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**Experienced trippers** I need advice!

Face stolen

okay, me and my lady are going to enjoy some shrooms on a Saturday night. As last time I was setting up a lemon Tek of 7.2 grams for myself and three point six grams for my lady which has been our standard dose. Or shall I say I worked up from an eighth over several experiences and have been at 7 to 7.5 grams the last two times. after about 45 minutes of soak time we downed the lemon Tech which I have found to be a great way to ingest and really seems to cover up the nasty flavor if you pound it and chase it and don't take a breath lol! Okay so it's go time!

   typically it takes me about a half hour to get in the saddle with somewhat of a body load but nothing that I haven't experienced before or was anticipating. The first 15 minutes were just as normal tooling around looking out the window etc... About 20 minutes in I really started to feel some discomfort in my stomach. Not typically experiencing this, I didn't know quite what to think. Actually I've never got ill on mushrooms ever so this was a new experience for me.

  so about another 10 to 20 minutes go by and it feels as though I have a giant core filled with acid burning up my insides. It literally felt like a core or a battery like a round solid cylindrical chunk inside my stomach.at this point I started to ask myself, "am I going to puke"? I began to feel spearheads of Acid creeping up my esophagus creating extreme discomfort and nausea.at this point I knew that I was going to have to throw up.

  this is where s*** gets sideways for me...

  I arrived before the throne. I looked forward about 2 feet above the toilet, hands crossed over my stomach. I can see the trunks of trees ...I'm in the jungle, there's a flickering fire. I feel a presence... I sense the presence in the tree but he or she will not reveal themselves.... for this tale I will call him (her,it) the shaman.

  the branches of the trees and the leaves mask the shaman...a serpent of amazing sparkling patterns reveals itself in the canopy and I continue to feel the presence of the shaman.there's the wagging of a finger and also a message that comes that says "I'm your friend"....I knew I must expel the core of acidity....so I knelt down to vomit in the toilet but could only gadk up a tiny bit of vomit. at that point the shaman informed me that I must go to the sink and drink a large cup of water.

  Ok......check it.

  I cruised out to the kitchen reassured my lady that everything was fine as she was at the peak of audio ecstasy with some Led Zeppelin for remaster! The music was hitting me in the face like a sledgehammer. at this point I couldn't handle it! I go to the sink and drink a large cup of water, probably 16 ounces or so. Then I returned to the throne.

   upon my return to the throne the same scenario played out in the jungle, the flickering fire, the wagon of the finger, and the serpent, and of course the strong presence of the shaman.

  I know to puke as I have every other time I've ever thrown up in my entire life. The same way that we all do,like standing up outside puking or kneeling bent over vomiting. As I bent over to expel the acid I was unable to get any of it up and I could feel it bulging and coursing in my stomach for release. ..I couldn't get any of it out and that's when the message came from the shaman that there was a special way that I needed to accomplish my task.

  Check it out....

  the shaman communicated to me that I must drop to my knees, keep my body straight up and down, cross my hands across my chest and point my chin and mouth upwards. So I followed the communique. the vomit errupted from my mouth like a f****** volcano I've never experienced anything like that in my life ever! I have never ever vomited like that or even thought of vomiting that way I mean who the f*** would its f****** crazy! But that's exactly what I needed to do. I've never puked so hard. I'm on my hands and knees verbally begging for forgiveness and apologizing in absolute humility! My stomach was still roiling and my head was f****** wiped the f*** out! That's when the shaman inform me that I must go drink another glass of water. Rinse wash repeat. The same scenario played itself out again... the jungle, the serpent, the shaman, the projectile vomiting, the positioning, everything. Oh my god the adrenaline and everything that's going on my mind is completely blown and then the shaman informs me that I must do it a third time. The third time was a little less crazy than the first two just as far as how much I actually puked...holy s*** I'm so f****** high oh my god! But then the message comes again "I'm your friend".....I gotta say a couple times the thought came across my head ...... pcilocybin poisoning?...but that message seem to come if that thought arised....letting me know that everything's cool :-)! 

