my arms and legs like worms and move my head back and forth toward the mirror. This is wild. I begin yelling, "I NEVER THOUGHT THIS UNIVERSE WOULD EXIST" over and over.

Fuck yes.

At this point, I look down and my hands and arms look like I'm in an oculus rift video game type thing. I sit on my bed and my legs look like huge rods coming out of my body. This starts to freak me out, so I turn on BiRDMAN. I had seen it twice before and read the script, and the direction used in that movie made it perfect for a shroom trip. At this point, everything looks like its made of construction paper cut-outs in my now-dark room (besides the movie and the lava lamp). I was very confused, because I didn't understand what movies were; it was a bunch of people who memorized a bunch of words and are being filmed. I tried to imagine why people watch movies instead of reading scripts. This whole idea seems silly to me. After about an hour of the movie, I realize I can't stop blinking and seeing the movie without my nose getting in the way. I try to figure out what is wrong but I can't. I finally watch the movie without problems and I begin to relax, but it immediately starts again. I think I was just over-tired. At this point, I turn off the movie and the glowing stars on my ceiling rock me into a deep sleep. 

I have had a headache all day, but totally worth it.

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