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A great tool for understanding

3.6g "lemon tek"

Used sunny-d for lemon tek.(Brazil)... Last time I drank the solid mushroom too, and had some killer bloating and stomach pains. So this time I let it soak for 30 min stirring with a toothpick every 5-10 min. then strained out the solids. I spilled a little bit of the juice in the process so I didn't expect such an intense buzz. I like to have a pen and paper next to me so I can write stuff down, But this time It seemed like I was writing most of the time. 4 pages of chicken scratch!


7pm drank the juice and put on a stupid movie while it kicked in. Peewee's big adventure! I thought it might be interesting, but as soon as I really started feeling it I knew I didn't want to watch that. Just too much, and I've really enjoyed just listening to music in the dark lately.


745 I was amazed At the body buzz and CEV's And just how well the extraction went. But at the same time I was having second thoughts about wanting to trip. I was so tired from a long week I just wanted to go to sleep. So the come up was a little uncomfortable. I had a lot on my mind and it was all put right in my face.


820 I was feeling a bit depressed, again wishing I could just fall asleep. "such a powerful drug that is the same, yet so different every time"


838 Things got very introspective. I was feeling like philosopher. Understanding so many cliché sayings like "knowledge is power" "just find happiness" "always enjoy the ride"- this last one was about the trip itself but I also applied it to life in general. My life Has been pretty rough for the last decade and I was fine with that. A big old smile on my face and happy to be alive. And like always noting how much of a psychological tool this was, and no way near a party/recreational drug.


900 I started to really break down my personality. Understanding why I act the way I do. And realizing I am in my mid 20's and its starting to show. Finally understanding all the lessons people have always tried to tell me. Things that were always met with "yea whatever" had that AHA moment and could really apply it to my life...Now sitting in silence and just thinking and writing.


910 Writing a lot now, I remember seeing my hands and not really controlling them, like I was another person sitting and watching someone else write. I was so happy about going back to college after all these years. "knowledge is power" kept coming to mind throughout the trip. I really do think its the most important thing to do, get out and learn. Do something and make the best of yourself. I thought about that super brain movie with the woman who can use her entire brain. "That is inspired by some sort of psychedelic" I also wrote down how important it is to write down your thoughts or express them somehow. It felt almost liberating. "maybe this will live on long after I'm gone" I think that's why a lot of us write these trip reports, or have journals. Just so we wont be completely forgotten when we die.


927 Just feelings of acceptance and at peace with everything. A complete 180 from the start of the trip. Now I was just super happy. I think this was when my canna-cookie was kicking in (ate it at 725 so it must have been). More introspection and deep thought about life. Wanting to apply myself and move forward and be successful.


955 Starting to come back to earth and make sense of the trip. Mind was still going at full speed. Having thought loops but they were full of understanding. A huge theme was the whole "knowledge is power" and how much understanding I got out of the experience. I was very impressed by the power of just the juice with no solid mushroom. If I didn't spill some I would have gone to the moon.

11 Really back down to earth. But still pondering life. After a somewhat scary start things turned out beautifully. "Amplifies your traits while getting rid of your inhibitions" It really allows you to be yourself without worrying about your ego. I am glad I can at least understand what is happening. For a rookie this could be a horrible time, But having been there I knew to just go with the flow and really got super happy for the 2nd half.


By midnight I was ready to fall asleep. And did so with a smile on my face. I had somewhat of a "breakthrough" in understanding myself. It was like a stepping stone to the next level of maturing. I thought it a hundred times but this is a great TOOL FOR UNDERSTANDING. And helps make sense of everything. I really like brazil strain. (: ...And I hope you didn't  have to scroll back and forth to read this.




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