  my gut is still pretty uncomfortable but I feel like I've expelled the acid! I make my way to the living room with the music still punching me in the face pretty hard at this point. My lady was concerned but I reassured her that I was ok just trying to get in the saddle and that I would be there shortly. The music in the living room being too much I retreated to the bedroom to lay on the bed. At this point it became a total mother f****** steal your face trip Deluxe Booya! Laying on the bed hoping to keep my stomach calm. I once again saw the wagging finger, the Serpent, and felt the presence of the shaman, and was also again given the message of friendship! Holy s*** man I just had to tell myself " yo...you're a f****** psychonaut kid! Just ride, steal your face, ride the wave!Led Zeppelin flowing in beautiful rivers down the hallways to my ears but at a comfortable distance for now. Still feeling on the verge of puking a little bit trying everything I can to let it ride and be mellow and let that stomach cool down a little bit. So much activity on the ceilings and sounds just morphing .....

  tripping hard on that big piece of quartz that I found in my pocket I was really getting wiped out! Then my lady came in the room and saved my life! Lol. She came in and did some Reiki energy healing type stuff. Holy s*** the word that was coming into my head was sorcery again and again sorcery! she hovered her hands over me for 5 to 10 minutes and really really improved my state of being. f****** amazing!

  once I was feeling a little better we laughed our ass off and rolled around in bed and took great joy in words like obly googly and ploop. Finally feeling better I arose and took to the waves of the sound, the glory of sound, and all that comes with it! We powered back a couple more Zeppelin albums, houses of the Holy and the song remains the same! I'll tell you what stairway to heaven is anything but cliche yo! And that no quarter with John Paul on the keys f*** man that's some sick s*** especially by glow of candle light and 7 G's!

 Ahhh....the saddle.....it's just right!!

  after the help of almond milk and coconut water I gently got my gut back in shape and rode the stallion of light! Had some just amazing experiences with Led Zeppelin Jimi Hendrix and the Grateful Dead! Did some energy healing with a crystal on my ladies foot where she had some surgery recently and had an amazing experience with codex 2 messages possibly! Shared so much love with my lady and had deep meaningful conversations talked about sacred geometry and the origins of the universe, frequencies ,unified field theory ,all that cool s***!

...rode out an amazing solid 4 hour peak& 2 to 3 hours of beautiful afterglow with further in depth discussions and conversations....

  in retrospect I would have to say this was the most profound psychedelic experience of my life and I feel like I've had some good ones especially recently! I can't even put my head around the vomiting thing it really blows my mind and has elicited some pretty surprised expressions from the people I've talked to it about. Oh on a funny side note my lady was not very happy about me projectile vomiting all over the throne  either lol.! She wanted me to go in and clean it up in the middle of the trip and I was just like "no way I'm going to have to deal with it in the morning "and she was like "in the Morning!? "lol!...

so, a couple questions.....

  1. has anyone ever had an experience like this with the type of positioning and projectile vomiting with your chin up? I mean I would never ever ever think to vomit that way yet it was the only way I could vomit! That's probably the part of the trip that's hardest for me to understand.

  2.what was the message from the shaman? with the wagging finger he was telling me that something was wrong or that I didn't do something right? I thought this through quite a bit. I've had three psychedelic experiences in the last 2 months planned proper set and setting, intent everything I believe and ritualistic use not recreational use these are tools not toys! So I don't think the shaman was telling me that I've been doing too many mushrooms and I've never had an experience like this previously.

  I believe the message was to watch my diet which I typically do but kind of f***** up and dropped the ball on this one cuz I skipped breakfast and got ravenously hungry and we had a gift certificate for this pizza place and then we ate a Caesar salad made with you guessed it raw egg and lemon juice while you're waiting for pizza and I intended to save the pizza for the next day or later that night but ended up eating a couple pieces of it and this was about 3 hours to 4 hours before we lemon tek'ed...after thinking it through I feel the Sean was basically telling me watch your diet dumbass don't be in a bunch of crappy acidic food like sausage caramelized onions and lemon juice and raw egg lol! Which I usually AM pretty on it eating raw for 24 hours.. lots of fruit and such but never having a problem before I guess I thought I could get away with it! No bueno!

  basically I had a gut full of sausage, caramelized onions, raw egg and lemon juice and then I dropped the juice of four lemons right on in there with the rest of it no wonder my gut rejected it! But the whole experience of vomiting felt so much more profound than simply expelling acidic funky food from my gut.

  3.did I have a purge experience? Can you have a purge experience on mushrooms?

  sorry if I was long winded but for me it was a tale to tell! I appreciate any feedback from experienced trippers as to how to read this being that it was the most bizarre, profound experience of my life next to the birth of my children!

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